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Taylor Seminary home of Taylor EP Wahl CentreThe E P Wahl Centre is the proud home of the Taylor Conservatory of Music and the Canada North American Baptist Ministry of White Cross.

The E P Wahl Centre is committed to providing Christian training and education programs for lay people.  The Wahl Centre hosts a number of events and courses each year and partners with other organizations to present a variety of education opportunities in the Edmonton area.

Taylor E P Wahl Centre Events and Programs

The Wahl Centre exists to serve the ongoing educational and training needs of the church. Seminars, workshops, short-term study and/or service opportunities, lectures, lessons (including music lessons), concerts discussion groups and other events are offered.

Named in honor of the founder of this institution, the E.P.Wahl Centre is committed to Dr. Wahl's vision of well-trained pastors and lay leaders serving faithfully to change the world.

Healthy Pastors Initiative
onWORD Conference
Justice Conference
E.P. Wahl Lectures


This one day Church Administrative Professionals' Symposium is a time of inspiration and professional devleopment for those on the front line of ministry. Join office staff from churches, camps, agencies and non-profits as they take time to re-invest in their life's ministry.

New this year was the "Lunch & Learn" event for Church Administrative Professionals -- Sold out! Two new dates for the Lunch & Learn events are planned:

February 25, 2015 Good Churches Don't have Conflict, Do They?

May 27, 2015

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Healthy Pastors Initiative

Serving those in ministry is at the heart of the Healthy Pastors Initiative. Creating a community of care for fellow pastors, for discussion, prayer and peer support is another vital purpose for this initiative.

Through workshops and retreats like THRiVE, pastors and leaders will explore the practical issues that need to be considered as well as topics such as: the common pitfalls of ministry, such as isolation and stress, and focus on some best practices to foster long-term ministry health. Among the key areas to be discussed are:
  • Spiritual Formation
  • Self-Care
  • Emotional and Cultural Intelligence
  • Leadership and Management
  • Marriage and Family

onWORD Conference

The onWord Conference features a plenary speaker with a Bible topic. The conference includes a number of workshops and breakout sessions where scholars and Bible teachers will help us journey through scripture, exploring, discovering, tasting and understanding.  Join us for onWORD: the conference, a journey through scripture - an exploration of Biblical proportions!

Justice Conference

This is a gathering of those who work and pray for justice for a time of listening to and encouraging one another.

The Justice conference is meant to be a time of refreshing and equipping for those who work for justice. Our focus will be local, regional and international initiatives.

We will have a plenary speaker, workshops, sharing of minitries, dialog and discussions

E.P. Wahl Lectures

The E.P. Wahl Lectures have been a significant continuing education event for church leaders, students and academics for almost 30 years. It was established in memory of Dr. E.P.Wahl, the founder and first president of Christian Training Institute, now Taylor Seminary.

The Purpose of the E.P. Wahl Lecture Series is:

  • to encourage those who are serving in local ministry;
  • to address topics of interest and need;
  • to supplement the seminary education of our students;
  • to strengthen the ministry of the seminary to the wider community;
  • to provide a forum for evangelical scholarship.

Under the auspices of this lectureship, a distinguished scholar and ministry practitioner is brought to the campus each year to bring a series of lectures on issues related to the challenges of contemporary ministry.

Taylor Seminary has been honored to host numerous accomplished and fascinating presenters, including:

Dr. Haddon Robinson
Dr. Howard Hendricks
Dr. Leith Anderson
Dr. Calvin Miller
Dr. Stuart Briscoe
Dr. William Willimon
Dr. Marva Dawn
Dr. Archibald Hunt
Dr. William Dyrness
Dr. Alan Roxburgh
Dr. Os Guinness
Dr. John Stakehouse
Dr. Douglas J. Moo
Dr. Glen Stassen
Dr. Reginald Bibby
Dr. James K.A. Smith

The Urban Sanctuary

Urban Sanctuary LogoThe Urban Sanctuary, also known as the Centre for Evangelical Spiritual Formation, is committed to providing spiritual formation opportunities for Churches and Christians in Edmonton and throughout Alberta and Canada.  The Urban Sanctuary provides retreat space for individuals and groups, spiritual direction, and they have a number of courses and events each year focused on spiritual formation.

