Remembering Dr. Brian Stelck

A long-time member of the Taylor community has passed away. Alumni Dr. Brian Stelck ('84) passed away last week in Edmonton all too soon, due to cancer.

Brian went on to serve as president of a fellow seminary, Carey Theological College in Vancouver, but he became on the the longest-serving trustees in our history, serving on the Taylor Board for almost 20 years. He was an innovator in theological education, and he had a deep commitment to students studying with Carey from their home in Kenya. He lived in Edmonton, and has many friends in this area including many from the Taylor community.

We mourn with Brian's wife, Caryn, and the rest of the Stelck family, and with our friends at First Baptist Church, where he attended, and we pray for God's peace and comfort.

There will be two memorial services for Brian. The first will be in Edmonton on Friday, August 26th at noon at First Baptist. The second will be in New Westminister, at Olivet Baptist Church, on September 7th at 10 AM.

New Edition of The Bridge Addresses Special Needs

The latest edition of The Bridge has been published by Taylor College and Seminary. The theme of the new issue is Special Needs and the Church.

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Churches Helping Fort McMurray

As flames continue to rage in the devastating fires around Fort McMurray, and as evacuees continue to find shelter and safety in the midst of the confusion and uncertainty of the experience, an outpouring of support is also being seen. 20,000 new evacuees are expected to arrive in Edmonton today, and signs of hospitality are everywhere.

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Islam & Christianity Video and Audio Available

On Friday April 8, 2016, over 400 people -- Christians and Muslims -- joined us on the Taylor Campus for a moderated discussion about Islam and Christianity. Local Imam Sherik Ayoup (MCE Mosque) and Dr. Andy Bannister of Toronto (Ravi Zacharias International Ministries) engaged in a dialogue moderated by Dr. Randal Rauser of Taylor Seminary, and then took questions from the audience.  

Taylor is please to make available both the audio and video from the evening.  You can find the audio on our site here -, and the video is available on the Taylor YouTube channel here -

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