Walking Boldly into the Future -  

Taylor Seminary is excited to be included as a legacy partner in the launch of Kairos University, a first-of-its-kind global network with students from thirty countries spread out across six continents. Kairos University will create fresh expressions of affordable, accessible, relevant, and faithful theological education, and Taylor Seminary is thrilled to be a part of this mission along with Sioux Falls Seminary (South Dakota, US), Evangelical Seminary (Pennsylvania, US), Houston Graduate School of Theology (Texas, US) and BLI School of Ministry (Pennsylvania, US).

The vision for Kairos University came to life in 2014 when the Kairos Project was first introduced. Shortly after, we began collaborating with Sioux Falls Seminary. Over the last two years, our partnership has expanded to include other like-minded schools. Together, we are leveraging the Kairos Project to offer affordable, accessible, relevant, and faithful theological education around the world. The launch of Kairos University is the next step in that vision, and we are excited to walk boldly into the future.

Kairos University views theological education as a system of interconnected and interdependent parts. Through its global network, nearly 50 different partner organizations are working together to steward followers of Jesus who flourish in their vocations for the sake of the world.

As a global network of theological education, Kairos University provides a unique opportunity for students to enroll from anywhere in the world. Students deepen their roots in their local contexts by working with mentors and crafting an educational journey that encourages face-to-face interaction in their communities. In addition to being accessible from anywhere, the educational experience provided by Kairos University is intimate and personal. All around the world, students, mentors, professors, and partners of Kairos University are seeing God move in exciting ways every day.

Over the next few months as we boldly step into the future, more exciting developments will be shared. To learn more about this venture or ask questions, please email Greg Henson (ghenson@sfseminary.edu) or David Williams (david.williams@taylor-edu.ca).