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Genessa Ardron, BA 2009 (ardronclan@gmail.com)

Working as principal of a Baptist private school near Edmonton, AB

Steve Barker 2003 (sbarker@grace-online.com)

Just taken a position as Pastor of Jr. High Ministries at Grace Community Church in Detroit, Michigan

Mandy (Brooker) Day, BA 2004 (mandyday99@yahoo.ca)

Empire Chukwu, Theology 2003 - 05 (empiremendes@hotmail.com)

I would like to further my education as to equip myself for the great assignment the Lord has given to me. Posted May 2005.

Bruce Dean, MTS 2000 (kdean@compusmart.ab.ca)

Allan Deschenau 2000 (adescheneau@hotmail.com)

Two births to announce. Ethan Thomas, April 25, 2001 and Edison Griffin, July 16, 2002

Gregory Esselmont, BAR, 2001 - 2005 (visiblelift@hotmail.com)

I am getting married in August to Audrey Epp (we met at Taylor UC). I am also starting a youth/music internship at Lethbridge Tabernacle in the fall. I received the position of second main worship leader at The Gate (an outreach church for college/university aged people), starting in the fall. (Posted July 2005)

Scott Fisk, DCS 2002 (wallyskier@yahoo.com) Posted May 2005

Joshua Goetz, BA in Religion & Theology, 1993 - 94, 2000 - 02, (jsgoetz@gmail.com)

I am just starting as Senior Pastor at Asquith Baptist Church in Asquith Saskatchewan.  We were previously in Ponoka for 5 ½ years as Associate Pastor at FBC Ponoka.  (posted 10/20/2006)

Tim Goltz, BCS 2000 (timgoltz@hotmail.com)

I have transferred to the new four-year BA program at Taylor, and will finish winter 2002. My long term goal is to teach young pastors at our seminary in Cameroon at the town of Ndu. Your prayers will be appreciated.

Chad Graham, BCS 2000 (grahammontrose@hotmail.com)

I was in Seminary at the Master's Seminary, Los Angeles California.

Moved back to Edmonton (Posted July 2016)

Sheralyn Grenier, Psychology, 2001 - 2005 (sher_1234@hotmail.com) Posted July 2005.

Jennifer Hoogerdijk, AAR (B.Ed) 2000 (jrhoogerdijk@hotmail.com)

Yoo-Kim Heo 2003 (gentlehumble@hotmail.com)

Yoo Kem Anna Heo 2003 (summer814@daum.net)

I am enrolled at San Francisco Theological Seminary in fall of 2003.

Stefanie (King) Cunha, MA in ICS 2001 - 2004, (scunha@telus.net)

After graduation I married the man I met while doing my internship in Angola.  We were married in July 2004.  (posted 01/26/05)

Mas Kobayashi, 1996-2003 (maskobayashi@hotmail.com)

Annette Knopf 2003 (narvyspeaks@hotmail.com)

Colette Landry, BAR ET 2002 (colette14@cheerful.com)

I am still in Edmonton and have been since I have graduated from Taylor. I am working at the General Hospital it is continuing care center and I am nursing there. the Church that I call home in central Baptist and I have been attending it for three years. I working with there youth ministry team last year and will be joining them again for the fall. The Lord has blessed me with wonderful friends and a great community of believers here in Edmonton. However my future plans in the next few years is that I am hoping to do missions and Lord willing my first stop will be India (Calcutta). (Posted 10/05)

Karla (Larson) Breitkreuz 2000 (kage24@yahoo.com)

Rev Randall Loewen M.Div. (Pastoral Counselling Concentration) 2002 (chap_rl@yahoo.ca)

August 2016: After serving 14 years at Hope Mission as a chaplain in Edmonton, my family (Kimberly and three children-William, Daniel and Abigail) and I have headed north to Yellowknife to pastor at Calvary Community Church (CBWC).

Colin Montgomery, BR-CM 2001 (pastorcolin@yahoo.com)

I am now a youth pastor in Victoria BC, at Friendship Baptist Church. Posted 11/2001

Brian & Susie Munro, MDiv, 1998 - 2002 (bjmunro@bigfoot.com)

2010 through to 2011 has been a transition for us. We ended our ministry at Balgonie Baptist Church after 8 years. In May of 2010 our oldest son, Duncan, and his wife, Morgan, were blessed with their first son, Damian, also our first grandchild. In August our youngest son, Steven, married Jazmin Miller. Thus we are official "empty-nesters". In January of 2011 I accepted a call to be the Pastor of Discipleship at Temple Baptist Church in Medicine Hat, AB. (posted 10/15/2002)

Joel Nikkel, BA Religion and Theology, 2000 - 2003, (joel@tcchurch.ca)

I have taken the position as Associate Pastor at Terwillegar Community Church in Edmonton. It is exciting to see God lead me into this ministry! Praise the Lord! posted 11/04

Sarah (Bartlett) Patzer, BA English, 2000-2004 (patzer_sa@yahoo.com)

Jon Putz, MDiv-Gen 2000 (jonputz@yahoo.com)

Jill and I live in Oregon where I am an associate pastor at Bethany Baptist Church (Portland). Jill is working as a dental hygienist. Let us know how you're doing. Posted 12/2001

Nathan Reich, BCS Pre Sem 2001 (nathan.reich@taylor-edu.ca)

I'm back here at Taylor working in the admissions office. Your prayers for new students would be muchly appreciated. Posted 02/2002

Ed Sabo, M Div, 2001 - 2005 (ed_sabo@hotmail.com)

My wife is Dawn Sabo and our daughter is Aurora Sabo. (Posted July 2005)

Kyle Sandford, BA Religion and Theology, 2006 - 2009 (krsandford@me.com)

Daniel Schuster, BAR 1991, MDiv 2001 (daniel@brentviewbaptist.com)

Birth announcement: Schuster, Daniel & Jennifer, a boy, Carson James, born on July 24, 2001, a brother to Logan (3). Posted 11/2001

Jolene Schneiderman, MDiv, 2001 (thecatness@hotmail.com)

I'm working for the International House of Prayer in Kansas City in their physical healing ministry wing; I'm part of the Foursquare Gospel Denomination.

Jennifer (Van Egmond) Scoville, 2001-2002 (jellybeanve@hotmail.com)

Monique Smith, BAR 1998-2000 (niquers26@hotmail.com)

After traveling the world and living overseas in South Korea as an ESL teacher, I have decided to hang my boots and settle down in Calgary for a while. Come visit! (Posted 10/05)

Jacqueline (Spiller) Kress, General Studies 2006-2009 (Jacqueline.nicole@hotmail.ca)

On April 26, Daniel Kress (2005-2009) welcomed Isabella Daisy Kress into our family.(Posted Sept 2015)

Nicole den Ouden (Stienley), Sociology 2003 (NicoleBrett@sasktel.net)

Well I me and my husband Andrew are now living in Swift Current, SK! We are expecting a baby in March! (Posted 10/05)

Morgan (Taylor) Munro, BA, 2001-2004 (ryselias@bigfoot.com)

(Posted 10/05)

David Van Roon, MDiv 2001, BCS 1997 (dvanroon@hotmail.com)

Greetings to all the faculty and staff at Taylor and to my former classmates. I have been at the Camrose Church of God for two years as their CARE pastor. It has been an amazing experience. God has truly led us to this place right now. Kim and I now have two children: Emily, 3 and Olivia, 1. I have many fond memories of Taylor. When I think back, I am thankful to God for all the faculty and staff in how they invest their lives in students, equipping them for ministry. I am privileged to be called alumni of Taylor. (Posted 02/05)

Tawa & Vanessa Anderson, MDiv 1997 - 2000 (pastortawa@hotmail.com)

Vanessa and I have a son, Mataeo, born in August 2000.  I am the English pastor at Edmonton Chinese Baptist Church.  (posted 10/15/2002)

Leah Bailey, BCS 1999 (curlysue_79@hotmail.com)

Currently, I am living in Edmonton and attending the University of Alberta. Next year I'm headed to NAIT--it's time to take a break from university. I miss all my American friends--especially Ness, Maegan, and Angie, my fellow Albertan-gone American.

