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The Online Bridge: FALL 2005
Issue 12, September 2005

at home and around the world


Letter from Danielle Nicol
Taylor UC Student, Edmonton, Alberta

Nicaragua Map
Map of Nicaragua courtesy Lonely Planet

Since I returned from Bluefields, Nicaragua I have been overwhelmed with thoughts of many different things. I thought that once I had “settled in” to being back home my desire to return and serve in Bluefields would subside as I readjusted to my Canadian lifestyle; but, since my reentry into “normal” life, I have found myself praying more about Nicaragua and about my future. I believe that God is calling me to serve in Bluefields for a longer period of time. This is not a call that I am taking lightly. I am praying about this continually, and I have spoken with some people who I believe will help me to make the best choice regarding these inklings.

While we were working at the school, I fell in love with the children. They were so fascinated with us and they always wanted to be able to watch us and be near us. One little boy, Michael, decided that he wanted to help us out everyday (more for his benefit than for ours, as we gave him food). The construction workers that we helped had an unexplainable joy when they worked, and they loved to laugh both at and with us (we were fairly amusing to watch and listen to). In Tasbapauni I had so much fun playing with the children and teaching them about God’s word and how it was alive in my life.


When we were at the Verbo Church, I was astonished to see the power that the Holy Spirit can have when people aren’t holding back. A prayer has never felt so real and tangible to me as the prayers did while I was in this church; I could feel the love of God touching me and his Spirit moving through me. It is hard to explain exactly what it is that attracts me to the church down there other than by saying that it is God in an overpowering quantity.

The poverty in Bluefields and Tasbapauni is ugly, but the people are beautiful. As much fun as I had visiting and ministering for two weeks I understand that what I experienced was a sheltered version of real life in these places. I know that God has placed Bluefields on my heart for a reason, and I know that he will reveal his perfect plan for my life in his perfect time.

Danielle & Nathaniel
Danielle and Nathaniel, the cook's son.
Michael & Friend
Michael (L) and a friend

Believe me when I say that the two weeks I spent in Nicaragua have changed who I am and the way that I look at life. I do not know the plans that God has for the rest of my life, but through prayer and talking to pastors and friends, I have decided to go back to Bluefields next summer for three months on my own (meaning not with an organization). I realize that this will be expensive and might seem crazy, but after three months I should have a better idea as to God’s call in my life regarding missions and Nicaragua.

I thank-you all for the prayers that were prayed while we were down in Nicaragua, and I thank-you for those of you who are still praying. My prayer request to you is that you keep Bluefields, Tasbapauni, Pastor Jaentschke and his family, the Verbo church and school, and the team that went down in your prayers. I also ask that you pray for God’s will in my life and my trip back next summer. Thank-you so much and God bless you.


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