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Taylor Seminary Syllabi for 

Fall 2015 and Winter 2016

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Click here for the 2015-2016 TIMETABLE (remember that this is subject to change).

The following list is sorted by COURSE CODE.

These syllabi are subject to revision until the first day of class;
check this page again before classes begin for any updated syllabi.


 Biblical Hermeneutics  BI 412 JS Semester Taylor 3 Sept 29-Oct 3
 Greek and Hebrew Tools  BI 514 JS Online Online 3  Fall
 Church History I  CH 420 RR Semester Taylor 3  Fall
 Pastoral Internships and FE
 442, 443, 444, 445
446, IN 532 (SHORT), IN 532 (LONG)
 FE 442-446 TBA Online Online 1  Fall
 MA Research Paper Propsal
 MA 651
AE Online Online 1  Fall
 Evangelism & Church Planting   MI 545 AE Mod/Hybrid Edmonton 3 Sept 29-Oct 1
 Applied Cultural Anthropology  MI 637A TBA Online Online 3  Fall
 NT Introduction  NT 416 SP Online Online 3  Winter
 Psalms  OT 611 JS Mod/Hybrid Edmonton 3 Sept 28-Oct 2
 Personal Development & Ministry  PC 431 JB, KB
Semester Taylor 3  Fall
 PR 442, 443, 444 and ICS  Internships  PR 442-444
AE Online Online 1  Fall
 Intro. to Preaching
 PW 431 TBA
Semester Taylor 3  Fall
 Christian Worship  PW 631 RS
Semester Taylor 3  Fall
 Theology of Formation  SF 523 LT
Semester Taylor 3  Fall
 Christian Apologetics
 TH 634
RR Semester Taylor 3  Fall
 Systematic Theology
 TH 531 RR Semester Taylor 3  Fall


 Note: January Intersession is considered to be part of the Fall Term for the purpose of calculating Financial  Aid eligibility.
 Intercultural Communication  MI 534 AE Mod/Hybrid Edmonton 3 Jan 4-8
 Life of Christ   NT 612
RK Mod/Hybrid Taylor 3 Jan 11-15
 Theology of Justice   TH 543 DW Mod/Hybrid Taylor 3  Jan 11-15


 Biblical Theology of Atonement  BI 515 JS Semester Taylor 3 Winter
 The Educational Task of the Church  CE 532 JB Semester Taylor 3  Winter
 Church History II  CH 422 RR Online Online 3  Winter
 Internships 442-446  FE 442-446
TBA Online Online 1  Winter
 Integral Mission  MI 432 AE Semester Taylor 3  Winter
 MA Research Paper  MA 653 AE Online Online 2  Winter
 Gospel and Epistles of John  NT 519 KH Semester Taylor 3  Winter
 Old Testament Introduction  OT 417 JS Online Online 3 Winter
 Ezekiel  OT 417 JS Semester Semester 3 Winter
 Essentials of Pastoral Care  PC 531 LT Semester Taylor 3  Winter
 PR 442, 443, 444 and ICS  Internships  PR 442-444
AE Online Online 1  Winter
 Narative Preaching  PW 639 TBA Semester Taylor 3  Winter
 Christian Ethics  TH 526 DW Online Online 3  Winter
 Systematic Theology II  TH 532 RR Semester Taylor 3  Winter
 Christian Worldview  TH 534 RR Online Online 3  Winter
 Understanding Islam  WR 640  TBA Semester Taylor 3  Winter


 Note: Spring Session is considered to be part of the Winter Term for the purpose of calculating Financial Aid  eligibility.
 Essentials of Christian Leadership -  C1  PL 633 JL / TF Mod/Hybrid  Edmonton 3  May 9-13
 Spiritual Formation  PT 540 AE Mod/Hybrid  Gull Lake 3 May 15-19
 VTLI: TESOL Courses - TBA            

AE - Dr. Allan Effa
DW - Dr. David Williams
JB - Dr. Joyce Bellous
JK - Jonathan Kienzler
JL - Dr. Jim Leverette
JM - Prof. Jordan McEwan
JP - Dr. Joost Pikkert
JS - Dr. Jerry Shepherd
KB - Dr. Ken Bellous
KH - Dr. Keir Hammer
LB - Dr. Lyle Buyer
LT - Prof. Len Thompson
PC - Prof. Paul Chugg
RR - Dr. Randal Rauser
SG - Prof. Sara Gnida
SP - Dr. Syd Page
TF - Dr. Terry Fossen
TW - Prof. Tyler Williams
VJ - Prof. Van Johnson
WM - Dr. Willy Muller 

Additional Documents for Vanguard Taylor Language Institute (VTLI) Courses:

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VTLI 2015 Textbook List -- TBA

Additional Documents for Field Ed:

Field Ed Learning Contract
Field Ed Mentor's Exit Evaluation
Field Ed Ministry Study Event
Field Ed Ministry Study Event Instructions
Field Ed Practical Issues
Field Ed Student Monthly Feedback Form

Cameroon2014 header

Update from Taylor

Dear friend of Taylor,

We thought you would want to be aware of three upcoming events at the Wahl Centre for Life-Long Kingdom Learning.

onWORD Conference
This weekend, author Mark Buchanan will join us for our fourth annual onWORD Conference. Mark is the author of Your God is Too Safe; his newest book Your Church is Too Safe is a manifesto for the Church to live more faithfully, generously and dangerously. As Mark says, we need to receive God's power to be formed in his character to accomplish his work for his glory.