Quinn Barreth, BR 1995 (qjbarreth@hotmail.com)

I am married as of June 17/00. Still do not know what I want to be when I grow up, but God leads me anyways. I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me with anything approaching fondness. posted 05/03

Brian and Angela (Krause) Benson, AA & BCS, 1996 - 1999 (email@brianbenson.com)

Proud to announce the birth of a daughter, Caley Faith, born June 26, 2002.  (posted 10/15/2002)

Nathan Bernhardt and Erin (Gaffney), 1996-98 (nebernhardt@hotmail.com)

Erin and I got married on 10/09/99 and are living happily ever after.

Staci (Block) Mysko, 1995-96 (dsmysko@sasktel.net)

Jeff Blyth, BA, 1990-1994 (jeffrb71@aol.com)

Presently the Director of Mental Health Services for four community and hospital organizations.  (09/04)

Sarah Breitkreuz, DipMusic 1996 and BCS 1998 (sarahbreitkreuz@hotmail.com)

After Camp Directing I moved to Turlock California where I am the Youth Director for the Salvation Army. Posted March 14, 2001

Tara Breitkreuz (Lang) 1998 (tarabpsych@yahoo.ca)

Well Cory and I just celebrated our first year of marriage and I am well on my way to my double degree in Law and Psychology! Things are going great....maybe a new one will arrive next year? Fingers crossed. I would love to hear from any of you! Hope all is well with you!

Darin Bruins, Discovery 1999 - 2000, (dbruins@ualberta.ca)

Jennifer Corbett (Bogar), AAR 1996 (jenniferaycorbett@yahoo.com)

Many things have changed in my life. First off I got married on May 26, 2001. My husband is a herdsman on a dairy farm and we are planning to purchase a farm within the next 6 months or so. I have changed Law Firms and am a Patent Prosecution Administrator for MBM & Co. in downtown Ottawa. I love my job. Ray & I are attending Kanata Baptist Church and are involved in many different ministries. God has poured out His blessings on us.

Ray and I are happy to announce the arrival of Jacob Ryan, born February 13, 2003. He weighted in at 6 lbs 12 oz.

Nicole Boymook, 1997 (nboymook@whitworth.edu)

I am working as a Resident Director at Whitworth College in Spokane, Washington. I graduated in May 1997 from NABS with my MA in Marriage and Family Therapy.

Rev. Eric Brooks, M.Div. 1996 (Eric.Brooks@taylor-edu.ca)

My wife, Beth, and I have two children: Jonathan Peter (b. 1996) and Elisha Dawn (b. 1999). As of August, 2001, we have moved back to Edmonton, where we are involved in a Church Planting Project that is just getting started. I am also working as the Admissions Counselor at Taylor Seminary (just can't get enough of the old alma mater!) Posted 11/2001

Darin Bruins, Discovery 1999 - 2000, (dbruins@ualberta.ca) Posted May 2005.

David Cheeseman, 1996 (david.cheesman@encana.com)

I am now working for EnCana as a geologist. Still living in Calgary. Getting married Feb. 21, 2004.

Jonathan Cowan, BCS 1998 (cjcowan@gnat.net)

I am currently youth pastoring at First Baptist Church in Butler Georgia.

Timothy Diack, MDiv, 1998 - 2001, (htdiack@telusplanet.net)

Heather gave birth to Kierra Lynn on February 21, 2002.  Kierra is a sister to our twins Emma & Caleb (4 years old).  We have accepted a call to Parkland Bible Church in Kipling, SK and will be starting April 1, 2002. 

Bryce Eben and Nancy (Hurst), BR 1997 and DM 1992 (bneben@dakota.net)

Bryce & I got married June 8,1996. After Bryce graduated from Taylor we moved down to Sioux Falls, SD. Bryce has graduated with his MA in Marriage in Family Therapy. Now Bryce is working at NABS with their admissions department. I'm finishing my Bachelor of Education and working as a Children's Ministry Coordinator at a local Church.

Michael Edwards, BRCM 1996 (drgumby16@hotmail.com)

I have just completed my Master of Divinity in Counselling from Tyndale Theological Seminary. My wife and I are planning on moving back to Edmonton for September 2000. My wife (Darlene) is also a graduate of Tyndale, and we have been married a little over one year. I am hoping to find work as a counsellor in the Edmonton area.

Kim Fast 1999 MDisc (slimfast@jonnypage.ca)

After staring as Catherine Zeta Jones stunt double in Chicago, I started up a Non-Profit Organization devoted to the furtherment of alternative flavoured Coke products. Watch for our newest flavour, DairyCoke!

David Ferguson 1993 - 1998, BRCM 1998 (padreferguson@gmail.com)

I moved to s Korea for 5 and a half years, found my wife there, had 3 sons with her. Came back to Canada in 2005. Got my MDiv at CSBS and currently a Chaplain with the Canadian Armed Forces. Posted June 2016

Scott and Andrea (Bredin) Friesen 1998 - 2000 (tezronal@yahoo.com)

Married on July 21, 2001. Now are the proud parents of Malcolm Garreth, born August 2nd, 2002.

Colleen (Gabert) Richard 1996 - 1997

AAR: University Transfer (B. Ed. Elementary)

21 Good Spirit Cres.
Yorkton, SK S3N 4G2

Cara (Gohl) Plamping, BR Music & Worship, 1996 - 2000, (plampingc@hotmail.com)

Garth Plamping (95 - 96) and Cara Gohl (96 - 2000) were married on September 15, 2002 in Calgary.  Drop them an e-mail!

Rick Gordon, MDiv, 1997 - 2000, (gordoner@hotmail.com)

My wife, Jackie and I are in Edmonton at Lansdowne Chinese Baptist Church.  I am the Pastor of English Ministry. 

Richard Grafton, 1997 - 98, 2001 - 2002, (the5pideman@yahoo.com)

When I'm not saving orphans from burning buildings, or bending twisted rails back before the train carrying foreign dignitaries plummets into the ravine; I continue to work on my Bachelor of Education and Bachelor of Fine Arts in Drama at Red Deer College.  Next year my wife Laurie and I will be moving on to Lethbridge, AB where I will attend the U of L. posted 05/03

Elizabeth Hadlington, BEd, 1996 - 1998, (bethhadlington@hotmail.com)

Wade & Adele Hammond, MDiv 1987 - 1991

Wenzel Hanik, (many years-BTh, MDiv) (w_hanik@yahoo.com)

We moved back to Atlanta. Home, sweet home.

 Rochelle (Harbinson) Brown 1989-1990 (rochelle54@hotmail.com)

I have married a wonderful man named Lou. We tied the knot in Las Vegas on March 18, 2003. We are living in Edmonton and I am currently working for an International Construction Company. We have 2 miniature wiener dogs name Daisy and Oliver. They are our kids for awhile!

Jordan Hodges and Tracy (Berube), BR 1996 and AAR 1996 (tracyandjordan@compusmart.ab.ca)

Jordan is presently a programmer / systems analyst for the City of Edmonton. After Taylor Tracy went to Grant MacEwan Community College, and she is now a Special Needs Teacher's Assistant.

Joelene Okrainec (Huber), AAR 1995 (joelenehuber@hotmail.com)

I am married to Allan Okrainec and living in Ontario where I am currently in McMaster University medical school. My husband is doing his residency in surgery. I completed my PhD in Medical Science / Neuroscience at the University of Toronto in 2002. We’d love to hear from you?

