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The Online Bridge: Winter 2005
Issue 10, January 2005

Stepping out in faith

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  Grenada Rebuilds
by Christine Okken

A long-distance run from Edmonton to Wetaskiwin in the snow and amazing media coverage while raising funds, undeniable events allowing these men to go and a new realization of how blessed we are, how thankful and warm people across the world are at the prospect of a simple home after the destruction of Hurricane Ivan in Grenada.

Read how these three men stepped out in faith and worked with Samaritan’s Purse in rebuilding after devastation, and how it changed them.

•Paul Weinmaster – “I wear a tool belt everyday, but I've never had so much fulfillment and enjoyment in doing carpentry work as I did on this trip.” Click here to read more!

•Jon Hoffman – “It was not my intention to be on the radio when I called and definitely not my personality, but I had to lay that aside and be obedient to what God was doing. That Friday morning I was on two morning radio shows.” Click here to read more!

•Chris Hoffman – “The possibility of going to another country to help people who have a real urgent need excited me. I wanted to take some of the skills that I have learned in the past few years and use them for God.” Click here to read more!


Back to the Books

A step of faith leading Drew and Erin Hiller to a new country and pursuing an advanced degree means many transitions, adjustments and evidence of God’s care. Read how Drew and Erin are settling in at Purdue University. “We moved here without knowing anyone and had to forge many new relationships.”

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Being Young is An Advantage

Amanda Saipe learned many powerful truths about service as she followed God’s call to be a teacher to missionary children in South America. Read the lessons Amanda has learned and how she is using her gifts today. “Sometimes as a young person, we feel ‘not good enough’ when serving Christ (especially overseas); God taught me that being young is really an advantage.”

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Leaps of Faith for a Family

Steve and Marita Goltz and their family have walked through not just one, but several major career and life changes taking them back and forth across the country. Read how their faith has led these decisions and what they have learned. “By the following Monday I was looking out of my office window at the Brooklyn Bridge when two weeks earlier I had been looking out of my office window at the Rocky Mountains. At that moment all I clung to was the belief that the Lord had led us in this direction.”

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My Farewell Message to You

Christine Okken concludes her duties as the Coordinator of Alumni Affairs on January 31, 2005. Read about her thoughts on the last 5 years.

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Alumni Award Nomination

A Call for Nominations - We are asking for your nominations of an alumnus of CTI, NABC, EBS or Taylor University College and Seminary for the Distinguished Alumni Award. Find out more about the Alumni Awards, Nomination Criteria and the Nomination form.

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