Lynne (Smith) Anderson, 1969 - 71 Diploma in CE

Clifford & Peggy Anderst, 1966-67

Ardell J. Dubber (Wright), 1967-69

Linda J. Weber (Ebel) 1967 - 71

After graduating I traveled with God's Volunteers for one year, graduated from Tabor College and went on to seminary, graduating from the NAB Seminary in 1977.  I've had a great time in ministry over the years; youth pastor in Stevensville, Michigan, Dean of Women at NABC/EBS, CE Director in Warren, Michigan, and Director of Women's Ministry for the NAB Conference.  I am married to Chuck Weber who teaches Asian and African History at Wheaton College in Wheaton, Illinois.  We have had incredible experiences traveling and working with students.  I would love to hear from former classmates as well as former students.  Posted 02/01/03

Grace Albrecht (Elke), 1964 - 66 Certificate Posted May 2005

Dr. Herman and Ardath Effa (Schmierer), 1953

We are enjoying retirement although we are still involved in ministry at Central Baptist Church here in Edmonton and in other churches throughout our conference.

Dr Edna Grenz (Sturhahn), 1969 – 70 Posted May 2005

Bert & Myrna (Schalin) Harsch, 1960 - 62

As a result of having 5 bypass heart surgery in January, 2002, I chose to retire after 16 years with the Workers Compensation Board of Alberta. My wife joined me in retirement in December of 2002. In April, 2003 we celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary. God has been Good!!

Norm Jaster, 1957 Posted 02/01/03

Living on an acreage south of Okotoks AB and attending Okotoks Evangelical Free Church

Arnold Kelbert

The family of Arnold Kelbert would like to inform fellow alumni of his passing November 11, 2003. He attending CTI completing some high school courses and Bible school as well. He was 70 years of age at his passing and resided in the Minitonas, MB area all of his life. Posted 11/04

Emily Posein (Krause), 1965 Short term course

I appreciate getting the Bridge. I live with my husband of 32 yrs. Darrell in Princeton, B.C. now going on 21 years.

Ronald & Doris Mayer (Gohl), Certificate 1968

We have kept up with old CTI friends through Doris's brother, Dieter, but would like to make contact personally. Ron and I have lived in Williston for 26 years. The past ten years we have been house parents at a group home for girls. We are active in our local Assembly of God church. Two daughters, Rebecca, 19 and Lindsey, 13, keep us on our toes. We'd love to hear from any old CTI friends that are still out there. Posted 11/2001

Peggy Meisch, 1966-1968, BRE

The fact that I am typing this is the result of a miracle! An aneurysm burst in my brain stem. After 5 weeks in a coma, in which I also suffered 5 strokes and two severe staph infections, I am back home, working part time for two non-profit organizations over the computer. I am married, and live in North Branch, MN.

Jackie Moser MacDonald, Cert Christ. Ed 1967 - 1968

Spouse, Dr. LeRoy Moser - attended CTI/NABC 1965 - 1970 - graduated in 1970 with Bachelor of Theology; Bachelor of Religious Education - deceased - August 05, 2005 (Posted 10/05)

Esther Naumenko (Semrau), 1960

I've lived in Vernon, B.C. for the last 27 years. I have 3 children who are all on their own now.

Jennie Nauroth (Risto), 1964 - 66


Sharon (Paschke) Emmelkamp, Cert. of Chr. Ed, 1969

My life has been one of many moves. The latest was from Kelowna, BC to Edmonton,AB. Never did I think I would be living very close to Taylor. The Lord has very interesting plans for each of us. Posted 06/2011

Eric Peters, Sr. Metric 1969

Still in Edmonton and happily married. I am actively involved in the ministry of McKernan Baptist Church as well as being active on the Alumni Association executive. Posted 11/2001


Sharon E. Onciul (Prier), 1968 - 72

Jake Prins, 1952-1954

We have lived in Loma Linda CA since l983. Anyone out there who remembers me? Send us a word please. Danke.

Arnold Rapske, Certificate, 1946 – 48

We moved to Calgary in February this year and now live in a condominium.  A medical incident was the cause of the rapid decision to move. We have met a number of friends here.  We have two children in Calgary as well. Energy level has been drastically reduced and we are limited in activities.  We are still in the process of choosing a church to attend. I was in the employ of the college for 35 years. The first 17 years were devoted to teaching and the rest of the years involved library management.  I am very thankful for the opportunity I had of being involved at the college and am satisfied that I did the best I could in my interaction with students and staff. Posted May 2005.

Martin Reg, 1949-1950

My wife Darlene and I have attend Brentview Baptist church from its beginning in 1962,and I am serving as an elder and administrative assistant. We have three boys, who are married and have families, and are proud grandparents of six. One of our sons attended the College in 1980-83 (Brent) and Trevor was sport director in 1988.

Hans & Jule (Weber) Serger, 1966 - 72

The past 30 years have been a wonderful adventure with God.  Jule & I met at CTI and were married in 1969 after my first year of university.  We were back at NABC that fall as house parents in the girls dorm.  Our first daughter was born the year I graduated and she too attended NABC.  Now she works as a ward clerk in the hospital.  That year we also began serving as pastor for 17 years beginning in Trochu then Whiteshell and lastly at Balgonie.  In those years our 2nd daughter came, Heidi who now teaches music in the elementary school system.  After 17 years in pastoral ministry the Lord blessed us through a time of transition where I served four different NAB churches in Saskatchewan on an interim basis and finally ended up working as a technician at the Royal Saskatchewan Museum.  But my ministry has not ended.  Over the years I have developed the art of ventriloquism and use it in a variety of ways, but mainly in children's programming and summer camps.  That ministry has a high demand that I can't begin to meet while working full time.  Another area of ministry has been learning to play the saw.  Its a wonderful ethereal quality and adds to our worship group each Sunday at Calvary Baptist Church where we attend.  For ten years and now with the help of 8 other musicians we minister regularly at two nursing homes each month.  It seems that they love the puppets as much as the kids.  Jule is nursing part time and looking to slow down.  The adventure continues.  Praise the Lord he's the Goal!  posted 09/02

Milton and Alice (Cirankewitsch) Zeeb, 1948-1951

Alice & I met at CTI during our Second year 1950-51 and we celebrated our 50th Wedding Anniversary this Aug 31, 2001. Alice was from Trochu, Alta. and I was from the States. I am a Grad. of NABS ('60) and also a M.Th. from Princeton Seminary (73). We pastored 12 years (two Churches, Kenosha, Wi./Philadelphia, PA.) and served 22 years as Area Minister in the South Central Area for NAB. We lived in Texas for 13 years and recently relocated to Kansas City, MO. in a Townhouse. Alice & I have done 7 Interim Ministries in NAB Churches since our retirement in 1994, following the Triennial in Dallas. We have two daughters, Faith & Joy. Faith and her husband pastor a BGC Church in Colorado Springs, CO. and they have one daughter graduating from HS in 2002, Rachel Anne. Joy is married and she & her husband live in Seattle. and Joy has one son, Jesse, also graduating from HS in 2002. We love our family, our memories of CTI and still in touch with many friends from that era. God is Good and praise Him for his Grace and Mercy.