Here are the syllabi for Taylor Seminary courses offered during 2010-2011:
(These files are offered in PDF format)
Course Name Course Code Instructor
The Art and Craft of Biblical Preaching PW 538 Dr. Stefano Piva
Biblical Hermeneutics BI 412 Dr. Jerry Shepherd
Christian Worldview TH 534 Dr. Randal Rauser
Christian Worship PW 631 Dr. Allan Effa
Church History CH 420 Dr. Randal Rauser
Church History since 1500 CH 422 Dr. Randal Rauser
Educational Task of the Church CE 532 Prof. Su Jin Chong
Essentials of Pastoral Leadership PL 633 Dr. Terry Fossen
Essentials of Pastoral Care PC 531 Prof. Len Thompson
Evangelism and Church Planting MI 545 Dr. Allan Effa
Field Education Experience - Unit 1 FE 442 Dr. Larry Froese
Field Education Experience - Unit 2 FE 443 Dr. Larry Froese
Field Education Experience - Unit 3 FE 444 Dr. Larry Froese
Field Education Experience - Unit 4 FE 445 Dr. Larry Froese
Field Education Experience - Unit 5 FE 446 Dr. Larry Froese
The Gospel of Luke NT 517 Dr. Syd Page
Greek and Hebrew Tools BI 514 Dr. Syd Page / Dr. Jerry Shepherd
Integral Mission - online
MI 432 Dr. Allan Effa
Integral Mission - classroom
MI 432 Dr. Allan Effa
Introduction to Preaching PW 431 Prof. Lyle Buyer
Jeremiah OT 616 Dr. Jerry Shepherd
Motifs in Biblical Theology BI 512 Dr. Jerry Shepherd
New Testament Introduction NT 416 Dr. Syd Page
New Testament Literature REL 103 Dr. Syd Page
Old Testament Intro OT 417 Dr. Jerry Shepherd
Personal Development and Ministry PC 431 Dr. Stefano Piva
Research Paper Proposal MI 652 Dr. Joost Pikkert
Revelation, The Book of NT 617 Dr. Syd Page
Spiritual Formation (Grande Prairie) PT 540 Dr. Allan Effa
Spiritual Formation (semester course)  PT 540 Dr. Allan Effa
Systematic Theology I TH 531 Dr. Randal Rauser
Wisdom Literature OT 614 Dr. Jerry Shepherd



(Grande Prairie)