Jeremy Hus, MDiv, 1999 - 2001, (Jeremy.Hus@EnCana.com)

Norbert Janke, MDiv 1989 – 91 (njanke@fbc-online.ca)

I married Tina in 1994, while serving Hawkwood Baptist in Calgary.  In 1997 we moved to Arnprior, ON where I am currently serving as Senior Pastor.  We have two children, Lucas (July 1998) and Anna (May 2000) and are busy with school activities and sports.  We love living in a small town within 30 minutes of Canada's capital city, Ottawa.  So, we may not have a Starbucks around the corner, but I can get anywhere in town in less than 5 minutes!  For more info check out the update in the spring edition of Online Bridge. Posted May 2005.

Christina (Kahler) Holmes, AAR 1994 - 1996, (christina.holmes@utoronto.ca)

I am working in the development office at Wycliffe College (an Anglican seminary) - which is part of the University of Toronto. I have been working here for about three years. My husband (Chris) is a Wycliffe student - he just defended his PhD in systematic theology. (Posted July 2005)

Daniel Kaiser, AAR 1997 (kaiserd@northpark.edu)

I will be graduating from North Park University Dec. 2001 with an Elementary Ed. degree. I plan to teach in the Chicago Public Schools. I am involved in an inner city church plant and hope to be involved in the community surrounding the church. Posted 11/2001

Robert Key, MTS 1996-1998 

Scott Kosman, BCS 1998 (superhero@design-culture.net)

When I'm not busy with my job as a Script Writer for "All My Children" and "Ally McBeal," I enjoy horseback riding and collecting exotic spoons.

Angela Benson (Krause), BCS 1999 (babenson@mciworld.com)

Castle Kwan, MTS 1996 - 1999 (castlek8@yahoo.com) Posted May 2005

Sarin Lawrence, AAR-GEN 1997 (sarinjon@iname.com)

I'm certain this news is not new to anyone, but I married my 'beau' (Jon Radke) of the past 2 1/2 years, in August. We have since made Edmonton our permanent home while both Jon and I continue to pursue post-secondary education. Life is certainly unpredictable, but with Jesus, we find the ride an incredible and joy-filled experience!!

Angela (Lalk) Ferguson, BR-CM 1999 (angelalk@yahoo.com)

On July 21, 2001 I was married to Blaine Ferguson (certificate graduate 1999). Blaine is at the University of Alberta obtaining his BA of Science in Nursing, and I am working on becoming a permanent resident of Canada.

Tara-Lynn Lang, 1998 (taralynn1@shaw.ca)

We have moved and are very busy with school and the wedding.  I am working away on my degree in Forensic Psychology, only a few more years to go.  Hope to hear form you all...miss you guys like crazy...email me anytime. 

Tracy Dibben (Lehman), BCS 1997

Tracy Lehman was married to Dwayne Dibben on August 12, 2000 at McKernan Baptist Church in Edmonton.

Randy Lemke, BAR 1990-1995 (randy@lemke.ca)

Amy (Mahe) Grabia, Discovery 1998-99 (acgrabia@hotmail.com)

Announcing Steven Joseph Grabia, born July 3, 2003 to Merlin and Amy.  09/04

Angela (Ristau) Martial 1986-1990 (amartial@sasktel.net)

We have been living in Balcarres, SK since Sept 2002 and my husband Paul is pastoring the small NAB church here. I went back to school in Sept 2003 to get my Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree through the University of Saskatchewan. If all goes well I'll graduate in 2007. Our two kids, Jackie (8) and Sam (6) are enjoying small town life.

Rev. Paul Martial, BR 1995 and MDiv 1998 (amartial@sasktel.net)

I am presently pastor of Balcarres Baptist Church in Balcarres, SK. Angela is enrolled in the Nursing program in Regina and the kids, Jackie and Sam, are both in school. We’d love to hear from you, so drop us a line!

T.J. (Jordie) Maxwell, BCS 1997

My wife Karmen and I had just had our first baby. Solomon Jeordan Edward Maxwell was born on January 19, 2000. I am the Youth Pastor at Stony Plain Alliance Church.

Lane & Maegan Merrifield, BCS, 1996 - 1999, (maeganm@hotmail.com), posted 05/03

Keith Molberg 1995-96 (kdm@asu.edu)

Hi. Just found this site. I graduated from U of A with a BMus, went to ASU (Arizona) for three years, and just got a job at Briercrest College in Saskatchewan in the Worship Arts Dept. Hello to everyone that remembers me...:)

Paul Nather, BAR 1995 (paulnather@qwest.net)

Susie and I moved to Grand Forks, ND in October 2000. I am serving as pastor of student ministries at Grace Baptist Church. Come and see us anytime unless we don't know you. Posted March 28, 2001

Christy Aday (Ohlmann), AAR - Music 1996 (goldenc1@yahoo.com)

After Taylor, I attended & graduated from Liberty University in Virginia with a Bachelor's Degree in Music - Vocal Performance. I moved to California to teach music in public schools and work on my Master's Degree and just got married 3 months ago to a wonderful guy named Mark! I praise God for the wonderful years I had at Taylor - would love to hear from those I went to school with! Posted 02/2002

Ryan Olfert, BA Theolgoy, 1999 - 2000 (rpolfert@shaw.ca) Posted July 2005.

Crystal (Pakarno) Lintott 1995-96 (oxygen@telus.net)

I am now married and living in Brooks Alberta.

Jonathan Page, Ph.D., Astrophysicks, 2001 (me@jonnypage.ca)

After my work as CEO of both Bre-X and Enron, I've been spending my time campaigning for the Alberta PC party and taking long silent walks along Edmonton Beach.

Adam Patzer, BA General, 1999-2002 (patzer_sa@yahoo.com) (Posted 11/04)

Kimberly (Pierce) Ordaz, AAR 1997 (KimP@claimjumper.com)

I was married to my high school sweetheart (John Ordaz) on October 6, 2001.  We are very blessed and having a great time. 

Jeremy Putz, BCS 1998 (jeremyputz@hotmail.com)

I am currently trying to get more people to e-mail me on a daily basis. Please do your part.

Jon Putz, MDiv, 1997 - 2000, (jon@bethanybaptist.ws)

Jon Radke, AAR-GEN 1997 (sarinjon@iname.com)

Suzanne Kirsch (Raymer), BR-CE 1995 (kirsch@compusmart.ab.ca)

Married Henry Kirsch (also a former alumni) June 1998. My brother, Tony Raymer, passed away June of 1999 due to ALS. Henry and I are expecting our first child June of 2000. We are so blessed to attend Jasper Place Church of God. Henry is apprenticing as a Journeyman Electrician and I'm the first non-PAOC staff at the Northwest Bible College here in Edmonton! :-) Slip me an e-mail if I haven't left your memories yet!

Taylor Reese 1998 (tay_4685@bonzaibuddy.com)

These days I'm doing allot of reading, when I'm not writing new adventures for new D&D companions. I keep myself going with delissio pizza, God, and watching over my pet miniature walrus, binky.

Dylan Richards, BA Religion & Theology, 1999 - 2002, (dylan@thebreadline.org)

I'm currently the Pastor of Students Ministries at Ebenezer Baptist Church here in Vancouver, and Bonnie is working at Starbucks...so good for me...I mean our family... :-) 

Evelyn (Ristau) Krahn, Biblical Studies 1991-1993, (timevi@shaw.ca)

Great to be back in Alberta, would love to catch up with old friends.  (09/04)

Miranda (Rix) Lee, AAR 1997 - 1999, (mjr_nabc@hotmail.com)

Travis and I are pleased to annouce the birth of our daughter Isabelle Rebekah Lee, born on April 24, 2004. Check out our website: www.med.ualberta.ca/travis (Posted 11/04)

Ken Ristau, BA 1998 - 2002, (ckweb@anduril.ca)

Continuing my studies at the U of A in Hebrew Bible.  Stop by my personal homepage for all sorts of information on me as well as biblical studies, resources, movie stuff and more.  http://anduril.ca/  posted 02/01/03

Geoff Rust, 1996 (9ggar@qlink.queensu.ca)

After NABC I went to the U of A and am now attending Law School at Queen's University, Class of '02.

