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The Online Bridge: Winter 2005
Issue 10, January 2005

Amanda Saipe: St. Albert Teacher, Mission Representative

I have been working in St. Albert as a teacher at Leo Nickerson Elementary School in St. Alberta, Alberta since I graduated from the U of A in 2000 and from Taylor in 1998. I also took a one year leave and worked as a Principal/Teacher of a Missionary Children's School in Pucallpa, Peru.

As I reflect upon my experience I realize more and more how amazing life was for me as a missionary in Pucallpa. My ministry at the school enabled other missionaries to be able to do their jobs. I had no idea what a dramatic impact a missionary teacher has on other missionaries. On a weekly basis I was thanked by fellow missionaries for coming to invest in their children. One of the things they said most often to me was “it is so refreshing to have a young teacher with passion work with my child”. Sometimes as a young person, we feel ‘not good enough’ when serving Christ (especially overseas); God taught me that being young is really an advantage.

God also taught me that He takes care of all the details. One of the things I was a little bit concerned about was living in the middle of the jungle in a little shanty town with open air markets, 4 traffic lights and two paved roads. God provided for all my needs as I stepped out in faith to serve Him. Shopping in the markets was always eventful and being out and about in town helped me to learn the basics of Spanish, develop relationships and more importantly God taught me how he uses our actions more loudly than our words (in this case – bad Spanish!). I made deep relationships with people that I met in town and was encouraged by their faith and helped encourage them too.


One of the coolest ministries I had there was to the middle school and high school girls. I would have them stay over at my house for a girls-night once a month and would spend time shopping, playing games and talking with them. I still keep in touch with some of these girls. The missionary kids also had an incredible impact on my life. I love the way God uses everyone in our lives to teach us more about Him.

After my year in Peru, I decided to come home to resume my position at Leo Nickerson in St. Albert. The Executive Director of South America Mission called me and asked if I was interested in working in Canada representing the mission here. I said, "YES!" My job here includes many things: I recruit new missionaries, coordinate the finances, health care and insurance of missionaries on the field and I coordinate donor relations and development.

here is a lot I love about teaching, but some of the best parts about teaching are the "Ah, Ha" moments. When children have worked so hard at a concept and finally they reach full understanding it is exciting for them and me as their teacher. I also love making school fun and exciting for the kids. I really enjoy planning exciting experiments for Science and new and innovative games in Math help to make school fun for kids!


Please pray for my kids at school that I can be a light of Christ to them, and for the work that South America Mission does in South America that lives we be transformed and developed for Christ and His Kingdom.

Last year, some friends and I decided we’d like to establish a memorial award for Jill Beckwith, a recent alum who was tragically killed in a car accident with 2 other alumni heading home from Camp Caroline. I had thought this would be a nice way to honour Jill's memory and help university students. Jill Beckwith was an incredibly giving young woman. She supported missionaries and was always eager to give of her time and energy to serve Christ. This award honours her giving and generous spirit. We are excited that the memorial will have an impact in that it will benefit students with their schooling.

NOTE: Would you or a group be interested in establishing a special student award or scholarship fund at Taylor to honor someone special in your life? Please contact Neil Kaarsemaker, Director of Development @ 780-431-4432 or email @ neil.kaarsemaker@taylor-edu.ca to talk about how this can be done.