Mission Statement

"To develop Christ-minded leaders who make a difference in the world."

A mission statement seeks to provide a clear, concise and passionate statement about our primary purpose as a College and Seminary. It is filled with dynamic word pictures that describe a vibrant process and results for students of the Taylor experience.

Every Taylor student brings a set of emerging gifts and abilities, along with a desired direction or calling for their life. The Taylor environment seeks to develop and shape students for greater use and effectiveness in their service to Christ.

Jesus presents a standard for us: to love God with all of our heart, soul and mind… and love our neighbour as ourselves. Since our mind has such a great influence on how we live our lives, it is significant how it is nurtured.

“The purpose of a Christian education would not be merely to make men and women pious Christians… A Christian education must primarily teach people to be able to think in Christian categories.
     —T.S. Eliot

Leadership influences through character, lifestyle, empowerment, decisions, skills, and intentional actions. Taylor seeks to develop persons who positively influence their world.

“The central task of leadership is influencing God’s people toward God’s purposes.”
     —Robert Clinton
       The Making of a Leader

Make a difference
Psychologists tell us that one of the most significant human desires is to make a difference and to know that our life matters. More than that, we are enjoined to participate the Missio Dei, with God as the ultimate difference-maker, the One who seeks and redeems and restores.

In the world
The world is our sphere of influence. Our faith affects those around us: in our families, churches, vocation, place of work, and our community. We encourage students to be involved in churches, social agencies, and so on within the greater Edmonton community. Students are also provided opportunities for cross-cultural experiences. 

Vision Statement

Taylor College & Seminary seeks to be the learning centre of choice for Christian service.

Taylor students are enthusiastic about the education they receive here, and we work every day to earn and maintain that trust. Students learn and grow in a challenging and exciting environment that values spiritual formation, with faculty deeply involved in mentoring and encouraging them. Our outstanding Field Education program helps prepare students for vocational ministry.

Core faculty members and affiliated faculty members have completed their doctoral degree (in nearly all cases) and are well-equipped to provide current thought and research in their classroom teaching. Faith is integrated both into the learning context and into co-curricular activities which provide our students with opportunities to deepen their faith perspectives.

Taylor offers an environment where students can wrestle with significant questions and issues as they work toward becoming more faithful followers of Jesus Christ.