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The Online Bridge: Spring 2005
Issue 11, May 2005

our 2005 annual spring alumni reception

On Saturday April 16 th 2005 some 80 alumni gathered in the seminary commons over coffee and dessert to honor fellow alumni who have made a difference in their community and the world. This was the evening of our Annual Spring Alumni Reception where the 2005 Distinguished Alumni awards were presented. It was a delight to meet such a wide range of our alumni.

Each generation of the school was represented from the beginning of the school as CTI in the 40’s through the NABC and EBS years and into the 1990’s. Even though we had experienced the school during different decades, we were all in one spirit and had many common experiences that ensured we enjoyed each other’s company throughout the evening. It was quite enjoyable to speak again with former professors and catch up with old classmates.

Making friends across
generation gaps

Sweet Fellowship


We were treated to the musical talents of a local quartet, Sweet Fellowship, from an NAB church, Leduc Fellowship. Dr. Terry Fossen of Central Baptist Church Edmonton and a former Distinguished Alumni Award recipient was our keynote speaker for the evening. We heard from the Director of Development, Neil Kaarsemaker as well as receiving an update on the schools from President, Dr. Marvin Dewey.



It truly was a special evening of reconnecting, reminiscing and honoring the contribution of the alumni award winners. With one award winner in Brazil, another in Cameroon and the third leading a busy life of volunteer service in Minitonas, Manitoba we were not able to acknowledge them in person. We did enjoy a slide show of each recipient and Susan Grenz, Interim Coordinator of Alumni Relations, presented a brief biography and tribute to each one.

The award winners were; Betty Mantay, The Rev. Ken & Jerilyn Bayer, and Herbert & Martha Hoehne. Betty is a lifelong missionary to Cameroon. Betty’s sister Gladys Kneller was there to receive her award and read a few words of thanks from Betty, who is still in Cameroon. Ken & Jerilyn Bayer are church planters and founders of the Chain of Love homes in Brazil. Dr. Allan Effa, professor of missiology at Taylor seminary as well as Jerilyn’s brother, did a beautiful job sharing thanks from the Bayers and some of his memories of Ken & Jerilyn. And finally Herbert & Martha Hoehne of Minnitonas, MB., a lay couple who have dedicated their lives to serving their church and many mission fields around the world.

Neil Kaarsemaker welcomes
Dr. Terry Fossen

Gladys Kneller accepting her sister Betty Mantay's award

Dr. Allan Effa speaking on behalf of Rev. Ken & Jerilyn Bayer
The evening seemed to pass too quickly and soon we were all on our way home. It is a privilege we have as staff and faculty to be able to gather with alumni on occasions like this. We should take every opportunity we can to come together in community celebrating, uplifting and encouraging each other. We are preparing already for next years Spring Reception being held in June ’06 and hope that you are able to join us then.

Families celebrate their history at Taylor

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We have the privilege as alumni to spotlight the lives of some of our own, it is an encouragement and inspiration. If you know of an alumni of the school that has lived a Christ minded life, making a difference in their community please let us know. Nominations for the 2006 Distinguished Alumni Awards are now being accepted.
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