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The Online Bridge
Issue 8
Spring, 2004
June 2004

Distinguished Alumni Awards 2004

This year, the school continued the emerging tradition of recognizing the contributions of our alumni through the presentation of Distinguished Alumni Awards. These awards were first presented in July, 2003 at the NAB Triennial Conference. The 2004 awards were presented on April 24 at the spring alumni reception held on the Taylor campus. We are very proud of our alumni and their lives of service. Through these awards, we wish to acknowledge the valuable contributions made by our many alumni.

The stated focus of the award is “to recognize those who through their lives of service have demonstrated the attributes of Christ-minded leadership”. It was our pleasure this year to recognize three worthy recipients. A pastor and teacher, a farmer turned camp director and a tireless and joyful volunteer. They represent so well the diversity of our alumni.

Dr. Terry Fossen
Terry Fossen Terry Fossen attended NABC in 1972-1973. After completing a degree at the University of Calgary, he began his Master’s program as part of the first class of students at the emerging divinity school, now called Taylor Seminary. He completed his MDiv in Christian Education, graduating in 1980 from NABS in Sioux Falls. Dr. Fossen was adjunct faculty at NABC from 1981 to 1984 and served as assistant faculty member at NABC from 1992-1996. During his time as a professor, he demonstrated a passion for students and a personal love of learning. He has shown deep devotion and solid support of the school throughout his time as a student and faculty member.

Terry’s life has been characterized by a gentle spirit that is dedicated to serving Christ. He is known as a teacher, an encourager, and an edifier. He places others before himself and inspires those around him to become more like Christ.

Terry’s ministry has and continues to be far-reaching. He was the Associate Pastor at Central Baptist in Edmonton from 1980-1985. He instructed at Mambilla Baptist College in Nigeria for 2 years and was the first Alberta Baptist Association (ABA) Area Youth Minister. He has achieved a Doctor of Philosophy in Education from the University of Alberta which has helped to enhance his ministry. Terry now serves as the Lead Pastor at Central Baptist Church and chairs the Focus 3 leadership training committee for the ABA. He is a wonderful father to 6 children and husband to his wonderful wife, Tammy. We know you will agree that Dr.Terry Fossen is a distinguished alumnus.

Thabea (Tabby) Walters
Thabea (Tabby) WaltersTabby Walters worked on staff at NABC as assistant librarian from 1974-1992. While on staff, Tabby completed several courses at the school. She now serves on the executive of the Jubileer’s, a 55+ ministry at Taylor and coordinates the volunteer mailing team that meets throughout the year to mail out 4000+ pieces for the school. Tabby also aids the President’s Assistant in special projects and continues to be an important part of the team at Taylor.

Tabby’s life is that of a completely willing and joyful servant of the Lord. She is someone whom you can call on and know that she will offer her help. Regardless of where you find Tabby serving, she always has a smile on her face. Tabby’s love for God translates into compassionate, selfless love for others.

Tabby’s ministry extends beyond Taylor to Greenfield Baptist Church and even overseas. At Greenfield she plays organ, is an active choir member, is a care group leader and serves on the Ministry Council. Tabby has served on missions trips to Brazil and Cameroon. She is a wonderful role model and is a very distinguished alumnus.

Darryl Singer
The Singer FamilyDarryl was born into a farm family in North Dakota. He attended NABC from 1979-1980 for three semesters. He was a self-described under-achieving student but has proven to be a strong role model in his life and ministry. Darryl went back to farming after his studies at NABC but over time became uneasy / restless with the demands/ strains farming was placing on him and his family. He eagerly sought God’s direction and in 1998, Darryl with his wife, Amy, and their 4 boys took the opportunity to work as Executive Director at Crystal Springs Camp in North Dakota.

Since starting at Crystal Springs, Darryl caught and carried through a vision to make the camp a year-round facility. The camp holds a special place in the hearts of the area NAB churches. With their enthusiastic support and the encouragement of the camp board, Darryl set to work to achieve their vision for Crystal Springs. In the past 4 years they have built a new dining hall, administrative building, ladies dormitory, chapel and meeting rooms. With this expansion of their facilities, Crystal Springs has held 30 more events annually than was previous possible. This expansion is helping to provide spiritual retreat and refreshment for His people.

Darryl is a quiet but strong Christian leader. He has shown passion and determination for the sake of God’s kingdom. Darryl has made a difference in the lives of campers, workers and volunteers at Crystal Springs. What a privilege to watch the power of God at work in a dedicated servant.

We encourage you to participate in recognizing the contributions of your fellow alumni. Submit your nomination for the recipients of the 2005 Distinguished Alumni Awards. The award criteria and nomination forms are available through our website or by contacting the Alumni Affairs office of the school. (alumni@taylor-edu.ca or call 1-800-567-4988)

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