David-Williams 2012Greetings from Edmonton!

In the face of rapid social and technological change, the practice of ministry continues to change. New ideas, new issues, new means of communication, new models of family and community – all of these force us to adapt our response to the needs around us.

In 1940, our founder, Rev. E.P. Wahl, responded to a need for trained young people to step into leadership in their churches and their communities. For over 70 years, this institution has made a vital contribution to churches, missions agencies and communities around the world: thousands of vocational and lay leaders continue to work quietly and effectively to make a difference because of his work and his example. He was an innovator, a man who valued Christian cooperation, Kingdom service, cultural and social engagement, and faithfulness to God's call and purpose. Rev. Wahl never heard of Facebook or email, yet in many ways he was ahead of his time.
One remarkable technological innovation is the ability to offer courses to students around the world. In many cases, students no longer leave ministry to attend school, but study as they serve; students are studying with us from homes, churches and mission fields across Canada, from South America and Europe. Others are devoting a concentrated period of their lives to study, and contribute to a lively campus community.

The issues we face and the methods we use will continue to vary with time and place, but we seek to be faithful to proclaim the Kingdom of God. And we continue to draw inspiration from our founder who, through challenges and obstacles, built an educational institution that has always embraced change and partnership.

Taylor has roots in the Baptist tradition, but welcomes students from many evangelical denominations. We are also home to an ethnically-diverse student body, and we think you'll find this to be challenging and supporting community of faith and learning.

We welcome you as a member of the Taylor family; we look forward to getting to know you, and together we will continue a legacy of faithful response to God's call.


David Williams, PhD