Taylor College and Seminary Contact Information

Taylor College & Seminary is located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Established in 1940 and affiliated with the NAB Conference, Taylor has served thousands of students from many different denominations -- many of whom now serve in leadership roles on every continent.

E-mail: [email protected] or [email protected]

Contact us by Mail:
Taylor College & Seminary
11525 - 23 Avenue
Edmonton, Alberta T6J 4T3

Telephone: (780) 431-5200
1 (800) 567-4988 (toll free)

Fax: (780) 436-9416

E-mail:[email protected] or [email protected]

Administration and Staff

Josiah Black Registrar 780-431-5200 [email protected] 
Heather Breitkreuz Wahl Centre Event Coordinator  780-431-5774
[email protected]
Cheryl Burek Administrative Assistant 780-431-8693 [email protected] 
Janice Johnsson Administrative Assistant 780-431-5200 [email protected]
Janine Cooper Enrolment Services 780-431-5200 [email protected]
Keir Hammer White Cross Director 780-431-5200 [email protected]
Rick Heavenor Admissions Counsellor 780-431-5215 [email protected]
Sandy Heavenor Asst. to the President 780-431-5206 [email protected]
Marj Hewitt Director of Finance and Operations 780-431-5264 [email protected]
Becky Hilbich
Director of Development, Church and Alumni Relations 780-431-5276 [email protected]
Ralph Korner Academic Dean, Director of the E P Wahl Centre 780-431-8694 [email protected]
John Liong Accountant 780-431-5232 [email protected]
Leslie Mahr Director, Conservatory of Music 780-757-7540 [email protected]
Alex Muz Facilities Manager 780-913-2240 [email protected] 
Lori Muz Office Administrator 780-431-5201 [email protected]
Teresa Seibel Assistant to the Academic Dean 780-431-5248 [email protected] 
Suzanne Van Herk Marketing Assistant 780-431-5249 [email protected] 
David Williams President 780-431-5207 [email protected]
Tim Willson Director of Communications and Marketing 780-431-5763  [email protected]



For Faculty contact information, click here.

Taylor Seminary Faculty and Staff Directory


David Williams, President
Josiah Black, Registrar
Becky Hilbrich, Director of Development,Church and Alumni Relations
Ralph Korner, Academic Dean, E P Wahl Centre Director
Marj Hewitt, Director of Finance and Operations
Tim Willson, Director of Communications and Marketing

(Full Staff Directory is here.

Taylor Seminary Core Faculty

Taylor Seminary has been blessed with a gifted faculty of excellent teachers and mentors, and who are also experienced practitioners. Read more about their interests and experience on the Faculty Bio page.

Name (Last, First) Position Phone Email
Professor of Christian Faith Education
[email protected]
Ray and Edith DeNeui Professor of Intercultural Studies
[email protected]
Associate Professor of Biblical Studies
[email protected]
Director of Supervised Ministry
[email protected] 
RandalRauser 75wRauser, Randal Professor of Historical Theology  780-431-4428 [email protected]
Associate Professor of Old Testament
[email protected]
Professor of Theology & Ethics
[email protected]


Taylor Seminary Affiliated Faculty

Bellous, Ken
Pastoral Care
[email protected] 

Buyer, Lyle
[email protected]

Chugg, Paul
Vanguard-Taylor Language Institute
[email protected] 

David, Joel
New Testament
[email protected] 

Fossen, Terry
Pastoral Leadership
[email protected] 

Hammer, Keir
World Religions, New Testament
[email protected] 

John, Vinod
Evangelism and Anthropology
[email protected] 

Kok, Mike
New Testament
[email protected] 

Leverette, Jim
Pastoral Leadership
[email protected]

Ohlmann, Christa
[email protected] 

Roxburgh, Cam
Pastoral Leadership
[email protected] 

Seibel, Cory
Pastoral Leadership
[email protected] 

Snaterse, Rod
Christian Worship
[email protected] 

Thompson, Len
Spiritual Formation
[email protected] 

van Beek, Joanne
Social Justice
[email protected] 


Faculty Emeriti

J. Walter Goltz
(President from 1981-1988)

Richard Paetzel
(Former Academic Dean and Vice-President)

Sydney H. T. Page
(Academic Vice-President from 1981-2000)



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