Shanna (Sagert) Hanson, 1990 - 1991 (smsrbahnasen@gmail.com)

Living in wonderful New Brunswick with my husband, Shawn. We welcomed our little boy, Bennett Avery on October 21, 2009. I continue to work as a social worker in the area of child protection. posted 07/2010



Katie Schmitke, AAR 1997 - 1999, (kaytea830@hotmail.com)

Hey - I am here in Portland, engaged (his name is Ian) and about to graduated with my BS in Science and begin Nursing school in June 2003.  Hope to hear from you all!.  posted 05/03

Patrick Schoenberger, MDiv 1999 (pat@firstbaptistcamrose.ca)

I am serving as the pastor at First Baptist Church in Camrose, Alberta. This year I graduated with my Doctor of Ministry degree from Carey Theological College in Vancouver. I also had the amazing opportunity to visit biblical sites in Israel this year! Posted 10/2008

Alison Stevens, 1991 (a.stevens@shaw.ca)

I am still living in Victoria, BC. I am the Aquatics Programmer at the University of Victoria, supervising the indoor and outdoor pools. I am a part-time paramedic with BC Ambulance on Mayne Island. In my spare time I am teaching first aid and a variety of aquatics leadership programs throughout the city. I am currently attending an Anglican church on Mayne Island and loving the small Christian community.  posted 012/08

Chris Stevenson, Unclassified 1995 (crazystevensons@yahoo.ca)

Still a missionary with WEC International. Since returning from Ghana in '06, now a part of WEC's Canadian Sending Base team in Hamilton ON. "The harvest is great" -- as ever.  posted 09/08

Brad & Candi Teigen 1997-2000 (bcteigen@telus.net)

We up and moved to Claresholm, AB for a solo pastorate in the Nazarene church. We have 2 boys, Billy (2000) and Leif ( 2002)

Lynnell Peters (Tillman), 1995-1996 Certificate in Biblical Studies 1996 (lynnellpeters@gmail.com)

I married Shane Peters on May 22, 1999. Shane is the youth pastor at Bay Park Baptist Church (NAB) in Saskatoon and I am running a daycare out of our home. Shaylynn Dawn was born May 18, 2001 and Brooklynn Michaela was born on September 23, 2003. Please drop us an e-mail, phone call or stop by if you're in the area!

Michael Tkachuk, B.A.R. (Ed) 1991, MDiv 1999 (mike@mckernanbaptist.ab.ca)

I am Pastor of Small Groups at McKernan in Edmonton. I am married to Brenda and we have two great kids....Meghan & Sydney.

Donelda Urguhart 1999 (deeshouse53@hotmail.com)

Jodie Wakulchyk, AAR 1998 (jodie@ualberta.net)

I completed my Bachelor of Arts in German Language in 2001 and spent 6 months living in Germany while attending a German speaking Bible school there!  I look forward to God's next surprises in my life. 

Sven Walther, AAR 1998, BCS 1999 (swalther@grindstonechurch.com)

I'm currently working on my chip shot and frequenting the local fast food restaurants with youth.  I'm the Director of Youth and Creative Design at Grindstone Valley Bible Church in Waterdown, ON.

Jennifer Webb, BR-CM 1999 (jdwebb@myrealbox.com)

I finally made it overseas. I'm living in New Delhi, India, hanging out with kids who need a little extra TLC...and doing my best to learn Hindi. Stop by if you're ever in the area!

Ellis Wedel, AAR, BRE, MDiv 1998 (elwedel@shaw.ca)

My wife Laurel and I accepted a position as senior Pastor of the Quesnel Evangelical Free Church in British Columbia. God has richly blessed us! Church e-mail is quesnelefc@uniserve.com. Posted July 2005.

Brent and Grace (Lee) Weick, MDiv and BRCM, 1991 - 2001, (heybrent@telus.net)

We are proud to announce the birth of a daughter (Taelor Lee Weick) born May 3, 1999 and a son (Parker Lee Weick) born February 22, 2001.  (posted 10/15/2002)

Ken Vandermeulen 1994, 1999 (kvmeulen@telus.net)

Hi all. Married Kara Netterfield in 1999. Our first-born appears in mid to late July/03. Currently pasturing at Thornhill Baptist in Calgary, AB. Contact welcome.

Neil White, MDiv, 1997-1999 (banksj@telusplanet.net)

Neil and Barbara have built a chalet-style guest house on their farm one hour southwest of Edmonton which they call 'Hidden Springs Retreat and Guest House". The ministry has been launched in January 2004 and houses a maximum of 10 guests for retreat and renewal purposes. Check out www.hiddensprings.ca.

Wayne Wiedner, D.C. (weidmacross@yahoo.com)

Melanie Wieler, BR in Biblical Studies 1995 (melaniecandace@yahoo.com)

Presently nursing in beautiful Bath.  I'm recently engaged to Travis Ziebart, a contractor/football quarterback/archeology student at the U of R.  Moving back to Regina in a couple of months.  Proud mom of a sweet Basset Hound named "Flash"!  .

Earl "FOO" Witt, BR 1995 (foowitt@aol.com)

I am presently at NABS in Sioux Falls, SD with 2 classes left in the Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy program. My hope is to stay in Sioux Falls and work at Stronghold Counseling Services where I am doing my intern under JC Chambers. If this does not work out, due to immigration laws, I will return to the promise land and only God knows after that. Keep your stick on the ice.

Leanna Wolgien, AAR 1997 - 1999 (lanners@hotmail.com)


Kathy Ziolkowski, CBS 1996 (zioka@sk.sympatico.ca)

I am working in Saskatoon, SK. as an EMT for MD Ambulance.


Rev. Tom Anderst, M.Div. 1991 (tanderst@cyberus.ca)

Hi everyone. Lori ( Henry) and I are completing our 9th year of ministry at Nepean Baptist in Western Ontario. We have two kids, Courtney, 6 and Caleb, 3 with # 3 on the way. I am currently working on a DMin under Dr. Haddon Robinson at Gordon-Conwell Seminary north of Boston. We are still holding the NABC and EBS, oops, Taylor University College and Seminary torch high to our youth here. Good to catch up with where some of you are at.

Hi all. It is February 2004. We have just added baby Christiana to our home. So with Courtney (7) and Caleb (4), life is not boring. Hope you are all doing well.

Elmer Arguelles, 1990 (arguelles_elmer@hotmail.com)

Hi! I sell minerals, rocks, crystals, fossils, collections. I live in Lima, Peru.

Jeff Artiss and Joanna (Frost), 1992-94 (mailto:artis@home.com)

We were married in October of '92. We are living in Kelowna, and are operating our own business. Jeff operates a computer business, OK Computer Exchange. Joanna runs a gift store, Cherishables Gifts & Treasures. Both are in the same retail space which is great. Come visit the store at: http://www.members.home.net/cherishables/.

Lauren Berg, 1991 (Lauren_Berg@bc.sympatico.ca)

Lauren Berg and wife Denise had twins April 2, 1999 - a boy, Joshua James Elijah and a girl, Indianna Katherine Grace!

Kevin Bergstresser, AAR 1993 (nkbergstresser@shaw.ca)

After leaving NABC I ran a franchised business and then became a Regional GM for the franchisor. I moved out to North Vancouver for a Vice President position with the company. My wife Nikki (nee Kroetsch) and I were married in December of 1999 in Morden, MB, her hometown. Nikki is a Grade 2 teacher at Mennonite Educational Institute in Abbotsford, BC where we currently live. We both volunteer as Co-Coaches for Basketball at the school as well. I am currently looking to start a business in the Abbotsford area, hopefully this spring. Feel free to look us up whenever you are in the Lower Mainland of BC. We would love to hear from you. Posted 02/2002

Monica Bernadsky, AAR 1994 (florist@mb.sympatico.ca)

I graduated from University of Alberta with my psychology degree, but have ended up back in Winnipeg anyway! My sister Melanie and I run a flower shop in downtown and try to travel as often as possible!!

