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The Online Bridge: Fall 2004
Issue 9, November 2004
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Missions Team Partners with Romania
by Christine Okken

In the Spring of 2004 Taylor University College sent a missions team to Romania to minister to the churches and people there. The team spent just over 2 weeks in Romania, flying into Hungary and driving into the Transylvania region of Romania. Their main responsibilities were in providing ESL Classes (English as a Second Language) for the people in the area. They also provided children’s ministries, helped with a youth retreat, and helped in leading worship services all with the NAB’s Gateway Missions. This group was the first of 6 teams with Gateway that were in Romania this past summer.

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Who’s New on Campus?

Another fall is here, another class of students has moved on campus many brand new to Taylor and others working on finishing their degrees. So what is new this year? We thought we’d give you a quick look at some of the campus changes and new faces this year.

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Dr. Posterski

News & Events

September 30th began our 3rd annual Religion and Culture lecture Series that seeks to touch on various topics where faith and popular culture intersect. At this first lecture approximately 175 people were on campus to hear Dr. Donald Posterski, Director of Faith and Development at World Vision International.

Our most recent lecture, held on October 21st featured Dr. Benno Przybylski, Professor of Biblical Studies, Carey Theological College. He shared on the topic “Jesus: Still the Only Way?” exploring the recent movement to “inclusivism” and how this effects us as evangelicals. Dr. Przybylski is always an engaging and entertaining speaker and he delivered another memorable presentation on this timely topic.

The third lecture will be Thursday November 4, at 7:30 pm with Dr Randal Rauser, Assistant Professor of Historical Theology at Taylor Seminary on the topic of “God and ET – Christian Reflections on UFO’s and Little Green Men”. This will explore the cultural and religious fascination with alien intelligence from a Christian perspective. Please join us for these free lectures.

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Alumni Events – Distinguished Alumni Awards

We look forward to celebrating again this spring with the alumni at our annual Alumni Event which will include the 2nd reception for the Distinguished Alumni of 2005. We invite your nominations for this award. We have been blessed with thousands of alumni who are impacting the world around them. These awards were designed to specifically recognize former students who have uniquely fulfilled the mission and purpose of the schools living a life as a “Christ minded leader making a difference in the world”. Do you know an alumnus that would be a good nomination for this year’s award? The nomination form can be found on the site.


Please send us your submissions. The first 4 nominators completing nomination forms are eligible for a Taylor Coffee Mug!

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Dr. Rauser




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Giving? What? Me?

There are probably those of you out there who know me personally and know that I’ve always said I love working with alumni but I won’t be the person who “asks for money”. Well, here I am eating my words! It’s true, fundraising is not my style and you won’t often hear this request from me. Yet, this is a school I love that has shaped my life. Recently I spoke with Neil Kaarsemaker, Director of Development, who’s job it is to raise the nearly $1 million dollars needed for the Annual Fund. Neil and I talked about our fundraising last year. Of our almost 4000 alumni that have walked through the doors of our schools, only 200 supported us financially last year. I have to be honest. It was discouraging to me.

I know that fall might be the time that you evaluate your giving for the year ahead. Maybe it’s the time that you reconsider how you allocate the resources God has given you. If so, would you consider

Taylor in your charitable contributions? I know finances are tight for a number of people out there, particularly those who have recently graduated or who are in ministry. Some of you have the ability to give more, and we’d love for you to consider that, but even a small gift each month makes a HUGE difference if a number of people would commit to it. If you gave $10 a month for the whole year that would be $120, if we doubled our alumni giving population by adding another 200 alumni donors and they each gave that $10 amount a month over the year - that would be $24,000! That would be a huge increase! We even have the ability to use auto-debit each month if that makes it more convenient for you. Maybe you’ve never considered giving to Taylor. We’d ask that you take the time to consider the needs of the school and how its touches the lives of students. Your gifts ensure the ability to make the same difference you experienced in the life of a student today and for our future. Thank you for giving this request your careful and prayerful consideration.

Extreme Makeover…..Taylor Web-site

Where is that link??? Why isn’t this working??? Hey that’s OLD information!!!! Have you had the very same frustration with the Taylor Web-site? Well, we know we are in need of a makeover for our web-site and very shortly you will notice that it will be “under re-construction”. We are planning a new design and easier access to information you want. This will better inform our Alumni and prospective students. We ask for your patience, there might be a few bumps in the road as the site undergoes this makeover. But, we are doing our best to complete these changes quickly so we can all look ahead to a wonderful “reveal” and the new look of our site. We’ll do our best to keep you posted about our progress.