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The Online Bridge: Spring 2005
Issue 11, May 2005

Tim & Janelle Goltz:
Graduate Student, Montreal, Quebec

I began my studies at (the then-called) NABC in September 1991-2. From there I went on to part-time studies at the University of Alberta for the next two years. Prior to graduating with my BA, I decided to enter the business world where I stayed until 1999, when I began to feel a lack of meaning in what I was doing. I decided to go back to NABC in September 1999 with a view to become a pastor. I graduated in 2000 with a BCS and entered EBS in September 2000. It was that year in seminary where I became more serious in my academic study, deciding that I wanted to teach Old Testament as a career. I decided to go back to NABC to get my University Accredited BA so I could go to the U of A (an academic rather than professional route to the eventual completion of a PhD). I graduated from Taylor in 2002 with a BA in Religion and Theology, minor in Biblical Languages and was accepted into the MA (Hebrew Bible) program under Ehud Ben Zvi at the University of Alberta. I completed my thesis "The Athaliah, Jehoiada and Joash Cycle According to Chronicles: A Case Study in Rhetorical Methodologies" in June 2004. I was then accepted to the PhD program (Hebrew Bible) at McGill University's Faculty of Religious Studies in the fall of 2004. I am continuing to study (biblical) rhetoric under Patricia Kirkpatrick.


In addition to my own research/course work, I also am involved as both a Teaching Assistant and as a Research Assistant moreover, I have taught two courses at the United Theological College (at McGill University), one on the Pentateuch and one on the Psalter. I will be teaching the Pentateuch course at the Montreal Diocesan Theological College this spring (also at McGill University). I have been accepted as an adjunct lecturer at McGill this summer, and will be teaching an undergrad course on the 'Primeval History' in Genesis 1-11. In addition to this, I am in the early stages of organizing an archaeological dig in Israel (as political conditions allow) for graduate students at the Faculty of Religious Studies at McGill next May or June. Finally, I will be presenting research papers this spring/summer at the Canadian Society of Biblical Studies at the University of Western Ontario as well as at the American Academy of Religion's Eastern International Meeting held this year at McGill University. I also hold a student membership in the Society of Biblical Literature.

My experience at NABC/Taylor generated an initial and now growing interest in the ancient languages, cultures and history of the (Hebrew) Bible. What had taken root in 1999 has now grown into academic passion and, hopefully, a career that will touch lives in a similar way to how mine was touched at Taylor. Many thanks are due to Tyler Williams for his support and advice during my studies in Edmonton; he is to be especially acknowledged for his commitment to the academic integrity of both Taylor University College and Seminary, all while maintaining his signature jovial attitude toward his students.