Heather Brandsma (Black), AAR 1992 (brandsma@n-link.com)

Married to Captain Jeff Brandsma, United States Army, April 1997. Currently living in Central Texas.

Jeremy Bowler, AAR-Ed 1993 (suprtrupr@hotmail.com)

Marcia and I have a new son of 9 months named Ewan. I am currently training in Regina, SK for the RCMP and will be graduating in Dec. My first post will be in High Prairie, AB Marcia and I are very excited.

Nicole Boymook, unclassified 1992 (nboymook@whitworth.edu)

I am still working at Whitworth College in Spokane but I moved to Michigan for a year and worked at Calvin College. I love the west so much that I had to come back. I am currently the Assistant Director of Residence.

Brandon Bryant and Tiffany (Harsch), AAR 1992 (bntbryant@aol.com & tbryant@worldvision.org)

Brandon and I were married in July 1994 and are living south of Seattle, Washington.

Tabby Oberline (Bryeide) 1992 (geogirl1996@yahoo.ca)

My memories of my time at NABC are very special to me. It was a time of learning, spiritual growth and an opportunity to make life long friends. I have been married to George for 7+ years. We have two children, Braden Gregorie ( 07/27/98) and Kessa-Rose Isabella (02/02/01). We live near Swan River, MB and are members of Temple Baptist Church.

Martin Bublitz, AAR 1990 (martin@bublitz.com)

I went on to graduate from Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, B.C. with a B.Sc. in Computer Science and joined Motorola. I moved to Fort Worth, Texas in 1996 with my wife Hilary (wedding 9/2/95), then to Chicago, IL in 1999 and have now moved to Portland, OR (2000).

Damon Carson, 1990 (damontracicarson@yahoo.com)

Damon married to wife Traci. Sons Dray (18 months) and Hayden (5 months). Living in Vail, CO.

Heather Clapsaddle, ARR 1992 ( hclapsaddle@graceu.edu)

Hey everyone. Here's the latest on me. I'm the newest member of The Bridge Morning Show on KGBI 100.7 fm in Omaha, Nebraska. Check us out at http://www.thebridge.fm. I miss my Taylor friends! Posted July 23, 2001

Lorna Costley, Unclassified 1993 ( amikbeaver@hotmail.com)

Hello everyone! been busy since 1993. traveled around the world to Hawaii and Malaysia. Living here in Ontario working as a RegN. just finished my degree and looking for work around the continent. not sure where i will land, just as long as i land with Jesus. take care and God bless! Posted July 23, 2001

Joe (Jody) DeBruin, BA in Religion 1991 (jcdeb99@cs.com)

Currently working on a Ph.D. in clinical psychology at Seattle Pacific University. Married with 2 beautiful daughters. Posted 02/2002

Al and Anita Descheneau, BRCM/MDiv, and CBS 1993 - 2000 (adescheneua@hotmail.com)

We had Edison Griffin Descheneau on July 16, 2002 and Erica Esther Descheneau on August 6, 2004.  (submitted 01/26/05)

Monica (Dietz) Proulx, Certificate, 1989 - 91 (smproulx2001@yahoo.com)

I got married on May 26, 2001 in Burlington, ON where I resided since I moved back from Edmonton in 1995. My husband's name is Serge and we now reside in Ottawa, ON. I work as an accountant and he is presently going to teachers college as he wants to teach high school students French Biology as a major, and French Chemistry as a minor. He also is working part-time as a youth pastor at Nepean Baptist Church along side Tom Anderst. The Lord has truly blessed us. Posted 11/2001


We are proud to announce the birth of our son Derek Joel Proulx born January 15, 2004 weighing 7 lb 5 oz.  We have also moved from Hamilton to Burlington as we bought a new home.  The Lord has truly blessed our family.  (posted 01/26/2005)

Brad Diprose, 1988-1990 (dcc@hmsinet.ca)

Hello all, I have been privileged to pastor an E-Free Church in Dewberry (40 miles NW of Lloydminster) for the past 5 years. Louanne (Vann, 1988-1990) & I have been happily married for 15 years, with a 3 1/2 year old son Caleb and another one on the way in late September of this year! God has been faithful and real, and we look back fondly on our time at NABC.

Chris Dolezal & Rebecca (Harper), 1992 - 93 (cdolezal@wolfcreek.ab.ca)

After my graceful exit from college, I did some traveling and went back to school.  I received my B.Ed from the U of A and started to work in Lacombe as a junior high math/science teacher.  Rebecca and I got married in the summer of 2001.  Rebecca is currently working as an RN as Red Deer Hospital. 

Jason Dolezal, Unclassified 1990 ( jason.dolezal@epsb.ca)

After Taylor I attended the University of Alberta and received a Bachelors in Education majoring in Mathematics. In 1995 I married a wonderful woman named Lana Krinke. I am currently employed at W.P. Wagner School in Edmonton where I am the Mathematics Department Head and a Student Coordinator. Lana works for the Federal Justice Department in Aboriginal Affairs.

Jeff Dyck, 1992 ( jdyck@peerfinancial.com)

Andrea Stewart and I were married in 1994 and are living in Calgary. Andrea is employed with the Gimbel Eye Center and I am a financial advisor with Peer Financial Ltd.

Tammy Enockson, AAR General, 1993 - 1996, (ilovemycoffee@hotmail.com)

This has helped my find people I'd lost contact with for years - very fun.  I finished a BA in theatre at the University of Sioux Falls in the spring of 2000 and since have been managing Great Plains Coffee Roasting Company in Sioux Falls.  It may appear that there is no connection between theatre and business management, however life at this coffee shop and maybe all coffee shops is nothing short of drama.  I am leaving Sioux Falls shortly to pursue graduate studies, hopefully back in Vancouver with my beloved Hiller family.  posted 02/01/03

Rev. Jeremy and Wanda Erb (Stevens), 1991 (jeremyerb@sunsetpres.org)

Wanda and I were married in 1992. Graduated from Dallas Theological Seminary in 1999. Wanda's teaching 1st Grade and I am the Pastor of Next Generation Ministries at Sunset Presbyterian Church in Portland, OR. No kids yet but we love to baby our dog Xena.

Mrs. Heather Faulkner 90-91, 95-96 (heather.faulkner@telus.net)

Time flies! Married with 4 kids ages 2- 15 years old.

Chad and Laura Glasspell (Congo), BAR 1993 (cglassp@telus.net)

Laura (Congo) and I were married on Oct 9/93. We currently live in Abbotsford BC. Laura is finishing her Masters of Arts in Counseling Psychology at Trinity Western University. We were blessed with a son (Micah) on fathers day June 17, 2001. I am working with disabled adults for Bethesda Christian Association. I am also working on getting my private pilots license with the intention of going for my commercial license. Feel free to e-mail us for more info.

Just to update the news... I graduated with my MA in counseling psychology from TWU April 2008. Chad and I are approaching our 15 yr. of marriage in October 2008. We have three kids (Micah who is 7 in June; Josiah who is 2; and Nathaniel who is six months on June 1). We just moved to Peace River, Alberta in September 2007 and Chad started working for Accredited Supportive Living Services in October 2007. I had our third child on December 1, 2007 (see name above) and then Chad took paternity leave from his job and I started work. I work fulltime for Peace River Mental Health on the child and youth team. (posted 05/28/2008)

Joshua & Sandra (Garrett)Goetz, BA in Religion & Theology, 1993 - 94, 2000 - 02, Sandra CBS 1993 - 94 (jsgoetz@gmail.com)

We are living in Ponoka, Alberta.  I am working as the Associate Pastor/Minister of Youth at First Baptist Church.  Sandra stays home with the boys, and is active in the church as well.  We have two boys, Benjamin Ryan (4/2/99) and Nathan Luke (7/11/01).  (posted 10/15/2002)

Ron Goltz, 1989-91 (rongoltz@hotmail.com)

After my 2 years at NABC, I attended the University of Alberta and received my Bachelor of Arts (Religious Studies and Philosophy) (1996) and Bachelor of Laws (2000).  I then articled with the Alberta Court of Appeal/Court of Queen's Bench, and the law firm of Bennett Jones in Edmonton.  I was admitted to the Alberta Bar on September 21, 2001.  1 week later I left for the United Kingdom where recently completed my Master of Laws from the University of Cambridge, I received my LL.M in international law and just returned to Edmonton to pursue a legal career, (enough school already!). 

