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OnLine Bridge (Issue 2) - Special Athletic Edition

Athletics have played a significant part in Taylor's history. In this issue of the Online Bridge we touch on some of the different aspects of the Athletic program at Taylor, both past and present.

Interview with Jenn Neufeld
Athletic Director

This summer Jennifer and her husband worked for the admissions department going to camps and sharing the great news of Taylor University College & Seminary, and hopefully, found a few new athletes along the way!

Athletic Booster Club News

Most of you who are former athletes have already heard more personally our vision for what a Booster Club would mean to Taylor Athletics. We thought it would be good to preview some of what you will see coming, our reasons for it and for it to be an opportunity for you as an alumni athlete or just an alumnus to catch the vision for what Taylor Athletics can be.

Interview with Peter Bock
Men's Athlete of the year

Being an athlete at Taylor has made my experience more exciting and fulfilling here at the college. During my 3 years at NABC I was able to be a part of the hockey team each year, and the basketball team one of those years.

Interview with Collete Landry
Woman's Athlete of the year

In my first year at NABC I knew that my main reasons for attending the college were not for athletic reasons. The caliber of the athletic program was not as strong as I was used to and the facilities and gym and weight room really needed work. I remember when my friend Jolene and I came to visit the campus. We had just visited another Christian College in town, so what I saw at NABC was quite a change. I thought to myself that the other school was definitely where I was going to go.

Athletic Teams

The people of the Athletic teams of taylor for the 2001-2002 year

Athletic Awards

The best of the best at Taylor

30 Year Reunion comes to Taylor Campus

For the first time in many years, the Taylor University College & Seminary campus hosted a reunion weekend August 9 – 11th for the class years 1970/71, 1971/72 and 1972/73. Our theme for the weekend was “Return, Remember, Renew”. It was an opportunity for the class to return to the place that had an impact on their life, to remember some of those great times, wonderful and meaningful relationships and the significance of their education and to renew both friendships and their own spirit to be ready for what God is calling them to do next.


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