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Taylor Alumni Directory

The Taylor Alumni Directory is an excellent way to keep in touch with others in the Taylor community, and includes alumni from CTI, NABC, NABDS/EBS, Taylor University College, and Taylor Seminary. 

To safeguard the personal information about our alumni, we have set up a new log-in requirement to access the directory.  If you are a Taylor Alumni and you would like to view the directory, please login with the form on the left.  If you don't have a login, please click the "Create an account" link on the login form.  You will be notified once your registration has been approved, and you will be able to freely connect with your fellow alumni with confidence that the personal details you share are being protected.

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Genessa Ardron, BA 2009 (

Working as principal of a Baptist private school near Edmonton, AB

Steve Barker 2003 (

Just taken a position as Pastor of Jr. High Ministries at Grace Community Church in Detroit, Michigan

Mandy (Brooker) Day, BA 2004 (

Empire Chukwu, Theology 2003 - 05 (

I would like to further my education as to equip myself for the great assignment the Lord has given to me. Posted May 2005.

Bruce Dean, MTS 2000 (

Allan Deschenau 2000 (

Two births to announce. Ethan Thomas, April 25, 2001 and Edison Griffin, July 16, 2002

Gregory Esselmont, BAR, 2001 - 2005 (

I am getting married in August to Audrey Epp (we met at Taylor UC). I am also starting a youth/music internship at Lethbridge Tabernacle in the fall. I received the position of second main worship leader at The Gate (an outreach church for college/university aged people), starting in the fall. (Posted July 2005)

Scott Fisk, DCS 2002 ( Posted May 2005

Joshua Goetz, BA in Religion & Theology, 1993 - 94, 2000 - 02, (

I am just starting as Senior Pastor at Asquith Baptist Church in Asquith Saskatchewan.  We were previously in Ponoka for 5 ½ years as Associate Pastor at FBC Ponoka.  (posted 10/20/2006)

Tim Goltz, BCS 2000 (

I have transferred to the new four-year BA program at Taylor, and will finish winter 2002. My long term goal is to teach young pastors at our seminary in Cameroon at the town of Ndu. Your prayers will be appreciated.

Chad Graham, BCS 2000 (

I was in Seminary at the Master's Seminary, Los Angeles California.

Moved back to Edmonton (Posted July 2016)

Sheralyn Grenier, Psychology, 2001 - 2005 ( Posted July 2005.

Jennifer Hoogerdijk, AAR (B.Ed) 2000 (

Yoo-Kim Heo 2003 (

Yoo Kem Anna Heo 2003 (

I am enrolled at San Francisco Theological Seminary in fall of 2003.

Stefanie (King) Cunha, MA in ICS 2001 - 2004, (

After graduation I married the man I met while doing my internship in Angola.  We were married in July 2004.  (posted 01/26/05)

Mas Kobayashi, 1996-2003 (

Annette Knopf 2003 (

Colette Landry, BAR ET 2002 (

I am still in Edmonton and have been since I have graduated from Taylor. I am working at the General Hospital it is continuing care center and I am nursing there. the Church that I call home in central Baptist and I have been attending it for three years. I working with there youth ministry team last year and will be joining them again for the fall. The Lord has blessed me with wonderful friends and a great community of believers here in Edmonton. However my future plans in the next few years is that I am hoping to do missions and Lord willing my first stop will be India (Calcutta). (Posted 10/05)

Karla (Larson) Breitkreuz 2000 (

Rev Randall Loewen M.Div. (Pastoral Counselling Concentration) 2002 (

August 2016: After serving 14 years at Hope Mission as a chaplain in Edmonton, my family (Kimberly and three children-William, Daniel and Abigail) and I have headed north to Yellowknife to pastor at Calvary Community Church (CBWC).

Colin Montgomery, BR-CM 2001 (

I am now a youth pastor in Victoria BC, at Friendship Baptist Church. Posted 11/2001

Brian & Susie Munro, MDiv, 1998 - 2002 (

2010 through to 2011 has been a transition for us. We ended our ministry at Balgonie Baptist Church after 8 years. In May of 2010 our oldest son, Duncan, and his wife, Morgan, were blessed with their first son, Damian, also our first grandchild. In August our youngest son, Steven, married Jazmin Miller. Thus we are official "empty-nesters". In January of 2011 I accepted a call to be the Pastor of Discipleship at Temple Baptist Church in Medicine Hat, AB. (posted 10/15/2002)

Joel Nikkel, BA Religion and Theology, 2000 - 2003, (

I have taken the position as Associate Pastor at Terwillegar Community Church in Edmonton. It is exciting to see God lead me into this ministry! Praise the Lord! posted 11/04

Sarah (Bartlett) Patzer, BA English, 2000-2004 (

Jon Putz, MDiv-Gen 2000 (

Jill and I live in Oregon where I am an associate pastor at Bethany Baptist Church (Portland). Jill is working as a dental hygienist. Let us know how you're doing. Posted 12/2001

Nathan Reich, BCS Pre Sem 2001 (

I'm back here at Taylor working in the admissions office. Your prayers for new students would be muchly appreciated. Posted 02/2002

Daniel Read, BA Religion and Theology, 2000 - 2004 (

My wife and I met at Taylor when it was NABC. We now live in Nashville, Tennessee with one adopted son, Liam (born in 2011) and son, Ronan (born in 2015). Posted 01/2017

Ed Sabo, M Div, 2001 - 2005 (

My wife is Dawn Sabo and our daughter is Aurora Sabo. (Posted July 2005)

Kyle Sandford, BA Religion and Theology, 2006 - 2009 (

Daniel Schuster, BAR 1991, MDiv 2001 (

Birth announcement: Schuster, Daniel & Jennifer, a boy, Carson James, born on July 24, 2001, a brother to Logan (3). Posted 11/2001

Jolene Schneiderman, MDiv, 2001 (

I'm working for the International House of Prayer in Kansas City in their physical healing ministry wing; I'm part of the Foursquare Gospel Denomination.

Jennifer (Van Egmond) Scoville, 2001-2002 (

Monique Smith, BAR 1998-2000 (

After traveling the world and living overseas in South Korea as an ESL teacher, I have decided to hang my boots and settle down in Calgary for a while. Come visit! (Posted 10/05)

Jacqueline (Spiller) Kress, General Studies 2006-2009 (

On April 26, Daniel Kress (2005-2009) welcomed Isabella Daisy Kress into our family.(Posted Sept 2015)

Nicole den Ouden (Stienley), Sociology 2003 (

Well I me and my husband Andrew are now living in Swift Current, SK! We are expecting a baby in March! (Posted 10/05)

Morgan (Taylor) Munro, BA, 2001-2004 (

(Posted 10/05)

David Van Roon, MDiv 2001, BCS 1997 (

Greetings to all the faculty and staff at Taylor and to my former classmates. I have been at the Camrose Church of God for two years as their CARE pastor. It has been an amazing experience. God has truly led us to this place right now. Kim and I now have two children: Emily, 3 and Olivia, 1. I have many fond memories of Taylor. When I think back, I am thankful to God for all the faculty and staff in how they invest their lives in students, equipping them for ministry. I am privileged to be called alumni of Taylor. (Posted 02/05)

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