Alex Grozev, BR, 1994 - 98 (agrozev@gmail.com)

Currently I am pursuing Th.M degree at the Evagelische Theologische Faculteit, Leuven-Belgium. Posted May 2005.

Nicole (Grube) Hamilton, 1993 (tinastin@hotmail.com )

Jim and Nicole (Grube) Hamilton (1992-1993). would like to announce the arrival of a son, Benjamin Daniel Nicolas, born on June 3, 2003, a brother for Joshua Kurtis James, born Jan. 18, 2001.

Rochelle Harbinson, Unclassified 1990 (ROCHELLE54@hotmail.com)

I can't believe it has been 11 years. Since attending Taylor I moved to Phoenix, AZ for a year to live with my birth mother. I then went To Anaheim, CA for about 6 months. I am now back in Edmonton and I am the Program Manager of the Canadian School of Modern Broadcasting. Posted 11/2001

Barry Helm, 1992, (squeegeeboy@sasktelnet) (Posted 11/04)

Melinda (Hiebert) Elgot, BCS, 1994 - 92, (melvicar@yahoo.ca)

After grad, I worked for NABC Admissions and then went to Japan as a short-term missionary with the NAB.  I worked there for 3 years and met my husband Victor.  We married in Japan, stayed for one more year and now are back in Edmonton.  I am working in Admissions (again!) at Taylor and would love to hear from you!

Drew Hiller, AAR 1994 - 96,( drewhiller@hotmail.com)

Kim Hiller Connell, AAR, 1994 - 96,( kimhiller@hotmail.com)

I was married to Jeff Connell in January of 2001.  We are currently living in Michigan where I am completing my masters degree in International Development at Michigan State University.  I will graduate in December 2002 and then who knows where we will be...

Nathan Hiller, 1992-94 (njh129.psu.edu)

I'm in my second year of a Ph.D. program in Industrial/Organizational Psychology at Penn State.

Jordan Hodges and Tracy (Berube), BR 1996 and AAR 1996 (Jordon.hodges@edmonton.ca)

Jordan, Tracy and 2 kids are now in Sherwood Park. Posted May 2005.

Brad Howell and Lynette (Lemke), BR 1993 and AAR 1991 (bradhowell@worldnet.att.net)

After finishing at Denver Seminary and serving as an Associate Pastor for five years at an Evangelical Free Church out there, we recently moved to Dallas, Oregon to serve as a youth pastor at Salt Creek Baptist Church. We now have 2 kids (Jordon - a boy born 6/19/96 & Kiana - a girl born 7/22/98), a dog, a cat and some fish.

Adam Howorko 1992 (adam_h@shaw.ca)

I am married to Debbi (nee Jansen who attended NABC 1981). We have two boys Anthony and Daniel. We were married on May 9, 1987 I currently teach as a sessional instructor at Taylor, Kings University College, University of Alberta, and Grant MacEwan Community College. I have a private practice as I am trained as a counselling psychologist.

Charlene Braucht (Hufnagel), DBS 1990 (braucht@telusplanet.net)

I married Travis Braucht on Aug 2, 1997.

Allene Hus (Huber), 1992 (hus@connect.ab.ca)

I married Jeremy Hus on June 26, 1998 - what a great decision that was! We are living in Edmonton where Jeremy is finishing up his MDiv and interning at West Meadows Baptist Church. I am working as a physical therapist at the Grey Nuns Hospital. God has been good to us!!

Dr Dezene & Joyel Huber (Hiller), AAR 1990 – 92; Bach 1993 – 96; (dezeneandjoyel@gmail.com)

We are moving from sunny Davis, CA to beautiful Prince George, BC.  Dezene has taken a job as an Assistant Professor and Canada Research Chair in the Ecosystem Science and Management Program at the University of Northern British Columbia. Posted May 2005.

Kirstin Johnson (Jeffrey), AAR 1990 ( kirsten.Johnson@iee.org)

Am now married and living in Oxfordshire, England! My husband, Greg Johnson, is an engineer. I'm adjusting to married life and living in England (neither too difficult!) right now, and piecing together some work. One of my hats will be assisting in the design and co-ordination of the Summer Schools at Wycliffe Hall School of Theology, Oxford U.

Yau Ka-fai, BR 1991 (kafai0410@yahoo.com)

I graduated from Taylor in 1991. I am now at Faith Community Baptist Church in Singapore for a 18-month Cell Church Zone Pastor Training. I am glad we can keep in touch with each other through e-mail.

Karin Kathler, 1991, (kkathler@trinitybaptist.net)

I married Eric in 1993, we have lived in Kelowna since. We have 2 children our daughter Taylor is 8 & Jackson our son is 6. I work at Trinity Baptist Church in the Music Department as the Music Pastor’s Assistant and I also lead Sunday morning worship. Posted May 2005

Kari (Kesterke) Bitz, Biblical Studies 1991 - 1993, (massage4u@midconetwork.com) (Posted 11/04)

Marcie (Kerber) Kroeker, Biblical Studies 1990 - 1991, (kroeker4@telus.net) (Posted 10/05)

Jonathan Koo, BA Religion 1991 - 1996 (jkoofish@hotmail.com)

Greetings from Hong Kong. Sophia and I got married on March 2008 and living in Hong Kong. Let us know if you are coming this way. posted 10/2008

Evi (Ristau) Krahn 1990-1992 (tekrahn@mts.net)

Tim ('94-'95} and I are living in Riverton, MB with our 4 children Josh-8, Joseph, Abbi-4 and Simon-2. We have been pastoring a small rural Evangelical Mennonite church for 2 years after having lived in High Level, AB for 6 years. Just celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary.

Deborah Werner (Kuenstler), Certificate 1990 (ndwerner@netzero.net)

Deb & Norb are proud to announce the birth of Sara Michelle born June 19, 2002 a sister to Grace (3 1/2) and Jonathan (2).  posted 02/01/03

Norb and I got married on July 9, 1994 and have been living in Edmonton. Norb is working as a Paramedic in the Clinical Education with Edmonton Emergency Medical Services. After receiving my Bachelor of Commerce (Hons.) Degree in Winnipeg, and working for 3 years, I've remained as a stay and home mom. We'd love to hear from former classmates. Posted 11/2001

Steve and Corinne (Siemens) Kupin, 1990-94, 1991-93 (steve@stevcor.com) (corinne@stevcor.com)

God blessed our family on May 29, 2007 with a 3rd baby girl, Ellerie Jordyn.  Kayle and Mckenna adore her.  Corinne currenlty has her own hair salon out of our home and is a worship leader at Hillview in Edmonton, and I am a network administrator and new home estimator for Jayson Roofing, as well as an elder at Hillview.  Drop us an email sometime.

Rev. Joe Lee, 1994 (ung.lee@ptsem.edu)

William Leung, MDiv 1993 (wleung@alliancegs.org)

Sharon and I moved back to Toronto after serving 15 years as the General Secretary of Alliance Global Serve, a cross-cultural mission organization, in Hong Kong.

