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The Online Bridge: Spring 2005
Issue 11, May 2005

Alfred Yau : I went to a land down under

Greetings in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ!

Since my graduation from NABC in 1990, I am glad to take this opportunity to share with all of you my Faith Journey which the Almighty God is leading me and my family. At present, I am serving full-time in Chinese Christian Mission Australia (CCMA) as the Mission Executive, which was initially founded by Rev. Thomas Wong in the US 40 years ago. Today, CCM is a worldwide movement evangelizing the Chinese in different parts of the world. My main responsibility is to mobilize local Christians to reach out to the Chinese in long-term & short-term mission projects. Apart from the Chinese Mission outreach projects, my family and I are involved in local community outreach projects as we worship at Carlingford Baptist Church in Sydney, our sponsoring and supporting church. Touching the community to touch the world is my passion, where the army of God will be raised up to build the redemptive community.

Before 2000, my goal in life was to build my own business empire in the life insurance industry. Within 6 years, I won the Top Ten Corporate Medical Insurance Sales Award, and received the membership for the Life Underwriter Training Council Fellowship, which was offered by the American College, US. I married a lovely and godly wife, Ivy. After two years of marriage, God had given us a daughter, Grace. It seemed that all of my plans were taking shape. However, I was always prompted by the Holy Spirit of the commitment I made at Toronto Student Winter Conference. “Whose empire, yours or mine?”, always came to me in my quiet time.


When I was in Hongkong, I attended the local Baptist church. Our family was involved in a church planting project in a newly developed suburb. Because the branch church was using the cell-based model, I was invited to attend the Cell-based church conference by Faith Community Baptist Church (FCBC) in Singapore. My heart was touched after attending the conference. There a lady pastor prayed over me that God had called me out for full-time ministry when I was young. When I returned to Hongkong, I shared this with Ivy. Immediately, I repented and confessed to God. Then I was accepted by FCBC into the Zone Pastor Equipping Programme, particularly for community penetration. This programme was 18-months which allowed me to be quiet and seek God’s direction in my life before my Australia migration visa expired.

We stepped out in faith to take one year off. In Singapore I walked closely to God day and night. He gave me the burden first to intercede for the unity of the Sydney Chinese churches in reaching out to the non-believers and then to raise intercessors to watch and pray for the community.

After that year we decided to move to Sydney. In the first few months, we were able to connect with several Asian Chinese Families, Singaporean Chinese, Malaysian Chinese and Chinese. Weekly we would pray for the reaching the new migrants. Thankfully, God has answered our prayer. The team has redeemed the new migrants as they witnessed for the Lord. As we were planning our Community Sunday celebration services, I was under attack. On September 11 th, 2001, the same days as the Twin Towers collapse, I was completely failed. At the same time I was questioning God about my destiny. Though the time was uneasy, I thank God for Ivy who walked alongside me with no complaints. Praise God, continuously He has not forsaken me. A local Chinese pastor offered me the Assistant Pastor position in the Chinese Ministry. There God helped to enrich my understanding of ministering to migrants through caring, shepherding and preaching. I finished there at the end of 2004 and then God placed me at the Chinese Christian Mission Australia.

In addition to CCMA, Ivy and I are ministering at the local public primary school, where my daughter was studying. Having supported the school projects, I was invited to be on the school council as the Community Representative in 2004. It gave us the opportunity to connect local Christian groups, both Aussie & Chinese, to the school community. This school has tremendous needs in supporting the non-English families. 60 % of the students come from non-Aussie families. With the support from Carlingford Baptist Church, we began to birth the Multi-cultural Outreach Network, known as Global Neighourhood Network. In 2005, the Almighty God led me to a leadership position on the school council. I am nominated as the President, which is their first time having non-English speaking parent in the leadership role. Additionally, the Principal grants Ivy a prayer room inside the school. Regularly, she gathers both the NES mums and the Aussie Mums to intercede for the students and the teachers.

Your support

Please continue to uphold us in prayer as we minister both within the mission and local outreach projects. We look forward to seeing a strong and redemptive multi-cultural community planted. You are welcomed to contact us at:
gnn_australia@yahoo.com.au or 612-98683519

We look forward to hearing from you.

Alfred, Ivy & Grace