Edmund Adam, MDiv 1988 and BAR 1984

Bruce Allen, Bachelor of Religious Education, 1984 ([email protected])

Eric Back, BAR 1986 ([email protected])

I'm not sure when we were last in touch. We now have 4 children ages 4 - Hannah, 8 - Danielle, 11 - Andrew and 14 - Elliott. Since leaving Taylor, I studied at Northwest Bible College (Bth) and at SouthEastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Wake Forest NC (MDiv). I was ordained in 1993 and serve in the Church of the Lutheran Brethren of America. I pastored in Calgary in 1992, Sexsmith, AB 1995 and in July of 1997 came to Chandler, Arizona as the founding pastor for a new church. This is where we are now. It's going slow as there was no core group when we came and I've been solo pastor so far but we thank the Lord for seven families that have come together as a core group and we are also thankful that we will be able to have youth and young adult servant teams with us for the coming year. Please pray for us.

Janise Bachler, Diploma of Biblical Studies, 1982 - 1984 ([email protected])

Hello everyone! It is time for an update (Fall 2008) for all my fellow friends from NABC. I am currently living in Calgary in the SE. I work part-time as the Director of Marketing & Communications for Bearspaw Christian School and part-time doing personal image consulting (www.goj3.com). I am a single mom of two girls (Jessie, born 1998 and Gracie, born 2002). I would prefer emails. 

Mike Bartusek, BAR, MDiv, 1987 - 1995 ([email protected])

Mike & Terri are happy to announce the birth of Matthew Leslie on February 15, 2002.  A little brother to Lauren Ashley born March 30, 2000.

Doris (Behnke) Livingstone, DBS, 1982 - 84([email protected])

Mark & I were married in 1986.  We have been living in Ucluelet, Vancouver Island, BC for the last 8 years.  We live as far west in Canada as you can get; surrounded by long, sandy beaches, mountains, and lots of wildlife.  Mark still works for the Canadian Coast Guard (21 years now) and we also run a home business in which I am the office manager.  The girls Laura, Kari, and Melissa are not 12, 10 and 8 have have been home schooled for 7 years.  We are actively involved in Christ Community Church (EV Free church of Canada) with Children's and Music ministries and participate in many community activities.  The church is an integral part of the community here and the people are responding well to the church's message of Christ.  These are exciting times.  Tourism is the main industry here, so if you're ever out this way, please stop by to see us.  Thanks to this web page I now feel a lot more connected to the NAB world again.  It's been a long time.  Thanks everybody for 2 great years at the college.  It gave me a strong base for further church ministry.  Posted 09/02

Ron Behnke, AAR 1988 ([email protected])

Lana Bertsch, AAR 1989 - 91

Since finishing my contract with the 2001 World Championships in Athletics in December 2001, I took 3 months off before starting work again.  I am currently the Manager of Corporate Information Centre at Stantec Consulting.  posted 05/03

Todd Bibelheimer, Biblical Studies 1984 ([email protected])

Rev. Mark Brandel, 1980-81 ([email protected])

I have been Pastor of North Freedom Baptist Church in Wisconsin since 1994. I am married to Kathy since 1981 & we have 3 children.

Bevin Brietkreuz and Grace (Lange), DBS 1982 ([email protected])

We have been married 13 years, and have three children, Jonathan, 9, Jeremy, 6, and Rachel, 2. I work at VitalAire, a medical gas supply company here in Edmonton, AB. Grace keeps busy with the kids and works part-time in a doctor's office. We attend West Meadows Baptist Church and are active in a small group and children's ministries. We'd love to hear from any of our classmates from 1978-1982!

Pauline Bruhn, Diploma in Music 1983 ([email protected])

I am so excited to see this on the web. What a great way to keep up to date on information. In 1989, I moved to California to be closer to my brother and sister in-law and my nieces. In 1997, I took a 2-week trip to Ecuador with Sunrise Community Church in Sacramento and God used that trip to call me to the mission field. I am now a nurse at Hospital Vozandes del Oriente in Shell, Ecuador. I went to language school in Costa Rica and started ministry here in Shell January 2000. God has been really working in my life since I graduated from Taylor 15 years ago. I know that God has ordained every step to bring me to the point where I now am. As I look back I can see how He has put every step of the plan together. My greetings to everyone! God's richest blessings! I would love to hear from anyone I was in school with from 81-83.

Tammy (Bryeide) Oberlin, BAR (Education) 1988- 1992 ([email protected])

My husband & I were married in May 1996 and we have a wonderful son, Braden (1998) and a precious daughter, Kessa-Rose (2001).  My husband farms & runs a seed plant with his Dad.  I have a successful business from home that I really enjoy & continue to build upon.  I welcome any Emails/calls from old friends and acquaintances be it personal or business.  We are active members of Temple Baptist Church and we like to spend time with friends & family, and various other community activities. (Posted May 2005)

John Burghardt, AAR 1986 - 1988 ([email protected])

Ron Bublitz, AAR Music 1988 ([email protected])

After NABC, I pursued a Bachelor in Landscape Architecture at U.B.C. I worked at offices in Edmonton, Vancouver and Honolulu. I had the honor of being part of the last New Day singing/drama team in 1990. In 1997, I attended the Vancouver Film School to gain training in computer animation. From 2000 until Aug 2003, I worked at Industrial Light and Magic (ILM) on films such as The Mummy Returns, StarWars: Attack of the Clones and Terminator 3. I am currently living in the L.A. area and working for Sony Pictures Imageworks on their first fully animated feature film.

Stephen & Lisa (Lapointe) Carleton, Bibl. Stud., 1989-91 ([email protected])

Lisa and I were married in January of 1993.  Following my time at NABC, I attended Providence College and graduated with my Bachelor of Arts in Youth Ministry Degree in 1999.  Presently, I am the youth pastor at Rowandale Baptist Church in Winnipeg, MB.  Lisa received her BN from U of C in 1995 and presently works in maternal-child health.  We have 2 daughters, Alexa - 2 years (October 2000), and Kendra - 8 months (February 2002).  (posted 10/15/2002)

Karen Chapple, BRE 1986 ([email protected])

Ron Chatwin, BAR 1977-1981 ([email protected])

I married Marion Lorenzen (Dip. Biblical Studies 1980) in 1980. Have three children: Scott 1982, Amanda 1983, and Dallas 1986. We live in Mission, TX. I am an R.N. in Open Heart Surgery. Marion decorates and sews from home. We are active teaching bible study and Sunday School in Calvary Baptist Church (Southern Baptist) McAllen, TX.

Sandra Child, AR 1986 ([email protected])

I have lived in Calgary since graduation. I work as an LPN at a school for special needs children.Am involved in music and Womens ministry.

John Clugston, MDiv 1987 - 89, ([email protected])

I would like to say a very cheerful, heartfelt "hello" to each of you and hope that you and your families are well and that life is also treating you well.  I am well and am currently living in Tokyo, Japan.  I have been her for the past 5 years and am teaching English to Japanese businessmen and women and am tutoring several International school students.

Before coming to Tokyo in 1997, I taught English for one year in Pusan, South Korea.  It has been a while since I was in Edmonton and I hope to visit there sometime in the near future.  My oldest son, Russell  graduated from Canadian Bible College in Regina this spring with a Bachelor of Religious Education Degree.  My middle son, Richard was married this August and is currently living and working in Ottawa, my youngest son, Alexander finally graduated from high school this past January and is living and working in Ottawa.  I look forward to getting in touch with as many of you as possible.  In the mean time I send my best wishes and ask that God richly blesses each of you. 

