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The Online Bridge: Spring 2005
Issue 11, May 2005

our 2005 distinguished alumni award winners

It was truly a joy to be able to recognize and present this award to alumni of the schools who continue to live their lives as “Christ-minded leaders making a difference in the world”. This year we were able to identify; a life long missionary, a visionary pastor couple, and a lay couple who serve tirelessly locally and around the world. All of the recipients are people who have dedicated their lives to serve Christ and have made significant impact.

What a great honor to know that Taylor, NABC/EBS, & CTI played a formative part in their lives.

The awards were presented at our annual Spring Alumni Reception on April 16th hosted on campus. It was a delightful evening of connecting with our alumni and recognizing the special contributions made by the award winners. The following is a brief biography on each of the winners. Look for a more detailed article on the Distinguished Alumni Awards in the fall issue of our school newsletter, The Bridge.


Elizabeth (Betty) Mantay

Betty was born in Yorkton, Saskatchewan in 1937. During evangelistic services at their church when she was ten years old, Betty realized her need of Christ and responded to him in faith. The following summer, she was baptized and became a member of the First Baptist Church of Springside, Saskatchewan.

When Betty was still in elementary school she recalls receiving an assignment to write an essay on her future plans. She titled her essay, "My Desire to be a Missionary." Although she was not committed to this career until some years later, the inclination toward missionary service was evident when she was young.

After high school she entered nurses' training and then went on to CTI for 2 years for some biblical training graduating with the Christian Worker's Certificate. She applied for missionary service, her appointment was confirmed in 1960 and she was commissioned in her home church and left for Cameroon in 1961 where she served as the longest missionary there for over 40 years.

Betty has served at Mbem, Banso Hospital, Mbingo Baptist Hospital, and the dispensary in Yaounde. She also served as Secretary of the Cameroon Medical Authority for a number of years. Betty was well known as a tireless worker, a skilled inspirational leader and a compassionate medical professional.


Ken and Jerilyn Bayer

Ken was born in Morris, Manitoba and as a child, came to know Jesus as his Savior during a Billy Graham Crusade in Winnipeg. A few years later he was baptized and became a member of Emmanuel Baptist Church in Morris. Shortly thereafter, the family moved to Winnipeg and moved their membership to the Mission Baptist Church in Winnipeg.

Jerilyn (Effa) Bayer was born in Sioux Falls, SD and grew up in an active pastoral family. When she was six years old, Jerilyn's parents were appointed as missionaries to Brazil. She was baptized by her father when she was nine years old.

Ken and Jerilyn met at the North American Baptist College in Edmonton. Ken received a BAR from the college and in 1983 graduated with a MDiv in theology & bible. Jerilyn received a BRE in 1981. Because of her missionary background and Ken's interest in missions, they had much in common and they were married while they were both still students on August 2nd, 1980.

The Bayers were appointed as missionaries to Brazil in 1983. Since their arrival in Brazil they have planted 2 churches and began a ministry to street children called Chain of Love. Their work has received worldwide attention and acclaim and has touched the lives of many believers who have visited and worked with them.


Herbert & Martha Hoehne

Herbert was born in western Poland, in an area with strong German cultural influences. Herbert, his mother and brother left Poland for Germany to join his father in 1950 where he served in the armed forces. In 1951, Herbert immigrated to Canada and arrived in Minitonas. His parents and brother joined him a year later. In 1957 he attended CTI for high school. In 1959 he enrolled in the theological department and graduated in 1962.

Martha (Loewen) Hoehne, born in southern Alberta, was a triplet and in total has 6 sisters and 5 brothers.

Herbert & Martha met while attending CTI and were married in 1960. In 1966, Martha and Herbert moved back to Minitonas where Herbert took a teaching position at the Minitonas College.  Herbert taught school for 20 years and in 1985 resigned from teaching and opened a small business.

The Hoehne’s are well known for their humble and active Christian service at their home church of First Baptist Minitonas, their community and abroad. Martha has gone on five mission trips and Herbert has gone on eight including; Costa Rica, Cameroon, Brazil, India, Mexico and are planning a trip this summer to Romania. They have taught Sunday School and are presently their church custodians. Herbert is currently a deacon at the church and he has been the camp cook and manager for many years. They often host people for dinner and lead a small group Bible study. The Hoehne’s are an excellent example of selfless service and Christ-minded love for others.

We have the privilege as alumni to spotlight the lives of some of our own, it is an encouragement and inspiration. If you know of an alumni of the school that has lived a Christ minded life, making a difference in their community please let us know. Nominations for the 2006 Distinguished Alumni Awards are now being accepted.
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