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The Online Bridge
Issue 6
Winter, 2004

Ron Bublitz
Building a Dream

Ron BublitzRon is a 1988 NABC graduate from the two-year Associate of Arts program. He is currently working in the film industry in Los Angeles, USA. In the past, he has worked on such films as, The Mummy Returns, Peter Pan and Terminator 3. Ever since he was a child, he dreamed of one day working on a Star Wars movie.

Ron grew up as the eldest son of 5 children. He has many childhood memories of taking music lessons, going to church with his family and spending hours on schoolwork. He recalls the rare special family event of going to the movie theatre together. The films that left the biggest impression on him and the most drawings in his school notebooks were the Star Wars epics.

Upon graduating from high school and due to his belief in Christ, Ron sought an educational grounding by accepting a music scholarship at North American Baptist College. NABC’s two-year AAR transfer program appealed to him because of its transferability and because of the school’s dedication to teaching from a Christian perspective.

Ron’s Christian worldview developed exponentially through one particular experience during his time at NABC. Ron’s music group, “Passport/Good News Ambassadors” traveled throughout Cameroon for 6 weeks. They were able to sing to prisoners, visit remote villages and experience the true culture of Cameroon. Ron was “truly shocked at the cultural bankruptcy and over-indulgences of the secular western society” in comparison to this African country. He left with eyes wide open, heart set afire and shoulders broadened to take on the challenges/dreams that were coming his way.

Ron enrolled in Landscape Architecture at UBC and graduated with his Bachelor’s degree. Following his time at UBC, he went through some rocky times, which eventually led him to move back to Edmonton. He worked at a landscape architectural firm and began the process of healing. His job was unfulfilling and he became concerned that his dreams were being dashed.

“If only I could switch careers into the computer graphics entertainment industry, but it costs so much to get specialized training”, Ron thought. After seeking God in prayer, He provided a way for Ron and soon he found himself graduating from Vancouver Film School. He loved every minute of the program. From high-end computer software to the traditional disciplines of drawing, he found a true outlet for his talents. Animation was his passion. Dreams were beginning to come true.

After a short time of trying to break into the industry while working in the landscape architecture field in Hawaii, he moved to Florida to work at an animation studio, and eventually landed a dream job with Industrial Light and Magic across the country in California. He worked on such films as, The Mummy Returns, Terminator 3, Peter Pan, and his dream-come-true, Star Wars: Episode II! He has recently made the move to Los Angeles to work for Sony Pictures Imageworks. He joined the pre-production team for their new animation division and is currently working on their first animated feature Open Season.

He has been continually amazed at how God has blessed him with his dreams. His passion for film/animation began when he was a boy and has now come true as an adult. God has given Ron dreams so that he might do His work. Not everything in his life has gone “as planned,” but it is clear to Ron that he is being used as a positive Christian influence in the film industry. He would encourage those who are “laypeople” not to view themselves as second-class citizens in the Christian world, but rather to know that God is working through them. When answering the question, what are you going to do next in life, he says, “Let’s see, what other dreams do I have?…”

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