Kathryn (King) Dakin, 1985 - 87, ([email protected])

Eugene & I are on an acreage near Falun, Alberta. I’m a stay-at-home mom now. We have two little ones, James ( July/01) and Sarah ( jan/03). Eugene is working as an oilfield chemist/engineer. We have a family website with photo album. http://groups.msn.com/TheDakins18

Monica (Dietz) Proulx, Certificate, 1989 - 91 ([email protected])

We are proud to announce the birth of our son Derek Joel Proulx born January 15, 2004 weighing 7 lb 5 oz.  We have also moved from Hamilton to Burlington as we bought a new home.  The Lord has truly blessed our family.  (posted 01/26/2005)

Jodine (Dyck) Arndt, Diploma of Music 1987 ([email protected])

Kendell and I live in Melfort, Saskatchewan. Kids (Ashley 03/93, Connan 06/95, Madison 07/98). We would love to hear from former class mates!!

Kelsey & Laura (Lycklama) Dyck, AAR 1988 - 1990 ([email protected])

Laura and I moved to Melfort SK, in August 2002 after 7 years in Prince George.  I am teaching "at risk" students in the local high school.  We are attending Melfort Evangelical Covenant Church.  My sister Jodine (Kendell) Arndt lives a block away.  Children Mekenna (1998), Kenton (1999) and Calvin (2000).  posted 05/03

Marlene (Dyck) Pierpont , 1987 ([email protected])

Wayne Eisbrennerr, BAR 1986 ([email protected])

Married to Judy Eisbrennerr (Schalin), who attended in 1970-1971.[email protected]

Judy and I are presently serving at Mission Baptist Church in Winnipeg where I am the senior pastor. We have 3 sons, 1 daughter-in-law and one granddaughter (Katelynn) who will be a year old in May! Hard to believe that we who are so young are grandparents already. Would welcome hearing from any of you who were at Taylor in 1970-71, or during our second sojourn 1985-1987.

Judy (Eisner) Hart, 1984 - 85,([email protected])

To update my life...I married Blaine Hart in 1986 and have since been blessed with 4 energetic boys.  Nathan is 15 and is in Air Cadets and enjoys basketball, Aaron s 11 and is one of the top figure skaters here and enjoys piano, Joshua is 9 and is only interested in hockey but has endless energy, and Benjamin is 6 and just started hockey and 1st grade.  My life is busy just keeping up with everyone's schedules.  Would love to hear from any of you, and think of my days at NABC often.  posted 09/02

Brent Eisner, BAR 1985-89, MDiv 1989-93; and Monica (Penno), AAR 1986-88 ([email protected])

Monica and I were married in 1993. After working around Edmonton for a few years, I am now pastoring a small rural church - Ebenezer Baptist (just outside Yorkton). We have two marvelous offspring: Abigail (Oct 1997) and Andrew (Sep 2000). Look us up!

Denise (Epp) Nishiyama, AAR Music 1989 ([email protected])

God has truly blessed my husband and me with good jobs, wonderful friends, a new (bigger) apartment and a supportive church here in Japan. I am embarking on a new teaching job at an English immersion school here that will open with the new school year in April 2004. It is an exciting time to be part of a very new project and working with new staff. Seeing as my Japanese hasn't improved much since coming here, teaching as a regular elementary teacher in English here in Japan is an answer to prayer!

Bruce Foster and Glennis (Such), 1979-1981, 1980/81 ([email protected])

Married to Glennis Such. Three children. Brett (1996), Courtney (1999), Dylan (2000)

Rick & Glenda Foster (Sakwi), BTh 1983 (Glenda), MDiv 2010 (Rick) ([email protected])

Glenda (Sakwi '81-'83) and I married in 1985 and I pastored in Peoria, Illinois from 1984 to 1990. We have lived in Onoway now since 1991, pastoring the Onoway Baptist Church. The Lord has blest our family with 4 children, Amanda, Marissa, Justin and Trevor. We'd be happy to hear from any of our college friends through e-mail. God bless! Posted 11/2001

Perry Friesen, BRE 1982 ([email protected])

I graduated with an M Div. and an M A. in Counseling from NABS in 1986. I was pastor of youth and family ministry for 6 years at South Calgary Community Church ('86-'92). There I met my wife Lynda at a CE conference (yeah, Lou Sawchenko), and went on a short term mission trip to Russia in 1992. That was life altering, and after some further training, we became full time missionaries with the C&MA. During our first term '94-98, Sarah was born in Moscow in 1995. We studied Russian for 2 years, and then started a church plant in Krasnodar. During our furlough year, Katelyn was born in 1999. Now we are back in Russia, in a city called Maikop. For more details and pictures, see our web page on SCCC's web site: http://www.southcalgary.org/missions/friesen.shtml. God bless!

Tim Friez, BAR 1985 ([email protected])

Kathy (Zimmerman) and I married in 1985. We now have two awesome kids, Carmyn, born in 1991 and Micah, born in 1996. They are both God's gift to us. We live in Jamestown, ND where I am currently involved in the Real Estate Market and Kathy is employed by Jamestown Hospital as a Surgical Tech. We attend Temple Baptist Church and are both very involved in the ministries of music and small groups. Posted March 18, 2001

Verle Nicholls (Fritzke), Certificate 1987 ([email protected])

I am now married (Aug/98) to David Nicholls and we are currently living and working in Saskatoon. I work in the accounting department at Federated Co-op and my husband is working at Agtron Ind., making sensors for agricultural equipment. We attend Forest Grove Community church, but I still try to keep in contact with NAB friends.

Joy Noss (Frost), Dip-Music 1983 ([email protected])

I married Phil (a New Englander) in 1990 and we have settled in beautiful Puyallup, WA. Phil is a mechanical engineer and works in nearby Tacoma. We have 3 daughters: Molly Catherine(11/92), Sarah Rosie (12/94) and Triona Clare (10/98) so I am kept busy with our family, gardening, volunteering, crafts, etc! We attended a small home church for many years but started attending Calvary Baptist(NAB) in Tacoma last year and would love to hear from some of the members of our Taylor class. Posted 11/2001

Shelley Garrett, CBS 1986 ([email protected])

I'm presently working on at Taylor (how odd is that) in the IT department keeping all system up and running. I'm still working with the worship at Hillview Baptist. Drop me an e-mail.

Ruben Gayton, MDIV 1982 ([email protected])

Presently living in British Columbia.

Glenda (Grabke) Rosom, 82/83 ([email protected])

After attending NABC, I moved to Regina and began University. It was there that I met my husband, Ardon Rosom. We were married in Springside, Sask. in 1987. I also graduated from the U. of Regina with my education degree that year and my husband graduated with his computer science degree. We have two boys, Shayne age 12 and Austin age 9. We attend Faith Baptist Church in Regina. After teaching school from 1987 - 1997, I resigned from my school and began teaching music students in our home.