The Urban Sanctuary is located on the Taylor Campus and they have partnered with Taylor to provide spiritual direction for students taking field education courses through Taylor Seminary.  Some of the courses taught at the Urban Sanctuary can also be taken for credit through Taylor Seminary, and the EP Wahl Centre is a co-sponsor of their years Healthy Soul Conference.

To find out more about the Urban Sanctuary, please visit


Fusion "Foundations" Course

Featuring the international community development group, Fusion Int'l

Fusion Canada Logo

Foundations, the first level of Fusion training, offers vital tools to enable an individual to be more productive in their relations and unlocks some of the mysteries of personal existence.  it is offered as an 8-day course in Edmonton, Australia, the uK; South Africa and other countries.  The trainers, who come from around the world, have a wealth of practical experience at the front lines of youth and community outreach.  The course was designed to help people just starting out in their faith walk become anchored spiritually.  Over the decades it has been refined by both the trainers and the thousands who have been exposed to it, proving its value in their daily lives.

Prayer of Dedication for the E P Wahl Centre

written by Dr. Werner Waitkus


Almighty God, Our Heavenly Father:

In this act of dedication we seek Your favour.

We have long learned that, in Your Kingdom's work, not much can be accomplished without prayer.  But even as we pray, we confess that we do not always understand when You close some doors and open new ones.

So as we dedicate a new ministry of Taylor, we ask for Your blessing and guidance.

We are mindful of the warning of the Psalmist that "unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labour in vain", knowing full well that these words apply to more than things built with bricks and mortar. 

You have called us to be faithful to the end even as You have assured us of Your presence.  So we continue, even though it appears that creation is in turmoil; that the foundations of society are shaking; that we are increasingly in the grip of our own inventions. 

By naming this venture the E P Wahl Centre we want to honor him who, responding to Your call, challenged the Church to be done with lesser things and to undertake bold action “for God and Truth.”

We thank You for this dreamer who relentlessly sought to put feet under his dreams and inspired an often hesitant denomination to put their hands to the plough and to not look back.

Forgive us for being slow to catch the dream, and for often making the church a difficult place for those ahead of their time.

We confess that, while we tend to put brakes on our visionaries, we seem to be willing to join our culture in its worship of the latest fads, dismissing the old as no longer relevant.  Keep reminding us that, whatever our achievements, we stand on the shoulders of faithful men and women.

Grant those who will give leadership to the Centre a discerning spirit, informed by Your Word, to build on the foundation You have provided for us. Give them courage to move through the doors You open, at Your time. Keep them from losing themselves in futile rearguard actions, always mindful that You are always ahead of us.  May they be faithful to follow the motto "for God and Truth", staying clear of internal strife and hairsplitting divisiveness, firmly focused on the real issues of our time.

And we pray for those who will come to seek guidance and nourishment through the Centre.  Grant them those moments when Your truth lays hold of them and changes them, moments when they are forever drawn closer to You, resolving to be Your servants.

Yes, Lord, let this be a Centre that brings honour to Your name, setting forth the challenges of Your Kingdom and sending forth men and women ready to serve with towel and basin in the name of Jesus.

Thank You for entrusting Your Kingdom's work to human hands, redeemed by Your Grace.  Lead us–if need be, push us! Encourage us when we falter, and stop us when we lose ourselves in blind alleys, until that day when Your work is done.

In these moments, we dedicate the E P Wahl Centre to Your ordained purpose: to train believers for Kingdom service, equipping the people of God for the mission of God, to the glory of God.

We pray this in the Name of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, who continues to lay hold of us, leading us closer to You,