tayloredulogoWhite Cross Canada is close to the heart of many churches and individuals in the Alberta Baptist Association.  A history of committed involvement, financially as well as through volunteers, means that the ABA shoulders much of the weight in supporting this important work.  In light of this long tradition and deep passion for this work, we are pleased to announce that a new partnership has been signed between the Alberta Baptist Association and Taylor/EP Wahl Centre to partner together to support the ministry of White Cross Canada in the future.  Together Taylor and the ABA will provide the necessary supports to maintain the important work of White Cross Canada.

We should make it clear that this partnership will not impact the operations or funding of White Cross Canada. White Cross will continue to function as it has in years past. Taylor will continue to host the operations of White Cross on the Taylor campus as we have done in the past, and will make sure that material donations in support of the work of White Cross are directed there. 

One administrative change that will happen is that beginning January 1, 2021 receipts for financial donations to White Cross Canada will be issued by the ABA rather than by Taylor. A letter will go out shortly to White Cross donors/supporters with more information about this partnership. This letter will include instructions to help make sure donations get to the ABA in a timely manner.  We should also make it clear that any monies sent to Taylor to support the work of White Cross after January 1st will be passed on to the ABA so that monies are used as they are intended.

We are excited about this new partnership.  We believe it will be good for the ABA, for White Cross Canada, and for Taylor.  If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to contact either David Williams (phone: (780) 431-5207; email: david.williams@taylor-edu.ca) or Terry Fossen (phone: (780) 438-8852; email: tfossen@nab.ca).