Jonathan Grenz and Susan Grenz (Elliott), BAR 1989 and Susan 1987-Diploma in Music ([email protected])

Jonathan & I have returned to Canada after 13 years in the US. Jonathan completed his Ph.D and was teaching at the seminary in Sioux Falls but we both really missed church life so we had the opportunity in 2002 to return home and we are loving our church family in Leduc along with our 2 kids Jesse(11) and Phoebe(8). Jon also teaches adjunct at Taylor Seminary while I volunteer with the youth, lead worship and help out at kids school. (Posted 02/05)

Heidi Watson (Grossklaus), Dip-Mus 1980 – 81 ([email protected]) Posted May 2005)

Gail (Grunwald) Key, AAR, 1986 - 1988 ([email protected])

Brenna Elizabeth Key was born on May 30, 2003, adding a sister for Jayden & Kaleysha. We're in Vegas, so anyone passing through can stop in or give us a call! (Posted July 2005)

Elroy & Marlene (Behnke) Gust, 1987-88 ([email protected]) posted 05/03

David & Grace (Faszer) Hall, Diploma in Biblical Studies, 1979 - 1980 (grad) posted 09/13 ([email protected])

I am Grace's husband, David Hall. Grace passed away on July 22, 2013 after fighting cancer. She never stopped fighting, living a year and a half longer than was expected. Grace never complained about having cancer and never complained about pain. She was firm in her faith and an example of a life well lived trusting God every day. She was aptly named Grace. Those who visited her as she fought cancer left more encouraged in their faith. I was blessed to have her as my wife, friend and lover. She is deeply missed by her daughters, Megan (SIL Mitchell) and Chelsey as well as her siblings, extended family and anyone who was blessed to know her.

Vivian Dubetz (Halisky), 1982 ([email protected])

Wade & Adele Hammond, MDiv 1987 - 1991

Rev. Wenzel & Maria Hanik, BTh (1972), MDiv (1984) ([email protected])

Maria and I have now lived 11 years in Atlanta. I am teaching 5th grade but plan to leave teaching and return to ministry. Our sons are grown--Ryan starts teaching h.s. math January 2002 and Tim is working in construction for time being. We enjoyed fellowship in Vernon Oct.2001. Miss Canada but God has plans for us in Atlanta. God makes no mistakes. Had a wonderful summer 2001 when I ministered to college students from Bulgaria. 5 started going to church when they got home. PTL. Would love to hear from former classmates.

Clayton Harsch, AAR, 1981 - 83, ([email protected])

My wife (Nancy), daughter Marissa (13) and son Kalen (9) moved to W. Fargo in March of 1998.  I have been with State Farm Insurance now for 13 years.  We attend Metropolitan Baptist Church in Fargo, ND.  Hi to all my classmates.   Posted 09/02

Gracemarie (Hartley) Peters, CBS, 1982 - 83 ([email protected])

I served with Wycliffe Bible Translators for two years in Peru as a secretary.  I married Russell Peters , February 14, 1998.  Russ is the Pastor of Elhi Hill Baptist Church in Bonney Lake, WA.  We are in the process of adopting three siblings ages 8, 10 and 12 from Russia.  We hope to bring them home by October 2004.  (09/04)

Paul & Maxine Herr, BAR 1985 - 1989, ([email protected])

John & Joyel Hidber (Weick), BAR, 1983 - 87; BAR 1985 - 89 ([email protected])

Janessa is now in Grade 5 (10 years old) and growing up so fast.  She was baptized last year on April 4, 2004. Posted May 2005

Becky Hilbich (Goltz) 1979-1981, Diploma in Biblical Studies 1981 ([email protected])

Hello Friends! Love to hear from you. Drop me a note! =) Posted June 2016

Sharon (Hiltz) Swann, BRE, 1983 - 86 ([email protected])

WOW!  I just found this site.  What a blessing.  I have so many fond memories of my years at NABC.  I have been married for 15 years to Ken.  We have 3 great kids, Shane (12), Caleb (11), and Kristen (7).  I was a stay at home mom for 10+ years and am now working as an occupational therapist.   We attend Angelica Bible Church.  Posted 09/02

Tracy (Hnybida) Wilder, Dip. Music, 1989 - 1991 ([email protected])

Paul and Tracy are happy to announce the birth of a boy, Samuel James, born March 13, 2001 who is a brother to Hannah (4). 

Doug Hood, BAR 1983-85 ([email protected])

What a great idea - alumni web page. I just landed on it for the first time. The vitals - married Jan Carlson July 1993. Have 3 wonderful daughters, Julia 5 1/2, Krista, almost 3, and Leah, 2 months. My wife stays at home and does an awesome job with home management. I am pursuing a Masters in Counseling from a local Kansas university. I have been a finishing contractor and when the market's slow, a roving substitute teacher K-12. God is so good. Its taken 12 years for me to finally do something I really want, but through it all, God has showed himself true, faithful, and other too lengthy to get into here. Drop me an e-mail. I appreciate my NABC (am I that old????) days.

Troy & Corrine (Houghton) Proppe, 1986 - 1987 ([email protected]) (posted 11/04)

Lana Hohn-Martens, AAR 1986 ([email protected])

Gord and I were married in 1997 and have a son Reese who is almost 2 years old. We live in Calgary where I work as a Research and Development Analyst for the Calgary Police and Gord teaches grade 2. Posted March 7, 2001

Travis Jacobson, CBS 1982 ([email protected])

I live in Calgary Alberta, where I work for a company called The Orthoshop (orthoshop.com). I design orthophoto maps of many places throughout the world. I always remember the enriching experience's I had a Taylor. The good friends and professors that I had, made a significant impact on my life. I miss everyone, and would love to hear from fellow colleagues.

Katherine Hoffman (Kavanagh), BAR 1981 ([email protected])

After graduating from Taylor, I eventually ended up at Regent College in Vancouver, where I took my Master's in Christian Studies degree. In 1986, I returned to Edmonton to marry Kent Hoffman. We are still living here and have two daughters, Erin (age 12) and Caitlin (age 9). Kent is a junior high school teacher and I am working at home. We are members of Greenfield Baptist Church, where we met and were married. I'd love to hear from some old friends. It's so hard to keep in touch sometimes, but the internet sure makes it a lot easier! Posted 11/2001

Steve and Laurie Keck, 1989 ([email protected])

I was married in 1996 to Laurie Stark and we had our first son Joshua - December 16,1998, our second son Jordan - May 16-2000, and our third son Justin - March 14, 2002. We are living in Morris, Manitoba and I have been working at Midland Mfg. for eight years.

Glenn Keeler, BAR 1982 and MDiv 1985 ([email protected])

My wife Sandy (nee Neibauer, attended NABC 1979/80) and our two children (Breanna, born 1989 and Theo, born 1992) and I continue to live in Edmonton. Life since graduation from NABC/EBS has taken interesting turns, eventually arriving at The King's University College in 1990. In 1994 I became the Registrar. I also teach some computing science (including at Taylor in the early 90's). And I run a small business whose primary business is producing and selling student information system software to colleges. Sandy is busy being a mom, and has recently started working part-time at our son's school as a lunch time supervisor. We continue to be a part of West Meadows Baptist, serving over the years in various capacities. At the moment, I teach an Adult Fellowship class, Sandy does weekly preparation work for the Kindergarten class and helps in the nursery, Breanna serves in the nursery and pre-kindergarten areas (as well as being part of the Jr High youth group) and Theo loves to perform as part of the children's choir. Posted April 6, 2001

Sylvia Kerber (Giebler), DBS 1984 ([email protected])

Birth Announcement: Benjamin Robert Kerber, Born July 10, 1998, Parents: Dennis & Sylvia Kerber, A brother for Brendon & Joel!

Joel & Dawn (Reinelt) Kern, Diploma 1988 ([email protected])

Nathan & Patti Kern (Kauffeldt), Dip 1988 & BR 1990 ([email protected])

We're still enjoying life in Edmonton and being very involved at Central Baptist. Nathan has a busy dental practice and I fill my days with trips to the playground, swimming & gymnastic lessons, music & art classes with my two little guys, Jacob & Cameron. We're looking forward to baby #3 joining our family in Feb. 2002. (updated 10/15/2002)

Rev. Graham Kern and Miriam (Enslen), M.Div. 1984 ([email protected])

We have been in Turtle Lake, ND pastoring the church here since 1995.

