Taylor Seminary Class of 2018

Thirteen students graduated from Taylor Seminary on May 6, 2018, mainly with Master of Theological Studies or Master of Divinity degrees. The MTS is a 48-hour program, while the MDiv is a 77-hour program. Both attract students who are looking ahead to ministry, either as a vocation, or as a lay ministry opportunity while continuing to serve in another profession, or serving at home, in their community, or as a volunteer.

Not all students were able to attend -- one student missed Grad because he was getting married in Ontario -- but the above group shot was taken just before the ceremony at West Meadows Baptist Church.

At the Grad Ceremony, we heard from Valedictorian Stephen Epp, who also earned a Sonnenberg Leadership Award and the William Sturhahn Preaching Award. Our guest speaker was Dr. Gary Nelson, president of Tyndale University College and Seminary in Toronto. He told the grads that the most important question for them in ministry is, Who is your audience? Is it parents or peers, whose approval we seek? A parishioner? Dr. Nelson told them,

“The one lesson you should have learned at seminary is: Play your life to God.”

A celebration banquet on May 5th was the kickoff to the weekend celebration. One of the highlights of the banquet was a gift of walking sticks from the students who planned the banquet to the rest of the Class of 2018, a reminder of our pilgrimage with God. Our thanks to Stephen Epp ('18), Kent Dixon ('18) and Julie Heavenor ('18) who comprised the student planning committee.

Following is a list of scholarships and awards that were handed out at this year's Commencement Service:

Year-End Awards for Graduation 2018

Ministry Awards
Canadian Bible Society Award for Bible Reading:
Proficiency in the public reading of Scripture:
Recipient: Kent Dixon (Graduand)

Dan Leverette Memorial Scholarship: $500
Honoring an MDiv student with a Commitment to Youth Ministry, “Preparing for Full-time vocational ministry with Youth”:
Recipient: Brett McCarroll (current student)

Dewey Intercultural Studies Award: $500
Honoring a “Second year” student who has shown competence in and concern for intercultural ministry (determined by Intercultural Studies Professors):
Recipient: Lisa Wojna (current student)

William Sturhahn Preaching Award: $500
Honoring a graduating student who demonstrates the greatest proficiency in preaching, seeking placement as a pastor in Canada:
Recipient: Stephen Epp (Graduand)

Academic Awards
Alumni Association Scholarship Criteria: $300
Honoring a student who is distinguished in academics (GPA in current term) and behavior (determined by faculty committee), who is seeking full-time vocational ministry:
Recipient: Scott Brimacombe (current student)

Doris and Gerald Borchert Scholarship in NT Studies: $200
Honoring a “full-time” (9 credits per semester), “Second year” MDIV student with the highest proficiency in NT studies (Highest overall GPA for NT studies):
Recipient: Rob McLaren (current student)

Faculty Scholarship: $500
Honoring a Degree Student with the highest GPA during present academic year, who is completing minimum of 9 credits each semester:
Recipient: Kent Blanton (current student)

Goltz Family Scholarship: $3000 (4 x $750)
This scholarship is awarded to a full-time program student(s) who completed a minimum of 18 credits at Taylor Seminary, with the intention of entering Christian ministry, and has a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.00. This scholarship is based on the previous year’s academic performance.
1. Julie Heavenor (Graduand)
2. Carol Henders (current student)
3. LuAnne Birkholz (current student)
4. Rodney Hennessey (current student)

Leadership Award
Sonnenberg Leadership Scholarship: $2500 (5 x $500)
Honoring a four (or five) students who have or are completing their second year of studies this year, in a degree program, who demonstrates giftedness/potential in the area of leadership and who is intending to enter the pastorate or missionary work.
Isaac Lee (current student)
David Schneider (current student)
Derrick Lee (Graduand)
Kent Dixon (Graduand)
Stephen Epp (Graduand)