About White Cross

White Cross is a Christian humanitarian organization that provides medical supplies and relief goods to hospitals, health centres and rest houses in West Africa, with a primary focus on Cameroon and Nigeria.


For the North American Baptist (NAB) Conference, the genesis of White Cross began in 1907 with the formation of the “Allgemeiner Schwesternbund der Deutschen Baptisten von Nord Amerika” which was composed of 70 Ladies Mission Societies. In the early years of the 20th century, this group pursued projects such as the Baptist Missionary Training school in Chicago, financial support for Cameroon, and the sending of relief supplies to Europe during and after World War I.

White Cross itself grew out of the Red Cross work being done everywhere during World War I.1919 saw the American Baptist women inaugurate the White Cross program. Three years later, the North American Baptist Conference ladies joined this effort. 

After World War II, they added the support of children’s homes and residences for young women in urban centers, sending supplies to North American Indian reservations where missionaries were working in education and evangelism and providing supplies for the hospitals in Cameroon. This focus on supplying the needs of hospitals has expanded significantly and is now one of the major activities of White Cross. Currently White Cross partners with the Cameroon Baptist Convention (CBC) in Cameroon. The CBC Health Services statistics at the end of 2011 were as follows: 6 Hospitals, 24 Integrated Health Centres, 50 Primary Health Centres. Almost a million patients are served annually. 

Recently, to manage growth, White Cross split into White Cross USA and White Cross Canada. White Cross Canada is based at Taylor College and Seminary in Edmonton as part of the ministry of the E P Wahl Centre.

USA Contact Link:
White Cross Site at The Quest Church,
C/O White Cross,
PO Box 1207,
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PH: 972.635.6633