Kathryn (King) Dakin, 1985-1987 ([email protected])

Evangeline Kovach Janzen, Diploma of Music 1982 ([email protected])

We now live in Rochester, New York. I have two sons, Tim (3) and Brian (2). Currently I work at home with them, but someday will go back to teaching elementary school. I would love to hear from some Taylor friends.

Debby (Krueger) Sumantry, BRE1982 ([email protected])

Presently (2008) living in Edmonton with my husband, Harry, and our two children, David (1989) and Carmilla(1992). We've been involved with YWAM, worship ministries, and childrens work over the years. My occupation is that of a high school teacher. Posted 09/2008

Sonya (Kujat) Choy, AAR 1989 ([email protected])

I am presently living and working in Vancouver, having moved here in August (2001). After finishing a Ph.D in Microbiology and Biotechnology last December I did research in Edmonton, and now am working in a lab that investigates the bacterial pathogens Salmonella and E. coli. Peter, my husband, is presently pursuing an MBA at UBC and we live on campus. Posted 11/2001

Heather Jones (Legall), DipMus 1981-82 ([email protected])

Lynette (Lemke) Howell, AAR 1988 - 90, ([email protected])

Steve Lemke, BAR 1987 ([email protected])

As of this writing, I am married to Jill, Lexi is 5 and Logan is 3. I currently am an independent financial advisor specializing in employee benefits. We live in Kelowna, B.C. and attend Trinity Baptist Church where Jill and I are actively involved.

Diana (Lepin) Forrest, CBS 1988 - 89,([email protected])

We moved to Chilliwack in January 2003. On January 20, 2004, we welcomed Naomi Diana Forrest to our family, a baby sister for her 2 year old brother Aidan. She was a whopping 11 pounds!

Darren & Elaine (Orthner) Lewis, M Div 1986-87, BRE 1978-82 ([email protected])

Kerry Liebelt, BAR 198? ([email protected])

Wow. Just found the site and saw a lot of familiar names. It's hard to believe it's been 20 years since many of us first stepped on campus. Details: Married, 3 children (12,9,6) as of this writing(3/2001). Living in Minnesota near Minneapolis. I work at a radio station here (www.ktis.org). As of 4/1/01 your should be able to catch me on http://www.LifeNet.FM. I'm sorry, that was a shameless plug. A quick hello to old friends. I'd love to hear from you. Posted March 6, 2001

Laurel Hoffman (nee Loewen), BAR 1986

Greetings, Paul (BAR/85) and I were married in 1987 and he graduated from Taylor Seminary in 1991. Paul had the opportunity to live out a dream that God had given him when he was a teenager-to blend ministry and skateboarding. For five years Paul was the director of The Edge Skatepark (a program of Youth For Christ/Winnipeg). Teens, skating and graffiti art filled his days. Being a dad to our son, Daniel (born 1996), filled his life. Paul died suddenly and unexpectedly in April/99 of a congenital heart condition. After Paul's death, Daniel and I moved back to Edmonton. I am employed with Company's Coming (cookbook publishing) as an editor. Daniel is attending kindergarten. We both love what we do! We have just started attending Renaissance Community Church. Grace & Peace. Posted May 21, 2001

Douglas Mauger, 1980 ([email protected])

I have been married for 14 years and we have two boys born 90/92. We live in Abbotsford, British Columbia. Currently I teach at Vancouver Community College in the Program Development Department.

Judy McCallaum, 1989 ([email protected])

Lorraine McDonald, BRE, 1978-1981 ([email protected])

Blaine Mack, 1987 ([email protected])

Doug Meyers, 1982 - 84, 1985 - 87, BAR ([email protected])

I finally go around to getting on the alumni e-mail directory.  It was great to go through and see so many familiar names.  I have wondered where many of those people from my fours years at NABC have ended up.  I married Roxy in 1992 and we had a son in '96 and a daughter in '98.   It would be great to hear from anyone who still remembers me from way back then.  (posted 01/26/05)

Lloyd Moritz, MDiv 1982 - 1990 ([email protected])

Pastor of Central Community Church in Hanford, California (09/04)

Heidi (Nauroth) Strybos, 1989 - 90, Certificate ([email protected])

Randy & I live in Prince George, BC.  We own and manage a general insurance office.  We have been married since 1994.  Emily Faith was born into our family on February 25, 2002.  Drop us a line or come see us if you are ever up that way!  (posted 10/15/02)

David & Shari (Mayer) Nerdahl, BAR 1986,([email protected])

David & I were Married in Edmonton in August of 1986.  David has worked with Acklands-Grainger Inc for 13 years, and I have been with General Motors for 18.  We moved to Ontario 2 years ago to pursue employment advancement.  We attend and are involved in a Fellowship Baptist Church in Newmarket, where we live.  (posted 10/15/02)

Colleen (Neuman) Hendrickson, BAR 1986,( [email protected])

Married Rich in November of '87. Moved to the Wenatchee, WA area in '90. Had Kiersy in Feb '91, and she is getting ready to graduate from high school. Had Bree in March '96, and is currently in grade 7. We have become the major soccer family. Attend a Free Methodist Church in Wenatchee. Give us a shout, we'd love to hear from you :)
(posted 12/15/08)

Cathy (Nobel) Walker, BAR, 1981 - 1983 ([email protected])Posted July 2005

Lu Nguyen, BAR & MTS, 1988 - 91  ([email protected])

My family and I have moved to the Sacramento area of Northern California (specifically Roseville, CA).  My wife and I are expecting a second child in June 2002.  We both continue our bi-vocational ministry and employment--dividing our time between the chaplaincy ministry and the practice of law and teaching.

Harriet Nokuri, DBS 1981 - 1983, ([email protected])

I can't believe it's been over 20 years since I arrived in cold cold Edmonton from hot hot Cameroon.  Since I left Taylor, I finished a degree in Sociology and Community Planning from South Dakota State University and the University of Maryland respectively.  I work as the Director of Academic Advising at Trinity College in Washington DC.  Two years ago, I started a non-profit organization based in Maryland.  We work with youth in Cameroon in HIV/AIDS prevention and in social/economic/spiritual empowerment.  This work has been incredibly important and led by God in every way.  I worship at First Baptist Church in Wheaton, Maryland.  I would love to hear from my schools mates in 1981 - 83.  posted 05/03

Elaine Lewis (Orthner), BRE, 1978-1982  ([email protected])

Darren is Lead Principal at Kelowna Christian School and Elaine works in HR at Interior Health. We attend First Baptist Church.. (posted 09/14/15)

Andrew Owzarek, BAR, 1983  ([email protected])

Since my last entry I've served in 3 other pastorates. At present I am a job developer/mental health practitioner. My son will graduate from high school in another year and my daughter will enter high school herself. Nancy, my wife, returned to school and has for the past 6 years been a high school english teacher/drama director. Two weeks ago I fell 10 feet and badly broke my heel. Mostly on my back, I've been listening to God, reflecting on the past and looking towards the future. It's not what I've done or where I've been but it's about the person I am becoming. I thank God for you all and I pray you are all still walking 'humbly' with your God. (posted 12/15/08)

Shar Warkentin (Pearson), BAR-Ed 1988 ([email protected])

Hello friends: What a great opportunity to keep up-to-date on each other! Brian and I (married July 1996) live in Pitt Meadows, BC. I am still working as Pastor of Worship and Children's Ministry at Eagle Ridge Bible Fellowship in Coquitlam. Brian is a computer programmer for a company in Burnaby. We love singing together, the outdoors and coffee with friends! It would be great to hear from any of you and we always have a spare bed at our house for visitors!! In the meantime, I trust you are continuing to find our God to be amazing! posted 02/01/03

Dena Peters, AAR, 1988 - 90, ([email protected])

Greg Rehms, DBS 1986 ([email protected])

Hello friends from my NABC days. I will always miss so many of you. God has blessed our family. In May we had our third child, Jason Allan. Danny is now in 3rd grade and absolutely loves school and most sports. Kelley is now in kindergarten and she seems to enjoy her new adventure. Cari continues to be a super mom, taking care of Jason, and volunteering in both kids classes at school. I have now been working as a dental service tech. for 10+ years now. We are active in service and worship at our church. We feel blessed as a family. God is so good and faithful. May He bless each of you and your families.

