Professor Ralph Korner is back at Taylor as the featured presenter in our season-opening series at onWORD. Ralph, who is no stranger to the Taylor community, will lead an exploration of one of the Bible's most puzzling and misunderstood books: The Revelation of St. John. This new series will kick off October 5th at Stencel Hall on the Taylor Campus.

Among the key questions this series will explore deal with the purpose of the Book of the Revelation: is it only a predictive road map or something much more? How is this vision organized? Are popular interpretations truthful, or should they be left behind (so to speak)? What do we know about the seven churches in their first century context? What are the interpretive approaches to the whole book (all future, all first century, or a mix of both)? How do we interpret the enigmatic symbols in the book–e.g., 666, the mark of the beast, the New Jerusalem? What does the text have to say about “the rapture,” “the great tribulation,” and other challenging topics?



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