Diploma in Intercultural Studies (One-Year)

Program Description
Program Objectives

Course Requirements

Program Description

A one-year program of intercultural studies for lay persons who possess a bachelor’s degree or equivalent from a recognized college or university. This program is designed to further students’ understanding of the Christian mission and to foster the integration of this understanding with their personal and professional lives.

Program Objectives
Graduation from this program should enable the student to demonstrate:

1. An appreciation for cultural diversity and an enhanced ability to relate to people of other cultures.
2. The capacity to critically integrate the insights of the Bible and the social sciences within a missiological framework.
3. Commitment to the Church’s worldwide mission of gospel proclamation, discipleship and social change.

Course Requirements

Bible   (6 credits)
BI 412 Biblical Hermeneutics  3

plus one of the following two courses:  3
 NT 416      New Testament Introduction

 OT 417      Old Testament Introduction 

Church Mission and Ministry   (12 credits)
one of the following two courses:   

 PC 431      Personal Development and Ministry
 PT 540      Spiritual Formation  
plus three of the following six courses:  9
 MI/WR  Electives

 MI 432      Integral Mission
 MI 534      Intercultural Communication
 MI 545      Evangelism and Church Planting
 MI 546      Global Mission Study Tour
 MI 637A    Applied Cultural Anthropology
 WR 523    Christian Encounter with World Religions

Free Electives    6

Total Credits     24

If you would like more information about this program, please feel free to submit a Request for Information or speak to an admissions counsellor at 431-5200 (local) or 1 (800) 567-4988.