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May 25 - Brush Strokes: Encountering the Risen Christ in Artbrus strokes
Dr. Allan Effa (Taylor Seminary) will lead an art meditation, leading viewers through works of art that illuminate biblical texts. These portrayals can shed new light on these familiar passages – come and “see” things that can easily be overlooked. Dr. Effa will discuss the role of art in the history of Christianity, share several important things to look for in Christian art, lead an engaging reading of Scripture, and then delve into three powerful pieces of art. The first will be a 14th century Greek Orthodox icon of the Anastasis or “Resurrection” which is preserved as a fresco in St. Savior Chora’s church in Istanbul. The second painting will be Caravaggio’s oil on canvas Supper at Emmaus dated 1600. The third paining will be Caravaggio’s The Incredulity of Thomas.

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