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onWORD (weekly) 2010 - Advent

New onWORD series explores Scripture in the Music of Christmas

In the weeks leading up to Christmas, Taylor's onWORD series will delve into the familiar carols and hymns ofonWORD 2010-11_Music of Christmas Advent. Through these beloved songs, we recount details of Jesus' birth -- but how closely do these carols follow the scriptural narrative?

Over the course of several weeks, we'll explore the history and authorship of these timeless Christmas songs, and we'll take the time to sing them together. And along the viagra mail order prescriptions way we'll explore the narratives in the Gospels, exploring this familiar story in new ways and distinguishing between what we know and viagra in the uk what we think we know. And, beyond the mere facts of the story, we'll participate in the story by seeing it from various perspectives.


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