The Online Bridge: Spring 2006
Issue 13, April 2006

making a difference through obedience, faith, and love


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The last number of months have been a busy time at Taylor and for our alumni.  As the body of Christ we've celebrated the birth of our Lord and rung in the New Year with the knowledge that in Christ all things are new.  Now we celebrate the season of Lent in preparation for the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ at Easter.  So many of our alumni are working hard to spread the gospel.  This issue of the Online Bridge features a number of alumni who have heard God's call to service and responded in obedience and faith.

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Taylor launches a new website

The staff, faculty, and students were invited this past January to an unveiling of the new Taylor Website.  Barbara North (outgoing Director of Communications) hosted the event during which Drs. Dewey, Williams, and Leverette showcased each of the new sections.  Since you’re reading this, presumably you’ve received your own taste of the new site, and we hope you’re already enjoying the look and feel.  Click here to read about the new site!

Taylor's New Website

Paulina Bruhn
Pauline Bruhn

Pauline Bruhn (’00)

"I remember our Baccalaureate speaker saying, 'unless you've been called to go, you are called to stay.'  I thought 'OK, great, I am certain I haven't been called to go so I'll stay.'  I realize now that was the first step in the Lord really touching my heart for foreign missions service."  Pauline Bruhn learned that sometimes following God's call does not end up how one might expect.  In this article Pauline writes about the challenges and joys in her ministry to Ecuador.

Click here to read her story!


Guadeloupe Sonrise

Bert and Myrna Harsch ('62) traveled with Campus Crusade for Christ this past November to minister to the people of Guadeloupe with the Jesus Film.  They returned glowing about the ministry, and the food. 

Click here to read more about their trip!

The Jesus Film

They came, they learned, they went home

Alexander Grozev and Ajit Perera are both pastors trained together in Canada at Taylor Seminary.  Now they are back at home as shepherds to their own people.  Click here to read about their ministry!


You're invited to the 2006 Spring Reception and Awards Dinner

While we wait for more nominations to come in for the Distinguished Alumni Awards, planning continues for the Spring Reception and  Awards Banquet on June 9th.  Click here for more details and for DAA nomination forms!


Alumni executive election announced

The Alumni Relations department is pleased to announce a call for nominations for a new Alumni Executive.  The election will be held this spring in conjunction with the Spring Reception and Awards Dinner.  More information will be forthcoming.  Keep checking the alumni website and newsroom for instructions and announcements. Click here for more information!