Dawn Kern (Reinelt), AAR 1989 ([email protected])

Dale Renz, BAR 1979 - 1981 ([email protected])

Happily married with two boys, 7 and 9, and living in Calgary. I'm a financial advisor to small businesses and we attend Bow Valley Alliance Church. Posted March 17, 2001

Sandra Riffel, 1980-83 ([email protected])

Sandy and her husband David are actively involved with Westlink Christian Church in Wichita. In 2003, the church relocated to a new site/facility and has seen attendance rise from 1600 to 2300. David serves on the elder board and the small group leadership team that manages around 1000 in small groups. Sandy serves on the Women's Council and leads various women's Bible Studies. Both are active in their Sunday School class. Sandy and David have 2 children: Karissa 12 and Justin 8. Sandy is originally from Killaloe, Ontario. David from Wichita. People ask how the two met. Thanks to a godly retired NAB minister who played matchmaker!

Warren Roehl, AAR, 1986 – 88 ([email protected])

A new addition for Warren and Markay Roehl:  Quinn Michael, January 22, 2005, who joins his siblings, Camron (9), Grace (7), Alexis (4), and Sophia (2). Posted May 2005.

Steve Roland, AAR 1989 - 1991 ([email protected])

Hello again!  Things are going well here in Portland, Oregon.  Brenda and I welcomed our first child into the world on February 27, 2002.  Olivia Lauren is now crawling around the house and keeping us quite busy.  Our four dogs also add some spice to our everyday lives.  Bren and I both teach and are enjoying whatever life brings our way!  Feel free to write!  (posted 10/15/2002)

Ron Ross, BAR 1979 - 1983 ([email protected])

Mary and I were married in 1986. We have three children – Rebekah, Abbey and Joshua. Who knew parenting would be such a challenge and such a joy!!

I worked in youth ministry, managed a Christian bookstore and now have settled into Christian education. We have settled into the Pocono Mountains where I am principal at Faith Christian School.

Jason Ruff and Charlene (Williams), DBS 1988 - 90, ([email protected])

I currently live in Spokane, WA. I have six children, two adopted from Ethiopia.
  (posted 04/01/08)

Rhonda Adrian (Sailer), 1986-88 ([email protected])

Hi! Terry and I have been married for 10 years and we have 3 kids. Karleigh(8), Jayden(6), Tristan(3). We live in the Red Deer area and I run a Dayhome and Terry is self employed at a gas plant. We raise Siberian Huskies and as of March 2001 we were involved with a Disney movie that will be out next year. Hope to hear from you all. Posted March 16, 2001

Warren D. Schatz, AAR 1986 - 88, ([email protected]) posted 02/01/03

Leanne (Scheel) White, AAR Music, 1989 - 91,([email protected])

Married Steve in 1993.  We have two children, Nicole and Jared, and are living in Toledo, OH where Steve serves as the Minister of Christian Development at Westgate Chapel. 

Darren & Carol Schiele, AAR 1988 - 90,([email protected])

Douglas Schultz, BAR 1984, MDiv 1987 (doug0021@shaw.ca)

We are still in Leduc, almost 2 years since I have started at Temple.  Jan and Alex are doing well! posted 09/02

Daniel Schuster, BAR 1984-85, 88/91, MDiv 91 - 2001 (daniel@brentviewbaptist.com)

Birth announcement: Schuster, Daniel & Jennifer, a boy, Carson James, born on July 24, 2001, a brother to Logan (3). Posted 11/2001

Dorothea Scholl, DBS 1982 (dorotheabeth@yahoo.com)

Cassandra Viers (Scott), CBS 1988 (kviers@wkpowerlink.com)

We had twin girls Hailey Elizabeth and Heather Laurie on October 19, 1997. These two are sisters for Kaitlin(8), Jantiena(6), and Ieuan(3).

Doris (Seidel) Strecker, BAR 1987 - 1989, (tostreck@hotmail.com)

Tom & I have been married eleven years now.  Tom is enjoying his high school substitute teaching, while I have my own cleaning company.

Jill Pearson (Snyder), 1987-88 (jspearson1@juno.com)

Graduated from Western Washington University August 1992 with Speech Pathology & Audiology degree. Married Mark Pearson on May 20, 1995. Moved to Olympia, WA. Josiah Mark Pearson was born on June 19, 1997.

Alison Stevens, BAR, 1989-1991 (a_stevens@shaw.ca)

After my years at NABC, I returned to North Vancouver to get myself together and work. I accidentally fell into aquatics and made it a career. I worked as a lifeguard and instructor for years and even spent two summers in the high arctic working in Inuit communities. I ran Canada's most Northerly beach in Kugluktuk, NWT and a pool in Cambridge Bay, NWT. I went back school and graduated from the U of A in 2000 with a Bachelor of Arts in Recreation. I moved to Victoria and work as the Aquatic Coordinator for Recreation Oak Bay. God has been very good to me over the years. Love to hear form you! (posted 11/04)

Wendy Toyne (Strauss), Dip. in Music 1982 (toynew@telusplanet.net)

My husband Keith and I currently live in Cochrane, AB.  Keith is a database support tech with the oil field and I currently work for the Cochrane Chamber of Commerce.  We have 3 children, Brendon, age 14, Kayla, age 12, and Sheldon age 10.  (posted 11/02)

Gwen Bouchard (Stover), 1982 (lgb_gk@hotmail.com)

Lisa Spaulding (Voight), 1983-84 (lvoigt@mindspring.com)

I have been living in Atlanta, GA the past 12 years. I completed my nurse practitioner certification and am currently employed as a heart transplant coordinator. Micah and I married in March 1998.

Rev. Kenneth Walker, BTh 1973, MDiv 1982 (kenwalker@churchstalbert.com)

Ken and Fay Walker Ken is in his sixteenth year at New Hope Community Church, St. Albert and in thirty-ninth year of ministry. Wife Fay (nee Shatz) is teaching Junior High French. Ken and Fay greatly enjoy their grandchildren by their daughter Jaylene and son-in-law Gilles; Christian, Eric and Joelle. Jay is preparing to teach in Public School. Our son Kent teaches Music Recording at Belmont University in Nashville Tennessee. I would be delighted to hear from former Classmates of NABC and Seminary. (posted 06/2011)

Kai-Michael Walther, 1989 (cptleroytuttle@hotmail.com or waltherk@osseo.k12.mn.us)

Please contact Julie or myself with any news.

Prof. Tyler Williams, BAR 1988 (Tyler.Williams@taylor-edu.ca)

Katheryn (nee Nelson) and I have been back in Edmonton now for four years. I am enjoying being Chair of our new provincially-recognized and accredited BA program in Religion & Theology and Assistant Professor of Old Testament at Taylor. We have two beautiful daughters, Sydney (May 25, 1995) and Teresa (October 19, 1997), and a bouncing baby boy, Isaac (March 2, 2001).

