Research and Writing Seminar

Presented by the faculty of Taylor Seminary.


In the video posted above, Taylor Seminary (Edmonton, AB) presents a tutorial that is an essential guide to research and writing for our students. Many of the guidelines and suggestions here will be invaluable to any post-secondary student who is seeking to eliminate costly errors and missed opportunities that negatively affect GPA.


  • What is the best way to get started?
  • How do you organize your paper?
  • What are the characteristics of Argumentative Research Papers, Historical Research Papers, and Exegesis Papers?
  • What are research suggestions and guidelines?
  • What about including quotes from others in a paper, and how does one avoid a damaging charge of plagiarism?
  • What are the essentials of research writing, in terms of style, grammar, footnotes, bibliographies, etc.
  • What are Syd's Top Ten Writing Errors to Avoid?

(Based on insights from the long career of Professor Emeritus Dr. Syd Page, the final item on that list will surely include some clarity for everyone on common writing challenges.)

As a student, this hour-long presentation may be one of the best uses of your time you will find, and we think many viewers will find it worth watching more than once.

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