Dr. Randall RauserProfessor of Historical Theology

Dr. Randal Rauser is the presenter at the Faith Life Lectures, January 26th at 7:00. He will be speaking on “Is the Atheist my Neighbour?” For more information, visit.www.ccsfc.org


Recent Speaking Events/Articles:

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Debate on my new book on "Line of Fire" radio show:


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Seminar at Break Forth on apologetics (recorded in this podcast):


Radio Interview with Brock Tozer on "The Wednesday Bookmark" in Ottawa:


Debate on God and Finite Creatures on Real Atheology:


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Existence of God Debate at Taylor Seminary:


Atheist/Christian Dialogue at Sherwood Park Alliance Church:


Live Dialogue at "Humanist Society of Greater Phoenix" in Phoenix, AZ:


Live Dialogue at "Sierra Vista Free Thinkers" in Sierra Vista, AZ


Live Dialogue at "Freethought Arizona" in Tucson, AZ:






Randal Rauser - recent books sm


2016: Forthcoming Book (co-authored with Justin Schieber) An Atheist and a Christian Walk into a Bar: Talking about God, the Universe, and Everything. Prometheus Books (December, 2016)
2016: God or Godless (co-authored with John Loftus), Korean translation available April 2016
2015: Is the Atheist My Neighbor? (Wipf and Stock, 2015)
2013: What on Earth do we Know about Heaven? (Baker, 2013)
2013: God or Godless? One Atheist, One Christian, and twenty irreverent, interesting, and somewhat informative debates , coauthor John Loftus (Baker, 2013)
2012: The Swedish Atheist, the Scuba Diver, and Other Apologetics Rabbit Trails (InterVarsity Press, 2012)
2011: You’re Not as Crazy as I Think: Dialogue in a world of loud voices and hardened opinions (Biblica, 2011)
2009: Theology in Search of Foundations (Oxford University Press, 2009)
2009: Finding God in The Shack: Conversations on an Unforgettable Weekend (Paternoster, 2009)
2008: Faith Lacking Understanding: Theology Through a Glass Darkly, Faith in an Emerging Culture Series (Paternoster, 2008)
2006: Christian Philosophy A to Z, coauthor with Daniel Hill (Edinburgh University Press, 2006)
2001: Let Reason Be Your Guide? A Brief Introduction to Reformed Epistemology (RTSF, 2002)


A Meditation on a Rwandan church and N. American values: Regent College World (Jan. 21, 2015)

Blog Posting:
I regularly blog at randalrauser.com. In late October my blog (The Tentative Apologist) was rated in the top ten of most popular blogs on apologetics on the internet. See http://www.stephenjbedard.com/2016/09/20/top-ten-apologetics-blogs-september-2016/

Tentative Apologist: (recent podcasts)
(1) An interview on Christian Worldview with Dr. Tawa Anderson, Taylor alumnus, Asst. Prof. of Philosophy, OBU
(2) An interview with Dr. Deb Haarsma, President of Biologos
(3) An interview on the Trinity with Dr. Michael Rea, Philosopher at Notre Dame
(4) An interview on Apologetics with Dr. William Lane Craig, Author and Speaker

59-Second Apologist: (recent podcasts)
1. Divine Hiddenness (http://randalrauser.com/2014/12/the-59-second-apologist-the-argument-from-divine-hiddeness/)
2. Perfect Being (http://randalrauser.com/2014/12/the-59-second-apologist-perfect-being-theology/)
3. How Does the Atonement Work? (http://randalrauser.com/2014/11/the-59-second-apologist-how-does-the-atonement-work/)

Popular Presentations:
June: Two talks on biblical violence at Daybreak Church (Louisville, KY).

Interview with Boldcupofcoffee.com
(via Youtube):
(http://www.boldcupofcoffee.com/blog/the-tentative-apologist-rethinking-what-it-means-to-give-a-defense) (Jan. 5, 2015)

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