The Online Bridge: Spring 2006
Issue 13, April 2006

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We are pleased to present...
by Steve Sutherland

The staff, faculty, and students were invited this past January to an unveiling of the new Taylor website. Barbara North (outgoing Director of Communications) hosted the event during which Drs. Dewey, Williams, and Leverette showcased each of the new sections. Since you’re reading this, presumably you’ve received your own taste of the new site, and we hope you’re already enjoying the new look and feel.

The first thing that catches the eye are the modern lines and colours. As you navigate the various menus and sections of the site, it becomes quickly apparent that much thought has gone into issues of readability, convenience, and efficiency. There are still the familiar three sections—University College, Seminary, and About Taylor (previously Taylor Friends)—but each is coordinated with the others to provide a seamless experience of quick and convenient navigation.

For alumni I recommend that each visit to the site involve three things. First, make sure that you follow the links to the Alumni section where you’ll find the most up-to-date information relevant to graduates and other past students of Taylor. You should link to the Alumni Newsroom page while you are there and catch up on the different goings-on of your fellow alumni and the Alumni Relations department.

While in the Newsroom, make sure to check the main page where other news relating to school can be found. Finally, head back to the Updates and Directory area where you can log in and/or submit an update to Alumni Relations for inclusion in the directory, and in the next issue of the Online Bridge (e-mail a password request to Alumni Relations if you do not have a Directory password). Although you should receive an e-mail whenever a new issue of the Online Bridge is released, do remember to check and make sure that you have indeed seen the latest issue.


Having said all this, please remember that the new website is still a work in progress, with much tweaking, updating, and reorganization left to do. For that reason, we hope you’ll come back often to experience the most recent changes. If you notice links that are broken, pages that don’t load properly, or other anomalies that ought to be brought to our attention, please do not hesitate to contact Alumni Relations (regarding the alumni section) or the webmaster for all other website issues.

Thank you for your patience as we’ve been putting the new site together and thank you for visiting Taylor online. Enjoy!