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The Online Bridge
Issue 6
Winter, 2004

Taylor Athletics-2003/2004 Fall Semester Review
By Peter Wright

Soccer has come back to life at Taylor in a big way! We hosted a recreational tournament in September with 3 other teams, where Taylor’s team came out victorious! We then traveled to Three Hills for a return match with the Prairie Team where we split 2 games.
Mike Dalke, our student-player-coach, organized an intramural league that plays on Tuesday nights with over 40 students involved.
We hope to host another tournament in the fall, attend others and perhaps challenge some of the bigger colleges. Plans are in the works for a summer camp.

Volleyball at Tayor this year included a women’s team, but no men’s team. The ladies, under new head coach Marlis McClintic, with able assistant Chuck Elves, had an exciting season but missed the play-offs on the last weekend of the regular season. It was a young team and prospects look good for the future. We also hope to have a men’s team in the league next year.

Basketball is continuing to have mixed results. Both teams are under new coaches, Andrew Wagantall with the ladies and Don McClintic with the men. The ladies’ team has had some challenges, due to losing a number of experienced players, but they are showing signs of improvement. They and the men are looking forward to our annual Hoopfest Tournament,
January 29 – 31. The Men’s Fire team is experiencing great success (presently at 11 and 0 in league play) and is playing in a higher division this year. Their only loss for the season was to Grant MacEwan, a community college of over 2000 students, in an exhibition game.

Men’s Hockey at Taylor has been a huge highlight this past semester. The team is being coached by Nigel Mullan and Cory Scheel (both alumni of Taylor). A mix of new players and some key alumni players has made for an excellent team on and off the ice. The cohesive quality of the team has been formed partially through the team’s weekly Bible study. Taylor Fire currently sits at the top of the league and is building momentum for the playoffs.

The “Alumni Challenge” was held for the first time in November, 2003, and was a huge success! The guys’ and gals’ basketball teams played alumni teams, had an excellent time, and came out on top! The women’s volleyball team also played an alumni team, where the alumni ladies were victorious! Feedback from all alumni and current students involved was very positive. For all of you alumni athletes, watch for future alumni sports events, as the plan is to make them annual events!

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