• About Taylor Seminary and the E P Wahl Centre

    About Taylor Seminary and the E P Wahl Centre

    Taylor has been serving students from a wide range of evangelical traditions since 1940. Come and learn with us! Taylor Seminary invites you to join us as a student! Prospective students, start here for an overview on studying with us. If you'd like someone to be in touch via email, click here to request information. Be sure to ask about our online learning opportunities, which allow students to take courses from anywhere in the world. Taylor also...


  • A Partnership with Sioux Falls Seminary

    A Partnership with Sioux Falls Seminary

    Creating Opportunity! A partnership agreement between Sioux Falls Seminary and Taylor Seminary, signed in June 2015, is uniting these institutions and creating groundbreaking new opportunities in theological education. This partnership began with a focus on online education, faculty development and global theological education. Over the past two years, the partnership has deepened significantly and has resulted in the integration of some systems, operational...


  • Devotional Book has been Published

    Devotional Book has been Published

    A year-long devotional book written by Taylor alumni, faculty and staff is about to be published. Strength for Today, which began as a 75th Anniversary project in 2015, was compiled over several years, and has been released. Order Now! More than 100 contributors participated, including well-known figures from Taylor’s history: * former faculty such as Dr. Werner Waitkus, Dr. Richard Paetzel, Dr. Willy Muller, and more; * current faculty, including Dr. Joyce...



We would like to share resources to help your local group ministry. We will be posting more in the future!

For Forms and Handbook, visit here.

Baby Jacket Sewing Patterns

Please check instructions on fabrics, seams & hems, and sewing on the White Cross Handbook pp. 13-18.

Cut-In-One Sleeve (Small)

Cut-In-One Sleeve (Large)

Note: Cut-In-One Sleeve patterns are not in regular 8.5” x 11” size. To print them on the regular 8.5” x 11” paper in their actual sizes, check the step-by-step guide.

For reference

Reglan Sleeve Kimono

For sawing guide of the raglan kimono pattern, visit here (caution: this is an external website). However, baby jackets for White Cross should not use anything but twill tape or bias tape to tie at the back. Also, the size needs to be adjusted to our measurements and marked on the jacket. Please adjust the pattern to use for our purpose.


Group Contributions

Group Contribution Form 
(if your church/group is making a donation, please complete and send this form with your donation)

Individual Contributions

Donate Online

Or you can send your donation in the mail. You can use the form in Appendix 2 in the White Cross Handbook. Just make a cheque or money order out to "Taylor College and Seminary -  White Cross Canada" and please write "White Cross" on the memo line as well, then send it to:

White Cross Canada
c/o Taylor College and Seminary
11525 23rd Avenue NW
Edmonton, T6J 4T3

Contact whitecross@taylor-edu.ca for more information.

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