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The Online Bridge
Issue 6
Winter, 2004

Ed Link
Taylor’s Vital Link

Ed LinkAn Interview with Rev. Ed Link

You may recognize the name of Ed Link as your Choristers’ director or your CTI professor, but when youthful Ed Link attended the first CTI graduation in 1941, he did not realize that he would go on to work at CTI (later to become NABC) for nearly thirty years of his life.

Ed was a small-town boy, born in Camrose, AB and raised just outside of Olds, AB with his 3 brothers and 2 sisters. His father was a farmer, and his family attended a church that was shepherded by Rev. E.P. Wahl, the founding president of CTI. Ed saw the godly characteristics portrayed in Rev. Wahl’s servant leadership and desired to work in full-time Christian ministry.

Ed began his post-secondary studies in 1945 in the USA. He studied to achieve what is now recognized as an M Div. and also developed his gift for music. During this time, he was married to the lovely Violet Hein, and they went on to pastor a church in Regina, SK for one year. At the end of the year, Ed was left with 3 choices. He could chose to stay at the church in Regina, take a position in Chicago as a youth secretary, or go to CTI as a professor of music and other subject areas. He chose CTI.

Ed began at CTI in 1953 as a Professor of Music. He had varied responsibilities but focused on the music program. The Choristers Choir began under his guidance in 1953 and went on their first tour in 1954. Ed believed in the power of “developed thought” found in music and drama. He saw music as an avenue into the hearts of many students and of people of all backgrounds.

As the years went on, many things changed at CTI. The name was changed to NABC in 1968, and the new campus was constructed. Many new courses were being offered and new students were coming to NABC. Ed taught in the areas of church history, OT history, drama and music. He was at NABC until 1980, when he “retired.”

Ed has never actually retired, though. He has been highly active in the community. He has been a chaplain at Salem Chapel in Leduc since 1993 and loves using music to bless the lives of people there. Along with the late Minnie Kuhn, Ed started the (CTI/NABC/Taylor) Alumni group of senior adults called the “Jubileers.” The group meets every month to keep in contact with the school and to focus on Christ. The Jubileers are known to have over 200 people in attendance! He continues to use his musical abilities for the Lord by singing the quartet called “Collegiates II”, a group that Ed sang in years ago and was once known as the “Collegiates”.

Since 1953, Mr. Link has been involved with CTI (NABC, then Taylor). His life is a visible challenge to serve our Lord faithfully and to use our abilities for His glory. He is the eldest living alumni faculty member and is still serving the Lord at the school and in the community! Praise God for all of the ways He has used and is using Ed as a “vital link” to further His kingdom!

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