Garth Wood, BAR 1980 (garth@telusplanet.net)

Well, the B.A.R. was the first of three degrees for me, the next two being a B.A. double-majoring in Economics and Political Science, and an M.B.A. in Finance and Management Science. I also took a year of law school, but realized something very important at the end of the first year -- I liked the study of law, but hated the idea of being a lawyer! Since then, I've married a wonderful woman named Karen, started raising Shih-Tzus ("Gadget" and "Gizmo") and created several consulting firms as well as a software development company, all of which have kept me quite busy. I'm still involved in I.T. consulting and software development, but middle-age is starting to slow me down a *bit*. And yes, I'm still into photography, for those who remember me with a camera glued to my face -- only now, the wonders of modern technology mean I can enjoy the "digital darkroom." I do appreciate living in the 21st Century. With brief stints elsewhere, Edmonton's been home since my days at N.A.B.C. I'd welcome anyone who wants to contact me from the years I spent at the college. God bless you all.

Alfred Yau, BRE, 1989 - 91, (watchmanyau@hotmail.com)

I am ministering at Chinese Christian Mission Australia (CCMA).  CCMA has a 40 year history in Chinese Outreach, with branches in the US, Canada, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau and Australia.  posted 11/04

Della Milne (Yost), BRE 1984 (della@moondata.com)

My husband Bruce and I live in Calgary with our two children, Scott and Emily. We attend Bow Valley Alliance Church. After working as a Health Records Administrator for many years, I am now a stay-at-home mom. Friends and acquaintances from my days at NABC still hold a special place in my heart, and I would love to hear from any and all.

Tim (and Lois) Zapf, MDiv, 1982, (tlzapf@shaw.ca)

Alfred Zielke, BTH, 1980 - 85, (akzielke@telus.net)

Andrea (Zimmerman) Lopez, Diploma in Biblical Studies 1988-90 (lopezette@hotmail.com)

On September 13, 2003, I got married to a wonderful Christian man, Daniel Lopez. No children yet, but soon! (posted 01/05)

John Brooker, MDiv 1979

Aaron Bushkowsky, 1975-1977

New Book Launch! Aaron Bushkowsky's latest book, "The Vanishing Man", a collection of linked short-stories is due out from Cormorant Books in May 2005. Aaron's other books include two books of poetry (one nominated for a BC Book Award), and two books of drama. He continues to write for theatre and fill in Vancouver where his latest plays were produced by The Vancouver Playhouse, Victoria's Belfry Theatre, Rumble Theatre and Solo Collective. His plays have won several awards and nominations, including two Jessie Richardson Awards for Outstanding Original Play. Recent accomplishments include finishing his MFA in Creative Writing through the University of British Columbia and listing in the prestigious "Who's Who in Canada". When Aaron isn't writing, he teaches Creative Writing for film and theatre at various colleges and film schools throughout Vancouver. (posted 01/05)

Lynne Smith Anderson, Diploma in CE 1971



Shirley (Cade) Walker, Diploma in Music 1975-1977

Libby McRobbie (Catt), 1976-1978

Still living in Ottawa. Stop in for a visit anytime!

Dr. Gregg Donaldson, BAR 1979

Currently serving the Calvary Baptist Church of Aberdeen, SD.

Debbie Dyck, 1971-72

God has been good! I am living here on the West Coast, enjoying my life, where I live with my husband Jim, of thirty or so years, we have 4 grown children, Jen, Jessica, Alisha, and Josh. Jen and Alisha are both married. And Jen and her husband have blessed Jim and I with 3 Grandchildren!! (Yes, I know, I am far to young to be a Grandmama!!!!) But I am thoroughly enjoying this role God has given me, Colton, age 5, Brooke age 3, and little Carter age 1, are truly God's little Angels! Enough Grandma talk, I was excited to find out about this Alumni website, I would be happy to hear from you, especially if you were at "N.A.B.C." the same year I was.

Rev. Daniel Edzards 1974-1975

I’ve been a pastor here at Immanuel Baptist Church (NAB) for 12 years. I have three sons (Matt-20, Mike-17, Ethan-13). My wife, Rita, is a Medical Technologist and is the Laboratory Manager at the local hospital.

Wayne Eisbrennerr, Religion 1970 - 1971, MDiv 1985-87. judye@onehopecanada.ca

Married to Judy Eisbrennerr (Schalin), who also attended in 1970-1971. judye@onehopecanada.ca

Morris Ertman, 1979 


Sharon (Franke) Strohschein, Biblical St., 1976

Joy Trieglaff (Foster), Music 1976-1978

Currently working as Assistant to the Director of the Ethics Center at Wheaton College. Married to Mark for 20 years and live in Wheaton, IL with 2 children, Josh 19 and Janell 17. (Posted 10/05)

Ray Gale, 1972

Rev. Wenzel & Maria Hanik, BTh (1972), MDiv (1984)(w_hanik@yahoo.com)

Still living in Atlanta. So sorry we had to miss the reunion but my wife could not get off work. Her doctor took off so she had to be in the clinic. We are doing fine. I have had a scare with my heart but so far so good. Our two boys are doing good. Tim is studying at Taylor. First week he got there in Jan. 08 it went to -54. Not a good thing. He nearly froze to death.

Dennis Harsch, 1979 - 83, BA Religion

Isa Hauser, Unclassified 1973/74

Spent an enjoyable 1973/1974 at NABC as a special student; currently living in my home town of Toronto, Ontario.

Manfred von Harten, 1970

John Heere, Business Administration, 1972

Married to Gail (Nahm) Heere who also attended Taylor University from 1968 to 1972. She graduated with a degree in Physical Education.

Harvey Hiller, BTh 1971

Harvey was the principal teacher at Harry Collinge High School (now retired) and Sheila is an operating room nurse at the Hinton General Hospital. Mark and Lynette are graduate students at York University; Kim and Jeff live in East Lansing, Michigan where Kim is a graduate student at Michigan State and Jeff works as an apartment manager.

Lois Hiller (Dreger), Certificate in Christian Education 1970

I am still living in Edmonton, and am married to Stan Hiller. We have 3 children and 1 grandchild, born this past year. I will be retiring from my full time nursing career this April, and only working the occassional casual shift, after this.

John Imrie, BS - Business Administration 1979

Dale Janzen, 1973-1974

I just want to say "hello" from the Chicago area, where I have spend most of the 30 years since I attended (then NABC). For about half that time I've been actively involved in an Evangelical Free church, and don't have the close contact with the NAB conference that I once enjoyed, although I do receive NAB Today and hear bits and pieces. I reflect fondly on my NABC days, and am amazed at God's leading and direction in my life since those days. He is faithful and good. I can only imagine how the little campus in the middle of nowhere looks today. I hope to have the opportunity to get up there one of these days and see for myself. God continue to bless you all.

Keith Johnson, 1977-78

Married in 1993. Wife: Heidi (Scharfe) Johnson, two children: Bryce (4/97), Talia (3/99). Web page: http://www.telusplanet.net/public/brycej Posted 11/2001

Harry Kelm, BAR, 1977 – 81,

Just wanted to say Hi to all my friends.  We have just moved to the Pacific Northwest.  We are not in Vancouver,  BC but Vancouver, Washington which is right north of Portland.  I am the Senior Pastor of Cascade Park Baptist Church, just prior to this we were in Sioux Falls at Hillcrest Baptist Church for 10 years.  Cindy my wife and I have three kids 14, 11, and 9.  I relish the years spent together at NABC and know God has used you to impact my life.  Drop me a line if any of you can! Posted 09/02

Karen (Krause) Fisher, 1973 Posted 02/01/03

Wayne Krause, Dip.ChrEd 1971

Wendy McLennan (Lang), 1974-1976

I married Brian McLennan in 1986 & we have been living in Edmonton (quite close to Taylor campus) ever since. We are actively involved with Ellerslie Road Baptist Church (formerly Lansdowne Baptist Church).

