White Cross Canada is now a ministry of Alberta Baptist Association. Read the announcement here.

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What is White Cross?

Like Red Cross, much of the impetus behind White Cross began during World War I in response to the tremendous need for medical supplies. Women in a number of churches began what is now an honored tradition: making bandages and sewing supplies for those in need. After the war, the focus shifted from Allied soldiers to the front-line of medical missions that serve the world's poorest people (see About White Cross for more details)

Today, this ministry chiefly serves hospitals and clinics in Cameroon and Nigeria, and is a critically-important source of bandages, baby items, medical equipment and other critical supplies. Browse the menus on the left to find out more.

Article on White Cross Canada in The Bridge magazine

keirhammerinbridgeRead the article from White Cross Canada Director—Dr. Keir Hammer—in the Fall Edition of Taylor’s The Bridge Magazine (page 7). Dr. Hammer looks back at how much has been accomplished in 2011 and 2012 since the first White Cross Canada Shipment in December 2011.


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