Brad & Lee Ann (Biebrick) Liske, BR & AAR 1993 - 1997, (leeannliske@hotmail.com)

Hi to all our NABC friends.  We are living in Camrose.  Brad is an associate pastor.  He loves his job.  I am home with our 2 little girls, Corinn and Faith.  They were born March 2002.  Thanks to all who prayed for all of us after their early arrival and the following months in the hospital.  They are healthy and happy - and we thank God for that.  We would love to hear from you!  posted 05/03

Patti Loeppky, B Music, 1993 - 1996, (pattiloeppky@yahoo.com)

Hi Everyone, I'm living in Kelowna, working full-time, loving the Okanagan valley! posted 02/01/03

Sheri Loose, DBS 1990 (hardemab@hotmail.com)

Roger and I have been married for 10 years, and have 2 great kids, Cole - 9, Alicia - 7. Roger is still in the military and I work for the Alberta Mental Health Board. After a lot of transfers we are back in Edmonton. I would love to hear from those I went to college with! :-)

Rob Madge, AAR, 1991 - 93,( thirdtestament@email.com)

I was married to a wonderful girl during Thanksgiving 1999 and we are living here in Toronto.  She is a nanny and I am working as a television editor. 

Rev. Daryl Martin, MDiv 1992 (dmartin@nabconf.org)

After spending 2 1/2 years in Cameroon as a short term missionary I returned to Canada in 1995. In November 1995 I married the widow Loretta Schnell from Medicine Hat, AB. A year later she and I and our 3 sons moved to the Chicago area where I am an Associate Director in the NAB International Missions department and Loretta is a secretary with CEIF.

Rev. Neil MacLean, MDiv 1994 (neil@mustard.ab.ca)

Executive Director, The Mustard Seed Street Church, Edmonton, Alberta. Posted October 11, 2001

Manjula Mathew, AAR Music, 1992 - 1994, (manjula@mwpa.com)

After graduating from NABC I transferred to Concordia and graduated with a BA in Music.  I then went on missions for 2 1/2 years with the Celebrant Singers and was able to minister in 14 countries.  After coming home, I went back to school (this time to NBC) and completed my degree in music ministry.  I am now working at Millwoods Assembly with the Young Adults and occasionally lead worship as will.  God is good!  (posted 10/15/2002)

Renee Wasylyk (Merrifield), BR 1992 (jason_wasylyk@sympatico.bc.ca)

Here I am in Kelowna, with a boy (Mikhail, 2 yrs old), and another on the way (due September 10). I am working in my husband's dental practice and staying at home the rest of the time.

Melanie (McCowan) Traill, DBS 1990 - 92, (mgtraill@yahoo.ca)

I would like to announce the birth of our first child, Fiona May Traill on December 25, 2004.  She was 6 lb 6 oz and was born at 3:34 am on Christmas morning.  (posted 01/26/05)

Tanya Micurescu, 1992 (tanmic03@yahoo.com)

Hello, just thought it might be nice to check up on some buddies from the past. Hope all is well. God bless.

Scott Milligan and Janet Pinno grad 1992 (pinnigan@mac.com)

We have 3 children: Naomi Pinno (June 27, 1997), Evan Milligan (December 25, 2000), Zoya Pinno (November 1, 2002).

Carla Knipe (Miscavitch), 1992-1993 (carla@knipe.org.uk)

I married my British husband Garry on August 29, 1998 in my hometown of Castlegar, BC and moved to Warrington, Cheshire (England).  Can't believe these 4 years have gone so quickly but we're both starting to plan when we're going to move back.  I don't have an English accent yet but miss my friends and family back "home" and so I often come and hang out here to see what everyone is up to--it's great to see everyone settling into careers and parenthood!  I just wanted to say that Taylor made me some incredible memories and helped me to get 'grounded' for life experiences overseas.  Don't hesitate to contact my anyone who knows me!  I am a loyal e-mail writer!  And those who have lost contact with me (you know who you are) I'd be so pleased to hear from you! 

I also wanted to say that I have a ‘blog’ page that any interested people are more than welcome to check out, so they can learn more about my life overseas. The URL is http://knipe.org.uk/blogs/carla

Rev. Lloyd Moritz, 1982-90 (lloyd.moritz@gmail.com)

Shelley (Natyna) Wiggins, 1991 - 1992, (sjalaine@hotmail.com)

Shawn & Shelley Wiggins are pleased to announce the birth of Danica Kathryn Emmalee Wiggins. She was born on September 17, 2003. She is a definite blessing of God!

Heidi Strybos (Nauroth), Certificate of Biblical Studies 1990 (strybos@shaw.ca)

After NABC, I went on to get my BSc in Biological Sciences from U of A. I then got married to Randy Strybos of Prince George, BC in 1994. We own and operate a general insurance office. We attend and are involved in Fort George Baptist here. We have a daughter, Emily (02.25.02) and are expecting our second child 12/03.

Stacy (Oare) Westman, BR, 1992 - 96 (stacyd75@hotmail.com)

I've been married for 5 years to a friend from high school.  We just celebrated our 5th anniversary.  We'll be moving into a new house in January.  (posted 10/15/2002)

Kent Pearson & Michele Pearson (Walsh), 1990-1991

Married in November 1991 they have been living on a farm in Wetaskiwin, Alberta. Their first daughter, Madalyn Michele was born in May 1997 and their second daughter, Alexandra Quinn was born in February 2000. Kent keeps very busy on the farm and at the Church. He is an Elder and Worship Team Leader/Drummer. Michele has been a stay-at-home mom since the birth of Alexandra. Prior to that she worked for the City of Wetaskiwin for five and a half years as a Administrative Assistant and then at their church as Secretary and Treasurer for three years. Drop them a line, they'd love to hear from you! Posted March 16, 2001

Manivone Panyasith, 1990-1991 (manivone@mts.net)

ED. NOTE: Read an "Alumni Profile" of Manivone in the Spring 2010 edition of THE BRIDGE.

Kandi Permann, AAR 1994 (kandi@telus.net)

I am now living in Calgary, after teaching in Camrose & Duchess for 4 years. I'm now working for Edstar Learning Centre, doing online tutoring. Check out our web site: http://www.edstar.net/. Posted March 20, 2001

Dena Peters, AAR 1990 (Dpeters1970@aol.com)

I recently moved to the farm where my grandparents used to live and have 5 calves in my barn! I work at Gateway computers in customer service. I also attend Central Baptist church in Sioux Falls. Posted 12/2001

Sharla Hubbard (Quantz), 1993-1994 (hubbard@powersurfr.com)

I am now married and still living in Edmonton. I graduated from the U of A in Arts with a Major in Linguistics and Minor in French in 1996. Presently, I am teaching Music for Young Children in my home studio and am a busy mommy to two little girls Brooklyn (1998) and Ainsley (2001). I'd love to hear from any fellow Choristers from Tour '94! Posted 17 December 2001

Christine Dell (Rainer), Dip-Music 1993 (kcdell@interbaun.com)

I am married to Kevin since 1997. While hubby works in the Investment Management industry, I stay home with our two boys, Geoffrey (Oct.2000) and Jonah (June 2003). We are attending Millwoods Evangelical Free Church in Edmonton.

Susan Rochow, BCS 1994 – 96 (srochow@shaw.ca)

Since leaving NABC, I went on to complete a BA in Psychology and an MSc in Applied Psychology at the University of Calgary. I have been working in a private mental health clinic for about six years. Since completing my MSc, my work has focused on conducting learning assessments and providing counseling to children, teens, and adults. I completed licensing requirements to become a Chartered Psychologist in 2004. I am thrilled to be working for a Christian boss and about half of my clientele are Christians. This allows me to incorporate the faith dimension into counseling, which is what I felt God calling me to a decade ago. I am currently living with my sister in Glamorgan and am attending Pavilion of Hope (NAB) church. Posted May 2005.