Sue (Leverette) Sage, BRE, 1977/78 & 1979-83

Greetings Everyone, I was so blessed when a dear friend told me about this site.  It’s been great to see some familiar names and catch up on what God is doing in your lives.  I am married to a wonderful man named Gary.  He is in law enforcement.  We have one son by the name of Eric Daniel who is in 10th grade.  We attend church at the local NAB church.  I teach grade 6 and we are very involved in our church.  I would love to hear from any of you especially if you are ever in the Sacramento area.  God bless you! Posted 09/02

Debbie (Morrison) Maerz 1971-1974

Peter and I live north of Dallas in McKinney, TX. Peter works as Facility Manager for Interstate Battery and I am a technology Consultant for city and county governments. Posted July 2005.

Roni (Murphy) Parrino, Chr Ed 1971-72

It's been so long since I updated my information! Gary and I are still living in the Chicago area. I am now working as an Admin. Assistant for the parish administrator of a large Lutheran church. It is interesting and fun. Feel free to email me. I'd love to hear from former classmates. Posted 12/2010

Wilber Lang 1970 - 1971 Posted 11/04)

Dorothy Trost (Lehmann), 1973-75

Johanna Koszewa (Lueck), Diploma in Christian Education 1970

I'm married with two children Kris 24 and Ken 26, living in Neenah, WI with my husband Bernie. Served with God's Volunteers from 1968-69 with Rev. Klatt.


Ms. Lorraine McDonald 1978-81


Deborah Kiemele (Moore), 1971

Debi Maerz (Morrison), BRE 1971-74 

I am currently working as a computer technology consultant in McKinney Texas.

(ED. NOTE: See a drawing of Debi's on the back of THE BRIDGE, Fall 2010.)

Darren & Elaine (Orthner) Lewis, M Div 1986-87, BRE 1978-82 Posted July 2005.

Kevin Quast, BAR 1975 - 1979

After graduation from NABC, I have had a variety of adventures ... Acadia Divinity College (1979-81) ... teaching at Tyndale Seminary (1984-1996) ... pastoring Steele Heights Baptist Church in Edmonton (1996-1999) ... Academic Vice President at Taylor (1999-2003) ... volunteer work on the Island of Guam (2004) ... oil field roughnecking in the North West Territories (2005) ... and now senior pastor at First Baptist Church in Charlottetown. I'd love to hear from you. Posted September 2005.

Sharon Onciul (Prier), BTh 1972

After roaming Canada, settled back near Edmonton, busy with 5 children, active at Trinity Baptist, Sherwood Park.

Dr. David Rapske, BAR 1975

Kathy and I are enjoying our second year in ministry at Humbervale Park Baptist Church (www.forministry.com/M8Y2T3HPBC) here in Toronto, Ontario. The Lord is good! Posted Sept. 12, 2001

Kurt Ruhwald, 1975-1976

My wife Dorothy and I live in Calgary where I work for Air Canada. We attend Hawkwood Baptist Fellowship with our three girls; Martina (14), Natasha (11), and Sonja (6).Posted 11/2001


Judy (Schalin) Eisbrennerr, Certificate of Christian Education 1970-71 judye@onehopecanada.ca

Married to Wayne Eisbrennerr, who also attended in 1970-1971. judye@onehopecanada.ca



Marg (Schedler) Loewen, Diploma of Music 1972-1974

We've moved to BC and are now attending Trinity Baptist in Kelowna. (09/04)

Noreen Schulte (Siemens), DCE 1972-74 (schulte4@shaw.ca)

I am still living in the South Cariboo with my husband, John, and 2 daughters. Becca is 16 and learning to drive; Eden is 14 and a budding equestrian. I am currently working on my EA certificate online through Northern Lights College.
. Posted 05/2008

Robert & Charlene (Strauss) Sandford, 1978-1982

Charlene & I are currently living in Prince George, BC, where I serve as the pastor of College Heights Baptist Church. Charlene (nee Strauss) is working as an RN long-term care case manager. Our children--Rebecca, 17, graduates this year from high school; Ryan, 15, is in Grade 10; Kyle, 13, is in Grade 8.  posted 02/01/03

Neil & Darlene Burritt (Toews), Dip Biblical Studies 1975 – 77 Posted May 2005

Susan Maerz (Trowbridge), 1977-78 Posted 12/02 sue.maerz@gmail.com

Lois Voigt, 1975-77

I've worked in accounting and finance since college, primarily in Christian higher education: NABS, University of Sioux Falls, and since 2002, Vice President of Finance at Messiah College in Pennsylvania (near Harrisburg, Hershey, Philly, and Washington DC). Finished my BA at U of Sioux Falls, MBA at U of Colorado, and PhD at Loyola University of Chicago. Still enjoy visiting with (now) old(er) friends from NABC - guest room available if you're in the area!  posted 01/06/09

Rev. Manfred von Harten, MDiv 1979 Eastern Baptist Seminary

I am not a graduate of Taylor but served on "God's Volunteers" in 1970 when Rev. Edgar Klatt was with us. I am the pastor of the First Baptist Church of Mexico, Indiana. I have fond memories of growing up in Calgary and Edmonton, and prior to that in the Okanagan Valley of B.C.

My first wife, Eileen, was called home to the Lord on May 15th, 2000, ten years after her heart transplant. I married Peggy Bush Long in August 2001. I am presently pastoring the Calvary Baptist Church in Allentown, Pennsylvania. My son, Peter, from my first marriage to Eileen is 17 years old and will be a senior in high school this September (2003). My two step-daughters are: Adrienne Long (first year college), and Allison Long (11th grader).

Garth and Brenda Walker, BAR 1974

Brenda and I are still in Kelowna. We were at Briercrest Seminary from 92-94. I am working in a Christian Counselling Center and part of a team developing a Pastoral renewal/retreat center called Fairhaven Ministries of Canada. We are just in the process of rezoning 170 acres near Vernon, BC. We presently have two bed and breakfast homes operating. Please join us in prayer for this much needed ministry.

Ken and Fay Walker, BAR 1973 (NABC), MDiv 1982 (Edmonton Baptist Seminary)

Ken and Fay Walker, B. Th. 1973 (NABC), MDiv 1982 (Edmonton Baptist Seminary) Ken is in his sixteenth year at New Hope Community Church, St. Albert and in thirt-ninth year of ministry. Wife Fay (nee Shatz) is teaching Junior High French. Ken and Fay greatly enjoy their three grandchildren by their daughter and son - law: Christian (11), Eric (8) and Joelle (6) Kent, our son is a graduate of McGill University, Montreal and a prof at Belmont University, Nashville, Tennessee. Daughter Jaylene is busy as a mom and B. Ed. student at Concordia College, Edmonton.

Heidi Weber (Heider Fehr), BAR 1978 (NABC)

My Husband, Jürg Weber, past away on the 30th of April 2013.

