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OnLine Bridge (Issue 3) - Special Music Edition

Music has played a significant part in Taylor's history. In this issue of the Online Bridge we touch on some of the different aspects of the music program at Taylor, both past and presen


Taylor Christmas Concert 2001

The annual tradition of a musical Celebration of Christmas happened at Taylor on December 1st & 2nd, 2001. It was a wonderful event that celebrated all of the warmth of Christmas through music, voice and instruments.

Taylor Music Program - Interview with Gordon Adnams & Diana Wiens

Taylor's music program is currently under the supervision of two gifted individuals: Gordon Adnams and Diana Wiens. As Co-Chairs of the Taylor Music program, they each bring unique talents and considerable experience to their role at Taylor.

The Music Facility Renovation Story - As Told By Diana Wiens

Last spring, we celebrated the completion of the new music wing on campus. It is a wonderful story of how it all came together.

Profile: Shar (Pearson) Warkentin

In my years as a student at Taylor, music ministry played a major role in my overall experience and development. One important person in my whole Taylor experience was Shar (Pearson) Warkentin. She was my Resident Director when I was a Resident Assistant, she was our Singing Team coach and above all, a mentor to me and my friend. Shar has gone on to now serve in music and children's ministry in BC. We caught up over the phone and e-mail and here is what she had to say.

Interview with Bringing Fish

Between 1996 and 1998 a group of five young men attended Taylor together. From there their lives took a number of different directions, but they've added a friend and God has brought them back together to be a part of an exciting new worship ministry called "Bringing Fish". None of the guys would have dreamed that God would bring all this to be -- and yet now they have great dreams for the future ministry.


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