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Research and Writing Seminar

Presented by the faculty of Taylor Seminary.


In the video posted above, Taylor Seminary (Edmonton, AB) presents a tutorial that is an essential guide to research and writing for our students. Many of the guidelines and suggestions here will be invaluable to any post-secondary student who is seeking to eliminate costly errors and missed opportunities that negatively affect GPA.


  • What is the best way to get started?
  • How do you organize your paper?
  • What are the characteristics of Argumentative Research Papers, Historical Research Papers, and Exegesis Papers?
  • What are research suggestions and guidelines?
  • What about including quotes from others in a paper, and how does one avoid a damaging charge of plagiarism?
  • What are the essentials of research writing, in terms of style, grammar, footnotes, bibliographies, etc.
  • What are Syd's Top Ten Writing Errors to Avoid?

(Based on insights from the long career of Professor Emeritus Dr. Syd Page, the final item on that list will surely include some clarity for everyone on common writing challenges.)

As a student, this hour-long presentation may be one of the best uses of your time you will find, and we think many viewers will find it worth watching more than once.


Taylor Seminary Syllabi for 

Fall 2014 and Winter 2015

Click on the Course Name to view the Course Syllabus. 
 Not all syllabi will be posted here; if no link is provided, contact the professor or Enrolment Services for more information.
 Clicking the link will open the syllabus as a a PDF. C
lick here for the updated TIMETABLE. 

The following list is sorted by COURSE CODE; click here to view a course list sorted by COURSE NAME.


 Biblical Hermeneutics BI 412 JS Mod/Hybrid Edmonton 3 Sept 29-Oct 3
 Greek and Hebrew Tools BI 514 JS Semester Taylor 3  Fall
 Church History to 1500 CH 420 RR Online Online 3  Fall
 Pastoral Internships and FE 442,  443, 444, 445, 446, 532 FE 442-446 WM Online Online 1  Fall
 MA Research Paper Propsal
MA 651
JAE Online Online 1  Fall
 Evangelism & Church Planting  MI 545 AE Mod/Hybrid Edmonton 3 Sept 29-Oct 3
 Applied Cultural Anthropology MI 637 JP Online Online 3  Fall
 Old Testament Introduction OT 417 JS Semster Taylor 3  Fall
 Personal Development & Ministry PC 431 JB, KB
Semester Taylor 3  Fall
 PR 442, 443, 444 and ICS  Internships PR 442-444
AE Online Online 3  Fall
 Christian Worship PW 631
Semester Taylor 3  Fall
 Intro. to Preaching PW 431 LB 
Semester Taylor 3  Fall
 Theology of Community SF 522 LT
Semester Taylor 3  Fall
 Christian Apologetics TH 634
RR Semester Taylor 3  Fall
 Systematic Theology I TH 531 RR Semester Taylor 3  Fall
 Note: January Intersession is considered to be part of the Fall Term for the purpose of calculating Financial  Aid eligibility.
 Revelation NT 617
SP Mod/Hybrid Edmonton 3  Jan 5-9
 Creation & Covenant:
 Book of  Genesis
OT 643 TW Mod/Hybrid Edmonton 3  Jan 12-16

 WINTER SEMESTER (January, 2015)

 Church History Since 1500 CH 422 RR Online Online 3  Winter
 Internships 442, 443, 444, 445,  446, and IN 532 (short) IN 532 (long)  FE 442-446
IN 532
WM Online Online 1  Winter
 Integral Mission MI 432 AE Online Online 3  Winter
 MA Research Paper MA 652 AE Online Online 3  Winter
 NT Introduction NT 416 SP Semester Taylor 3  Mar 31-Apr 4
 Essentials of Pastoral Care PC 531 LT Semester Taylor 3  Fall
 PR 442, 443, 444 and ICS  Internships PR 442-444
AE Online Online 3  Fall
 Spiritual Formation PT 540 AE Semester Taylor 3  Mar 30-Apr 4
 The Art & Craft of Biblical  Preaching PW 538 LB Semester Taylor 3  Winter
 Systematic Theology II TH 532 RR Semester Taylor 3  Winter
 Christian Worldview TH 534 RR Semester Taylor 3  Winter
 Note: Spring Session is considered to be part of the Winter Term for the purpose of calculating Financial Aid  eligibility.
 Global Mission Study Tour MI 546 AE Mod/Hybrid May 11-25 3  SPAIN
 Christian Ethics TH 526 DW Mod/Hybrid May 4-8 3  May 5-9
 Essentials of Christian Leadership PL 633 JL Mod/Hybrid May 11-15 3  May 12-16
 Applied Linguistics TSL 411 ?? Mod/Hybrid Edmonton 3  May 4-8
 Second Language Acquisition TSL 412 ?? Mod/Hybrid Edmonton 3  May 11-15
 Applied Linguistics II TSL 413 ?? Mod/Hybrid Edmonton 3  May 19-22
 Methods & Materials TSL 414 ?? Mod/Hybrid Edmonton 3  May 25-29
 Practicum I & II TSL 415 & 416 ?? Mod/Hybrid Edmonton 1 (415) 2 (416)  June-July

AE - Dr. Allan Effa
DW - Dr. David Williams
JB - Dr. Joyce Bellous
JL - Dr. Jim Leverette
JP - Dr. Joost Pikkert
JS - Dr. Jerry Shepherd
KB - Dr. Ken Bellous
LB - Dr. Lyle Buyer
LT - Prof. Len Thompson
RR - Dr. Randal Rauser
SP - Dr. Syd Page
TW - Prof. Tyler Williams
WM - Dr. Willy Muller 

Additional Documents for Vanguard Taylor Language Institute (VTLI) Courses:

VTLI 2015 Schedule and Instructors -- TBA
VTLI 2015 Textbook List -- TBA

Additional Documents for Field Ed:

Field Ed Learning Contract
Field Ed Mentor's Exit Evaluation
Field Ed Ministry Study Event
Field Ed Ministry Study Event Instructions
Field Ed Practical Issues
Field Ed Student Monthly Feedback Form

Come Celebrate with the Graduating Class of 2014!

Taste and See Class of 2014

May 4 Graduation Exercises 3 pm at West Meadows Baptist Church

Everyone is welcome to attend the Graduation Ceremony for the Class of 2014. Nineteen students will graduate this year, and three students will receive graduate certificates; this is the biggest graduating class at Taylor Seminary in four years. 

The theme of Grad this year, as chosen by this 34th graduating class, is Taste and See; the reference comes from the 34th Psalm: "Taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the one who takes refuge in him." The featured speaker this year will be Dr. Terry LeBlanc, director of My People International.

The ceremony will take place at West Meadows Baptist Church, on 199 Street in Edmonton, just north of 87 Avenue. The ceremony begins at 3 PM, and people should be seated by 2:50 PM. Following the ceremony, the Taylor Alumni Association will host a reception in the foyer of the church, offering light refreshments.

Graduation Ceremony
Sunday, May 4, 2014
3:00 PM
West Meadows Baptist Church (9333 199 St NW, Edmonton, AB)