Kent Weiss, 1975 – 76, Posted 1015/2002

Bill White, BAR 1977/78

Jonathan Yep, Cert/ATTC 1974-1975

I have lost contact with the alumni for long. I need to be updated on recent developments in the school as I am grooming my son for his Masters there. Do endeavour to keep me posted please. (Posted 10/05)

John Zettl, 1976 - 1977 Posted 11/04

Clyde Zimbelman, BTh 1970

Barb and I have just completed 10 years as missionaries in Nigeria with NAB. We are looking forward to getting back to pastoral ministry. We are temporarily living in Sauk Centre, Minnesota.

Lynne (Smith) Anderson, 1969 - 71 Diploma in CE

Clifford & Peggy Anderst, 1966-67

Ardell J. Dubber (Wright), 1967-69

Linda J. Weber (Ebel) 1967 - 71

After graduating I traveled with God's Volunteers for one year, graduated from Tabor College and went on to seminary, graduating from the NAB Seminary in 1977.  I've had a great time in ministry over the years; youth pastor in Stevensville, Michigan, Dean of Women at NABC/EBS, CE Director in Warren, Michigan, and Director of Women's Ministry for the NAB Conference.  I am married to Chuck Weber who teaches Asian and African History at Wheaton College in Wheaton, Illinois.  We have had incredible experiences traveling and working with students.  I would love to hear from former classmates as well as former students.  Posted 02/01/03

Grace Albrecht (Elke), 1964 - 66 Certificate Posted May 2005

Dr. Herman and Ardath Effa (Schmierer), 1953

We are enjoying retirement although we are still involved in ministry at Central Baptist Church here in Edmonton and in other churches throughout our conference.

Dr Edna Grenz (Sturhahn), 1969 – 70 Posted May 2005

Bert & Myrna (Schalin) Harsch, 1960 - 62

As a result of having 5 bypass heart surgery in January, 2002, I chose to retire after 16 years with the Workers Compensation Board of Alberta. My wife joined me in retirement in December of 2002. In April, 2003 we celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary. God has been Good!!

Norm Jaster, 1957 Posted 02/01/03 


Living on an acreage south of Okotoks AB and attending Okotoks Evangelical Free Church

Arnold Kelbert

The family of Arnold Kelbert would like to inform fellow alumni of his passing November 11, 2003. He attending CTI completing some high school courses and Bible school as well. He was 70 years of age at his passing and resided in the Minitonas, MB area all of his life. Posted 11/04

Emily Posein (Krause), 1965 Short term course

I appreciate getting the Bridge. I live with my husband of 32 yrs. Darrell in Princeton, B.C. now going on 21 years.

Ronald & Doris Mayer (Gohl), Certificate 1968

We have kept up with old CTI friends through Doris's brother, Dieter, but would like to make contact personally. Ron and I have lived in Williston for 26 years. The past ten years we have been house parents at a group home for girls. We are active in our local Assembly of God church. Two daughters, Rebecca, 19 and Lindsey, 13, keep us on our toes. We'd love to hear from any old CTI friends that are still out there. Posted 11/2001

Peggy Meisch, 1966-1968, BRE

The fact that I am typing this is the result of a miracle! An aneurysm burst in my brain stem. After 5 weeks in a coma, in which I also suffered 5 strokes and two severe staph infections, I am back home, working part time for two non-profit organizations over the computer. I am married, and live in North Branch, MN.

Jackie Moser MacDonald, Cert Christ. Ed 1967 - 1968

Spouse, Dr. LeRoy Moser - attended CTI/NABC 1965 - 1970 - graduated in 1970 with Bachelor of Theology; Bachelor of Religious Education - deceased - August 05, 2005 (Posted 10/05)

Esther Naumenko (Semrau), 1960

I've lived in Vernon, B.C. for the last 27 years. I have 3 children who are all on their own now.

Jennie Nauroth (Risto), 1964 - 66


Sharon (Paschke) Emmelkamp, Cert. of Chr. Ed, 1969

My life has been one of many moves. The latest was from Kelowna, BC to Edmonton,AB. Never did I think I would be living very close to Taylor. The Lord has very interesting plans for each of us. Posted 06/2011

Eric Peters, Sr. Metric 1969

Still in Edmonton and happily married. I am actively involved in the ministry of McKernan Baptist Church as well as being active on the Alumni Association executive. Posted 11/2001


Sharon E. Onciul (Prier), 1968 - 72

Jake Prins, 1952-1954

We have lived in Loma Linda CA since l983. Anyone out there who remembers me? Send us a word please. Danke.

Arnold Rapske, Certificate, 1946 – 48

We moved to Calgary in February this year and now live in a condominium.  A medical incident was the cause of the rapid decision to move. We have met a number of friends here.  We have two children in Calgary as well. Energy level has been drastically reduced and we are limited in activities.  We are still in the process of choosing a church to attend. I was in the employ of the college for 35 years. The first 17 years were devoted to teaching and the rest of the years involved library management.  I am very thankful for the opportunity I had of being involved at the college and am satisfied that I did the best I could in my interaction with students and staff. Posted May 2005.

Martin Reg, 1949-1950

My wife Darlene and I have attend Brentview Baptist church from its beginning in 1962,and I am serving as an elder and administrative assistant. We have three boys, who are married and have families, and are proud grandparents of six. One of our sons attended the College in 1980-83 (Brent) and Trevor was sport director in 1988.

Hans & Jule (Weber) Serger, 1966 - 72

The past 30 years have been a wonderful adventure with God.  Jule & I met at CTI and were married in 1969 after my first year of university.  We were back at NABC that fall as house parents in the girls dorm.  Our first daughter was born the year I graduated and she too attended NABC.  Now she works as a ward clerk in the hospital.  That year we also began serving as pastor for 17 years beginning in Trochu then Whiteshell and lastly at Balgonie.  In those years our 2nd daughter came, Heidi who now teaches music in the elementary school system.  After 17 years in pastoral ministry the Lord blessed us through a time of transition where I served four different NAB churches in Saskatchewan on an interim basis and finally ended up working as a technician at the Royal Saskatchewan Museum.  But my ministry has not ended.  Over the years I have developed the art of ventriloquism and use it in a variety of ways, but mainly in children's programming and summer camps.  That ministry has a high demand that I can't begin to meet while working full time.  Another area of ministry has been learning to play the saw.  Its a wonderful ethereal quality and adds to our worship group each Sunday at Calvary Baptist Church where we attend.  For ten years and now with the help of 8 other musicians we minister regularly at two nursing homes each month.  It seems that they love the puppets as much as the kids.  Jule is nursing part time and looking to slow down.  The adventure continues.  Praise the Lord he's the Goal!  posted 09/02

Milton and Alice (Cirankewitsch) Zeeb, 1948-1951

Alice & I met at CTI during our Second year 1950-51 and we celebrated our 50th Wedding Anniversary this Aug 31, 2001. Alice was from Trochu, Alta. and I was from the States. I am a Grad. of NABS ('60) and also a M.Th. from Princeton Seminary (73). We pastored 12 years (two Churches, Kenosha, Wi./Philadelphia, PA.) and served 22 years as Area Minister in the South Central Area for NAB. We lived in Texas for 13 years and recently relocated to Kansas City, MO. in a Townhouse. Alice & I have done 7 Interim Ministries in NAB Churches since our retirement in 1994, following the Triennial in Dallas. We have two daughters, Faith & Joy. Faith and her husband pastor a BGC Church in Colorado Springs, CO. and they have one daughter graduating from HS in 2002, Rachel Anne. Joy is married and she & her husband live in Seattle. and Joy has one son, Jesse, also graduating from HS in 2002. We love our family, our memories of CTI and still in touch with many friends from that era. God is Good and praise Him for his Grace and Mercy.

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