God's Volunteers/New Day Cruise Announcement!

Taylor is pleased to share news of a reunion cruise being organized by alumni of the God's Volunteers and New Day music groups (1956-1990).

These music groups were an initiative of the North American Baptist Conference, but included significant numbers of students and alumni of Taylor (known as North American Baptist College at the time) and Sioux Falls Seminary. A reunion of GVND participants in Arizona a couple of years ago was so successful that a followup event is being planned.

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Christian-Atheist Dialogue on Campus

You are invited to listen to an audio recording of “God in the Modern World” the recent Crucial Conversations event co-presented by the E P Wahl Centre at Taylor and the Society of Edmonton Atheists (SEA).

This event featured two experienced debaters with very different viewpoints, who have become friends and co-authors in recent months. Christian theologian Dr. Randal Rauser, a professor at Taylor Seminary, was in discussion with Justin Schieber, an American author and speaker who is an apologist for atheism. Following a similar discussion at Taylor in 2015, Rauser and Schieber have continued to explore their differering viewpoints, and co-authored the recently-released book An Atheist and a Christian Walk into a Bar (Prometheus Books, 2016).

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Taylor at Breakforth

The E P Wahl Centre at Taylor was pleased to be partnering with Breakforth in several ways in 2017. Breakforth is Canada’s largest ecumenical church gathering.

The E P Wahl Centre offered our popular CAPS training for Church Administration Professionals in a day-long workshop that featured a wide range of topics on how to become more efficient and effective in the church office, with administrative tasks as well as with the all-important interactions with church members and guests.

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New Year's Prep

Happy New Year from Taylor! The beginning of a new years is a great time to reflect on the year that was, and to prayerfully consider the best way to invest time and energy in the days to come.

We pray God's blessing on you as you seek to respond faithfully to what God speaks to you. And we commend to you a resource from Arrow Leadership; click here to view a Year-End Guide to Reflect and Reset, from executive director Dr. Steve Brown. The time you spend working through this simple guide will be well worth your time, we are sure.

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