Numerous other speakers will be featured at onWORD, making this Friday and Saturday event a thought-provoking, encouraging, challenging and worthwhile event. onWORD is a journey through scripture, a conference focused on experiencing, reading, exploring, and learning God's Word.

(By the way, recording artist Jon Bauer will be leading worship.)

Registration is just $49.99 but group rates are also available. onWORD will take place at Steele Heights Baptist Church in north Edmonton this weekend (September 27-28). For a full list of speakers and topics or to register, click here.

Another upcoming event is LIVING GENEROUSLY, a stewardship event featuring Dr. Scott Rodin. Church leaders give Dr. Rodin high marks for not only his rich insights and the solid theological foundation to his work, but also for his creative and passionate approach to this subject.

Stewardship is one of the most important topics in scripture, yet is often poorly understood and practiced -- this weekend will change that for you, your family and your church.

This event will take place at Terwillegar Community Church, and registration fees are surprisingly affordable thanks to the generous support of a number of cooperating and supporting agencies (including TCC, the NAB Foundation, the ABA and TPB Strategic Counsel. You can read more about this event and register by clicking here. You can also browse his ministry website here, and you can explore his writings by searching for his titles at

The Wahl Centre is delighted to be working collaboratively with a wide range of agencies and individuals who serve in compassionate ministries in Edmonton to initiate "a local conversation" about God's justice at work in our city.

Rick Tobias, with a 30-year tenure at Yonge Street Mission in Toronto, will deliver three keynote addresses that speak to the issues at the heart of justice ministry. This will be a weekend of renewal, discussion, vision -- a time to gather, and to support and encourage one another. First Baptist Church in downtown Edmonton will be hosting this event, and significant volunteer support is coming from the Urban Bridge Church. Read more about this event by clicking here.

Register Today!
We hope you can join us; please register online by visiting, or register by phone or at the door. (Our phone number is 780-431-5200 / 800-567-4988.

Update on Taylor Seminary
It has been a delight to welcome back returning students and to welcome those who are just beginning their studies with us. Once again, enrollment is strong, and our student body numbers just over 100 individuals.

Many students are part-time, people who continue to work and serve in ministry while working towards an advanced degree. Some are typical academics with full course loads working towards a degree, and others have been out of school for years (decades), and are just taking a single course out of personal interest or to " test the waters."

Did you know that you can take a single course, including online courses or one-week intensives? Did you know that you can "audit" a course for half the regular price (that is, to take it without academic credit)? Did you know that students generally enroll at the beginning of a semester, but that students have the opportunity to begin their studies throughout the year (during our modular/intensive weeks)?

What we're saying is this: we would love to have you as part of our learning community! Please be in touch if we can answer any questions about courses or programs; contact Rick Heavenor at 780-431-5215 or email

Facebook Contest
Join the conversation at the Taylor Facebook page! This week and next we are holding a series of contests to win books and CDs; it's easy to win -- join us here, and click LIKE to get started!

Thanks for subscribing! We value your support of the educational ministries of Taylor; please be in touch if there is any way we can be of service.

God bless,

Your friends at Taylor College and Seminary

Taylor Seminary Application to Graduate 2014

There are a number of academic and administrative steps involved in the final stages of your degree program. If you are in the last semester(s) of your program and plan to graduate on May 4th, 2014, you must make a formal application to graduate.

Students are ultimately responsible to ensure that all program requirements are met.1

If you are unsure of your eligibility and would like to verify your graduation status prior to applying, please make an appointment with your Faculty Advisor to discuss if you have met or will meet the requirements of graduation prior to the deadline for submitting an application to graduate which is November 1st, 2013. At that time all application forms received will be subject to an academic review and audit.

Graduation Requirements
Students are recommended for graduation by the faculty upon fulfillment of a number of important conditions. It needs to be clearly recognized that graduation from Taylor Seminary is no guarantee of ordination. The requirements for graduation are as follows:

1. Evidence must be given of Christian character and other spiritual qualifications commensurate with the requirements of the program in which the student is registered.

2. Students must successfully complete all required courses for the program in which they are enrolled. The passing grade for all courses is “D: (1.00). Students must obtain an overall grade point average of 2.00 (“C”) or better in all courses applicable to the degree.

3. Candidates for graduation must submit an Application to Graduate form by the published date in the year of anticipated graduation. A non-refundable fee will be charged to cover the costs of the graduation exercises.

4. To be eligible to graduate from Taylor Seminary students must complete 26 credits in residency for the M.Div., 24 credits for the MTS and MA, and 15 credits for the diploma programs at Taylor Seminary.

5. A student need not be enrolled as a full-time student to fulfill the residency requirement.

6. Accounts must be paid in full before diplomas will be issued.

7. Students, who complete the requirements of a concentration, if applicable, will have that concentration noted on their diplomas and transcripts.” 2

When to Apply
The deadline for submission is November 1st, 2013 in order to be considered for 2014 graduation.

How to Apply
A paper version of the Application to Graduate 2014 form is available in front of Taylor Seminary’s General Office in the foyer’s wall display case. An electronic version is available through email by contacting Janine Cooper, Registry Clerk at

An online version of this form is available here.

Graduation Fee
The graduation fee is $100 and due in your last semester. This fee is processed by the Business Office. Again, if you are unsure of your eligibility and would like to verify your graduation status prior to applying, please make an appointment with your Faculty Advisor to discuss if you have met or will meet the requirements of graduation prior to the deadline for submitting an application to graduate which is November 1st, 2013.


1 Taylor Seminary 2013-2014 Catalogue, Registration, p 20
2 Taylor Seminary 2013-2014 Catalogue, Graduation Requirement, p 31