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The Online Bridge: SPRING 2005
Issue 11, May 2005

Where are they now?

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Students use their education from Taylor to pursue Higher Education

Taylor has taken important steps to become an institution with international credibility. Many of our students are able to go on to other institutions to pursue further studies. Inside this story are the profiles of 3 of Taylor’s recent grads who are pursuing further education in academic settings to pursue their calling.

Read about how three men, going in very different directions, have used the foundation they received from Taylor to pursue their calling into further education and ministry opportunities.

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  Where in the World Are They Now? Volume 1
by Susan Grenz

Every once in a while, we will highlight alumni who have moved on. Not just to another province or state, but to an entirely new country! Our comparatively small school can have a dramatic global impact.

•Visit Perry Friesen and his family in Russia! Click here to read more!

•Find out about Alfred Yau and his family in Australia! Click here to read more!

Though both men believed they knew what their lives and futures held, God carefully and lovingly changed their minds without them even realizing it. Step inside their worlds to see how God worked in these men and how he is using them now to shape their new communities.


Dr. Edna Grenz

She began with the simple plan of ministering as a pastor’s wife. As time wore on, and she continued to follow the prompting of the Holy Spirit and the encouragement of her husband Stan, she built a career of her own.

Her desire to serve God took her back to school where she received a Masters Degree in Music and began serving as Pastor of Music in her church. Faithfully she kept on and soon found herself enrolled in a Doctoral program. Inside you will find the intriguing story of a woman who humbly stepped forward in obedience to her Heavenly Father and has found herself nowhere near where she thought she would be!

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Norbert & Tina Janke, Ministry Couple in Arnprior, Ontario

Has ministry changed? Pastors aren’t getting paid in livestock and there aren’t many parsonages left any more. Roles have definitely changed in many ways.

Even though the look of the Senior Pastor may have changed a bit, the partnership between him and his wife is still very much alive and well. Many pastors and their wives may not be serving in the way they did 20 years ago but they still serve as a team and I would like to introduce you to a couple who are doing just that. Norbert and Tina started their ministries as singles but God brought them together and now they use each others strengths to compliment their team approach to serving their church.

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2005 Distinguished Alumni Award Recipients Announced at Spring Alumni Reception

Three highly respected and well regarded alumni were recognized for their Christ-minded service. A visionary pastor couple, a long-term missionary and an active lay couple, they represent the diversity of leaders within the Taylor alumni.

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Alumni Scholarship Awarded to Seminary and College Students

Each year a scholarship is awarded to a college and a seminary student who have distinguished themselves academically and in their Christian character. These students also need to be seeking a ca reer of fulltime vocational ministry. These scholarships are paid from an endowment fund established through the generous gifts of alumni who wish to provide financial support and encouragement to future generations of students.

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Herbert & Martha Hoehne