Steve Roland, AAR 1991 (rolandsb@hotmail.com)

Hey everybody! I got married to Brenda on July 7,2000. It has been great. We have two dogs and a turtle. Isn't life great?

Rev. Steve Rosluk, MDiv 1993

Steve is the pastor of First Baptist Church (B.U.W.C.), Yorkton, SK. Jodi (staff 90 - 93) runs a home based business called "Cy-bear Christian Services" (www.cy-bear.com) which includes web-site and graphic design, web site hosting, and a chat ministry.  Steve and Jodi would enjoy hearing from their NABC/EBS friends so drop them an e-mail. 

Julie Walther (Ruddy), BAR (Music) 1992

Kai and I were married in June of 1991. After graduation we moved to Minnesota for Kai's further schooling. We have 3 children: Taunya 12/94, Tyler 3/98, and Kyleen 3/2000. Kai is presently an English teacher at Maple Grove Junior High while working on his master's degree. I am working for Faith Baptist as Director of Children's Ministries. They have been nice enough to let me work from home so I can still care for our children. We'd love to hear from any former classmates! Posted 11/2001

Fred Salerno, MDiv 1990 (fhls@sk.sympatico.ca)

Hello! Heather and I were married April 15, 1995. I am pastoring Prairie View Community Church of the Nazarene in Regina.

Ryan Schatz, CBS 1994 (rschatz_98@yahoo.com)

After leaving Taylor, I moved back to Castlegar to work on my Bachelors of Science. I then moved to Murfreesbore, Tennessee to finish my degree in Recording Industry. I Graduated from there in 1998. I have been living and working around the Nashville area ever since. I got married on 7/20/00 to my wonderful wife Maria. I look forward to hearing from fellow classmates from the year of 1993-1994.

Darren Schiele, AAR 1990, and Carol Schiele (Kesterke), AAR 1991 (schieled@shaw.ca)

Darren and I have been married for 10 years in August 2001. We lived in Lethbridge, AB for approx 4 1/2 years. Darren went to the University of Lethbridge and received a Bachelor's degree in Sociology. I went to Lethbridge Community College and received an Office Administration Assistant diploma. In 1996 we moved to Edmonton, AB. Darren works for TELUS as an Operator and I work for Wawanesa Insurance and a Personal Lines Property Underwriter. (posted 10/15/2002)

Cordell Schreiner, CBS 1993 (cordell5@hotmail.com)

After NABC, I finished my B.Comm. at U of C and then worked/travelled in Africa and SE Asia. I'm now living in Calgary doing real estate appraisals.

Lance Schubert, AAR 1989 and BR 1992 (shube2@hotmail.com)

I am the senior pastor at Banff Park Church. We moved to Banff this summer from having pastored the last 5 years in BC. Melanie and I have 3 boys.

Julie Serger, AAR 1993 (prairieratpro@hotmail.com)

I recently graduated from Rosebud School of the Arts as a stage manager and designer. I have been blessed with opportunities to practice my skills at the Canadian Badlands Passion Play 2007-2008. This season I am privileged to be working in Edmonton with the Citadel for two shows.

Alison Stevens, BAR 1988-1991 (lifeguardinggoddess@hotmail.com)

I was living in Edmonton and completed my Bachelor of Arts at the University of Alberta in 2000. I just returned back to Vancouver and am enjoying life back on the west coast. Posted July 22, 2001

Chris Stevenson, BA Religion, 1993 - 95 (the3stevensons@hotmail.com)

Along with my wife Stephanie and our 2 year old daughter Kassia, we have been commended under WEC International to be parts of pioneer church planting among Islamic peoples in Ghana, West Africa's North region.

Coralei Still, BR 1990 - 95 (crs@lynx.net)

I am currently a critical care emergency  nurse at Surrey Memorial Hospital in Surrey, BC.  I love my job!   As to my real life I have baby news, recently I acquired a 1500 lb 5 year old name Jax.  It was a difficult delivery but worth it - he is a genius.  ((posted 10/15/2002)

Jamie Stober, Dip BS 1990-1992 (stoberj@telusplanet.net)

I got married to Megan Bowler of Calgary on June 26, 1999. We are currently living in Claresholm, AB where I am working as a bank manager with CIBC.

Chad Strohschein, BR 1994 (cstrohschein@brrd.ab.ca)

I am living out west of Wetaskiwin and working for the Battle River School Division as a computer technician. Drop a line. I love hearing from people and what they are up to.

Greg Strohschein, 1991 (gstrohsc@glink.com)

I am an EMT in Wetaskiwin where I live. Not married, no kids, dogs, cats, gerbils, hamsters.

Dan Sudfeld, BAR 1991 (sudfeld@oefc.ca)

Associate Pastor at Okotoks Evangelical Free Church in Okotoks, AB. Marlene (Weinert [AAR 1990]) and I have a son, Daniel MacArthur (Mac), born July 23, 2000. Posted March 30, 2001

Katrina Johnson (Tomalty), AAR 1991 and BR 1994 (katrina@faithmail.com)

I received a Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy from NABS in 1996. I am currently working at St. Lawrence University as director of donor relations. My husband, Doug, and I recently moved from Sioux Falls, SD to Hannawa Falls, NY where he is opening an Edward Jones Investments office. Posted January 22, 2001

Carmen Jakiwchuk (Truderung), AR 1992 - 93 (jakiwc@sdwhiteshell.mb.ca)

Greetings from Seven Sisters. Here is the updated information on my life. Carmen (Truderung) Married Michael Jakiwchuk on Aug. 22 2004. Michael is a youth pastor at Whiteshell Baptist Church in Seven Sisters MB. We minister together to the youth and families of the church and in the surrounding area. I am an elementary teacher. Right now I am teaching grade three in Pinawa MB, however come September I will begin teaching Kindergarten at the Whitemouth school, in Whitemouth MB. Posted May 2005.

Stefan Ulrich, MDiv 1991 (sulrich@telusplanet.net)

I work for my uncle on his farm/ranch in Claresholm as his welder and mechanic. I married a wonderful wife, Carma from Claresholm and we have two children, Carlina 1994, and Amy 2000.

Ken Vandermeulen 1994, 1999 (kvmeulen@telus.net)

Currently pastoring at Thornhill Baptist, Calgary. Married to Kara, two boys: James Calvin (21 mos) & Peter Kyle (16 days). Posted May 2005

ED.NOTE: Ken contributed to the Taylor e-book "The Word in 2011", which you can read here.

Mark Walther, BR 1994 (waltherm@hotmail.com)

I am working on my Masters in Educational Ministries, with a concentration in Student Services. That is pretty much it. I can tell you more if you e-mail me.

Zane Webber, AAR 1993 (zanewebber@hotmail.com)

Chartered Psychologist, getting married (2001), probably heading overseas next. Posted 11/2001

Coni (Welsh) Elbourne, 1992 - 93, (conibuns@hotmail.com) (posted 01/26/05)

Robert Wildeboer, BA Religion, 1991 - 1995 (rctwild@yahoo.ca)

Married to Christine (Hartmann) of Edmonton, January 1998, 2 sons, Timothy Robert born July 12, 1999, and Matthew David born May 24, 2001.  (posted 10/15/02)

Paul and Tracy Wilder (Hnybida), Diploma in Music, 1991 (ptwilder@sasktel.net)

We would like to announce the birth of our daughter, Hannah Grace (August 18, 1998).

Alfred Ka Fai Yau, BR 1991 (yau.alf@gmail.com)

G'day from Sydney. My family and I are ministering the Migrants from China & Asia. We are passionate to establish a Neighbourhodo Network for the Migrants from China & Aisa. "TOUCHing the community to touch the world." is our ministry motto. God bless you. Alfred.

ED. NOTE: Read our "Alumni Profile" of Alfred Yau in the Fall 2010 Edition of THE BRIDGE.

Lorraine Zinn, Diploma of Music, 1989-92, 1993 - 94, (zinnl@ecsd.net)
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