Taylor Prof Publishes Book about The Shack

Taylor Seminary Professor Dr. Randal Rauser has written a book that explores the theology behind the #1 New York Times best-selling novel, The Shack. In Finding God in The Shack, Dr. Rauser teases out some important insights and answers common questions, including:

  • Why is God the Father portrayed as a woman?
  • Is the book's theology of the Trinity heresy?
  • What about The Shack’s provocative denial of a Trinitarian hierarchy?
  • Why does God allow evil, and how does the atoning work of Christ offer new hope for a suffering world?

One very nice endorsement of the book has come from Dr. Eugene Peterson (The Message), who wrote:

“If you have ever had a conversation on The Shack, whether with an enthusiast or a critic, you will want to invite this skilled and accessible theologian into the conversation. Before you have read a dozen pages you will know why we need to keep company with theologians. They help us keep our conversations on God intelligent, informed and irenic."

Finding God in the Shack is available online and at better bookstores everywhere; the product link for Christian Book Distributors is below:

570326: Finding God in the Shack Finding God in the Shack
By Randal Rauser / Authentic Books

What would it be like to lose your youngest child to a serial killer? And then to have God invite you out for a conversation at the very shack where the terrible deed took place? And then imagine that the door to that shack of horrors opened . . . and before you knew it you had been swept up in the motherly embrace of a large African American woman? This most unlikely of stories, as told in William Young's The Shack, has become a runaway bestseller and it is easy to see why. The book brings us on a redemptive journey through the shacks' of deepest pain and suffering in our lives, guided by the triune God of Christian faith. But even as lives have been transformed through this book, other readers have sternly denounced it as a hodgepodge of serious theological error, even heresy. With one pastor urging his congregation to read it and another forbidding his congregation to, many Christians have simply been left confused.

Aware both of the excitement and uncertainty generated by the Shack, theologian Randal Rauser takes the reader on a fascinating journey through the pages of the story. In successive chapters he explores many of the book's complex and controversial issues. Thus he explains why God the Father is revealed as an African American woman, he defends the book's theology of the Trinity against charges of heresy and he considers its provocative denial of a Trinitarian hierarchy. But at its heart The Shack is a response to evil and so Rauser spends the final three chapters considering the book's explanation for why God allows evil, how the atoning work of Christ offers new hope for a suffering world and ultimately how this hope extends to all of creation. Through these chapters Rauser offers an honest and illuminating discussion which opens up a new depth to the conversation while providing the reader with new opportunities for Finding God in The Shack.

Taylor Campus Listed for Sale

The campus of Taylor University College and Seminary has been listed for sale or lease through the commercial real estate firm Colliers International. This listing is an important step as the Board of Trustees considers the best use of Taylor's surplus space, however no decision has been made as to whether the campus will actually be sold in whole or in part.

Following the announcement that Taylor would wind down its university college programs, administration received numerous inquiries about our facilities from potential renters and buyers. It has become apparent that the best way to determine the value of the Taylor campus is to take it to the market with a public listing.

As Taylor’s projected cumulative debt in recent years, the Board had already begun to consider using the southern half of the campus as a way to generate revenue. Recent circumstances have created a situation in which all options must be carefully considered. Taylor's debt stands in the way of ongoing effectiveness and must be dealt with and we invite you to join us as we prayerfully discern the wisest stewardship of our resources.

Taylor sits on a beautiful 26-acre site in southwest Edmonton. Purchased by the school’s alumni in the 1960’s, the site has been home to generations of students and the Taylor community feels a strong attachment to it.

Again, no decision has yet been made as to whether the campus will be sold; once all expressions of interest have been evaluated, the Board will consider the best use of this treasured asset in light of our ongoing needs.

Taylor Update -- Letter from Dr. Williams

Dear Pastor and friend of Taylor,

Taylor University College and Seminary has begun the painful process of informing our constituents that the University College will be discontinuing operations at the end of June. Please note that this shutdown involves the University College only: the education ministry of the institution will continue through Taylor Seminary and the EP Wahl Centre.

Below you will find a link to a recorded conversation with Taylor President Dr. David Williams, which we hope will help you more fully understand the situation we are facing. We also are making available to you the text of a letter we are sending to students.

As you can appreciate, this is a dynamic situation, and we will have more to share with you as things develop. In the meantime, please know how much we have appreciated your faithful support and care for this institution, and how much we will appreciate your continued prayers in the difficult days ahead.


Dr. David Williams, President