Diploma in Spiritual Formation (24 Credits, recommended as a Two-Year Program*)

Program Description
Program Objectives

Course Requirements

 Program Description
This program of spiritual formation studies offered in conjunction with the Urban Sanctuary to lay a theological and methodological foundation for lay persons who possess a bachelor's degree from a recognized college or university. This program is designed to strengthen Christian character and foster a solid sense of calling and mission in students' personal and professional lives.

 Program Objectives
Graduation from this program should enable the student to demonstrate:
1. Personal, behavioural and spiritual maturity with a commitment to ongoing growth through the use of spiritual disciplines, direction and an articulated rhythm of life.
2. The capacity to critically integrate biblical and theological insights into their growing understanding of evangelical spiritual formation studies.
3. A clearly articulated sense of calling to glorify God in this world in a unique and joyful pattern discerned by the student and their community of faith within a missional framework.
4. An appreciation for spiritual community through friendships and small group experiences.

*To maximize the benefit of this program, it is recommended that classes be spread over a two-year period.

 Course Requirements

Bible   (9 credits)
BI 412       Biblical Hermeneutics

NT 416      New Testament Introduction
OT 417      Old Testament Introduction 

Spiritual Formation   (15 credits)
SF 513      Spiritual Formation Models 1

PT 540      Spiritual Formation Models 2 
TH 527      History and Theological Foundations of Spiritual Formation
SF 613      Biblical View of Anthropology and Suffering
SF 614      Theology of Sabbath, Rest and Rhythm of Life

Total Credits     24

If you would like more information about this program, please feel free to submit a Request for Information or speak to an admissions counsellor at 431-5200 (local) or 1 (800) 567-4988.